"We're leaving!" Pakistani refugees are outraged after Denmark cut welfare

I said neither of these things.

It’s not “give them work” as you implied it, it’s that the Europeans are highly unionized, and wrote laws barring them from work. Ergo, it’s a lack of labor freedom.

Daniel Hannan certainly was not saying America was better because we were giving people anything. Quite the opposite; he credits welfare for the lack of assimilation.

And he credits labor freedom; hire who you want, to the opposite.

Which might be a valid point if we were experiencing assimilation but we are not, “work” has done nothing to the mindset of illegal aliens except cause them to brag about ignoring our laws.

All Welfare breeds entitlement and hatred regardless of whether the recipients “work” (which is the case with most illegals who get Welfare benefits here), they work under the table and ignore ALL Laws. .

And again his evidence is that we do, because we have more Muslims than the U.K. but far less extremism, far less of them turning into terrorists.

Read his brief RET, it’s a good read.

When I see him working alongside these illegals every single day and living amongst them, that will be the day his opinion has credibility; it will also be the day that he abandons the claim that our illegals are “assimilating” into our culture.

They despise our culture and see us as nothing more than a teat to be sucked dry.