"We're leaving!" Pakistani refugees are outraged after Denmark cut welfare


We’re leaving!" - Pakistani refugees are outraged after Denmark cut welfare benefits

The guy in the video calls welfare benefits his “salary”… Sweden offers better pay… many muslims believe that if they’re denied benefits the authorities are disobeying Allah who would not have brought them there without providing for them when they arrived.

These are very simple minded people.


Sound familiar???


Dont let the door hit ya on the way out!


So Allah told them to go on welfare … I guess they figure they don’t get kicked out the Garden of Eden along with everyone else. How many people do you think get a “salary” for doing nothing from the Muslim Governments? The fact that they are in Denmark provides the answer.


I would like to point out this thread is nothing more than hatred and Islamophobia. Some economists looked into this and determined that actually, the migrants boost the economy by spending money and giving off high powered diversity vibes(boosting the productivity of everyone around them by as much as 30%).

Most economists and demographic experts agree that without migrant spending, the social safety net will collapse within 10 years.Denmark’s birth rate is too low to support the economy without a new base of people to consume products.


Not buying. Where do refugees get money to spend into the economy?

And “diversity vibes?” The vibes that come from deversity without (as you note in your sig) assimilation only results in metal fatigue and ultimate collapse.

And Denmark’s (and a lot of other nations’) fertility shortfall is a separate issue that needs a solution that does not involve shifting the demographics to a hostile religion.


LOL. Very funny. Sounds much like AS’s justification for illegal immigration.


Any moron can spend the money that is given to them. The proof as to whether or not an immigrant is a positive force in a society is if they become productive and contribute the economy. If an immigrant does nothing but collect welfare, live in public housing and in the worse cases, commit criminal acts, they are not a positive addition to the population.

You can yell “xenophobic” until hell freezes over. Merely adding idle bodies to a population will not promote economic growth. Criminals and terrorists are not contributing to the general welfare. Those people take their communities down.

The economic argument for immigration works when the immigrants are positive forces in a society. When they are takers and malcontents, they add to the problems.

Are you a big fan of immigrant representative Omar? Do you think she’s doing great things for the United States? Trump is right. If she has all the answers with her radical Islamic and socialist agenda, she should go back to Somalia and show us how it’s done. Then she could come back here and tell us, “See, I told you so!”


Troll Level: Asian Savant :rofl:


I actually am. She’s extremely entertaining.
But the thing you’re replying to was satire :wink:
Dave was right, the post was a caricature of AS’s posts.


Yet I’ve never accused anyone of hatred or Islamophobia, though I’ve certainly been accused of it myself.

Anyway, my response is as follows: Daniel Hannan.

Hannan is a British MP, former EU MP, who asks why is it that America sees less instance of Islamic violence or extremism than the U.K. despite having a larger Muslim population. His conclusion was three-fold:

  1. We’re more patriotic.
  2. We offer less welfare.
  3. We demand and offer more work.

And it’s that last point he hammered in. Work is necessary for assimilation itself to work; if you don’t give people work, they won’t have access to the lowest common denominator for meaning. And when people lack meaning, they start to look for anything to fill the gap. Including ethno-centrism.

And guess what Denmark, wasn’t doing? Just like most of the European bloc, with their ridiculous labor laws?

It’s something I can trace back all the way to 2006.

Denmark is not the U.S. To assimilate people like we do, certain norms there would have to change. Similar in the vein to the way they’ve made room for Eastern Bloc immigrants.


I’ll be eternally damned, Slim posted something I agree with. Is water still wet? Better lash everything down tonearth before gravity fails…


We don’t “give work.” We HIRE workers. THAT’S the difference.


I’d rather you weren’t.


I don’t find her entertaining at all. As a member of Congress, she has access to government information. To the extent that any of that could be of use to our enemies, you can bet that she will be very willing to turn it over to them.

This country may well have saved her life and give her opportunities that many people around the world are passionate to have. Yet she shows a contempt for this country that goes way beyond disagreement and criticism. I don’t trust her on any level. If there is such a thing as a “Congressional terrorist,” she is it.


Too late, I already agreed with Slim, that’s bound to doom my soul for all eternity…


Nope. Theology aside, you know the old saying about a broken clock being right twice a day…