Western Media Ignore Terrorists Using Journalists as Human Shields


Western Media Ignore Terrorists Using Journalists as Human Shields
by Warner Todd Huston

1 Dec 2012

Last week a handful of jihadi terrorists that worked with Hamas were killed in Gaza by the Israeli Defense Force (IDF). These terrorists were hiding among western journalists and pretending to be one of them. Sadly, a few actual journalists were also killed in these pinpoint strikes, but the bigger outrage is that western journalists don’t seem to mind at all that these terrorists are using them for human shields. One has to wonder why that is.

On November 18, The New York Times went apoplectic over those “attacks on journalists” when the IDF struck buildings that housed the studios and offices of several western and mid eastern media outlets – offices that also housed the terrorist’s operations.

The Times article gave room for terror group Hamas to claim that the Israelis were “targeting journalists” and scolded the IDF for its actions. But what The Times didn’t bother to note is that the IDF wasn’t attacking “journalists,” it was targeting and eliminating known Hamas commanders who had been hiding their base of operations among the journalists.

The answer to the article question is two-fold and simple: MSM journos hate Israel; MSM journos are willing to do almost anything for access. I seriously do not know if MSM journos would recognize and acknowledge reality - where Israel and the Arab Palis are concerned - if the heads of Hamas and the PA took turns hacking off the heads of a hundred non-Jewish journos!