WH Floated Dumping Migrants In Democratic Strongholds


A better legal program does. That’s the missing element.

The wall doesn’t control drugs or guns; so why would it control people?

There’s a lack of proof-in-action for your statement OD, and I think you know about those faults.

We had an immigration program that worked and illegal immigration fell to just a few 1,000 a year; then the Democrats and the Unions re-wrote our immigration laws, resulting in illegal immigration exploding to over a million a year again.

The lesson is clear; it’s the quality of the system that determines the outcome. You don’t see countries with good immigration systems have this problem.


Walls don’t work but all of your leftist heroes live behind them, the Left don’t have an ounce of intellectual integrity amongst the whole lot.


Most drugs and gun traffic comes/goes through our legal ports of entry.

The biggest growth in migrant activity has been people surrendering themselves to border officers, asking for asylum.

Walls don’t prevent either of these things.

As you like to say RET; context. People imagine walls doing more than they actually do, because they don’t know how to put them in context.


Ah yes, another Liberal fantasy; here is how it goes.

ALL illegal weapons and drug transporters are diligent in registering their activity in triplicate with various government agencies so the United States can have accurate and reliable statistics to offer as an argument against border security; as a result of these conscientious drug and gun dealers we (your friends in the deep state) can assure all Americans that a wall is simply not needed in the interest of National Security.

We also have rock solid numbers on how many illegal immigrants are in the United States and we (your friends in the deep state) can assure you with equal certainty that there is nothing to be concerned with and so a wall is not needed for this concern either.

Pay no attention to your surroundings if these statements of absolutely unquestionable statistics seem to contradict what you see all around you.

We are the government and as such we never speak with political motives and we are your all knowing source of knowledge & understanding.

I love that you guys genuinely don’t seem to know how ridiculous you sound when you portend to know things that you can’t possibly know.


It’s more like this is where the CBP reports they interdict the most cocaine they find, and interviews with drug dealers confirm that this is where the cartels channel their goods most often.

Regardless of the number of drug dogs and technology and intelligence, the potential of smuggling the drugs in through a port of entry is far greater. Your ability to be captured coming across between a port of entry is much greater,

– Gil Kerlikowske, former head of CBP and the Office of National Drug Control Policy

From their perspective they’re running a business; they’re looking to whatever avenue gives them the lowest cost.

Using established roads is usually cheaper than trying to chart logistic chains into the middle of no-where. It’s also easier to hide your goods amongst a fleet of 1,000s of trucks, than in a desert where your cargo sticks out like a sore thumb.

It’s common sense when you think about it RET.


Yes, they are a consistent and diligent bunch known for their honesty and desire to help the public enforce the laws efficiently.

I know that whenever I want the truth on a matter my first stop is to find out what the illegal drug and gun runners are saying; you certainly have a compelling argument for your position here.

Now that I know what the illegal drug and gun importers are saying I suppose that I too will have to adopt a different opinion on the best way to stop them; you know, if I decide to embrace Moronism.


RET, if you want to say the Drug agencies have no ability, and no idea where most of the drugs are being trafficked, by all means.

It’s the same as saying they’re bad at their jobs. They’re the ones saying this is where the drugs come through.


So now your source has changed? I thought it was was the drug and gun runners who were providing your wisdom?

For the record I am saying that the enforcement agencies are not very good, I am also saying they perpetuate whatever they think will get them a larger budget and support the deep state agenda. If you are going to keep claiming that you are a small government Libertarian you need to make a note and post it on your screen; the note should say “only Leftist’s have faith in the performance of government agencies, do not convey that faith when trying to claim a Libertarian Ideology”

But that is another matter, you are just trying to misdirect away from your claim that you “know” where the security breaches are because the criminals told you; and they say the wide open border where millions of illegals enter without any enforcement is not how they choose to do their crime.

Dodge, duck, spin, misdirect, quote ridiculous sources and make incomparable comparisons; then spin around and start all over while making sure you never admit when you are caught.


They do the interviews and report them. They’re the ones claiming it.

They’re the ones who run the wall – see the problem?

You can’t tell me that you’re for a large scale government effort, yet also tell me you don’t have faith in the Government doing anything.

Even if you had some vision of where a wall could work, it’s the Government doing the execution.


Let me see, your saying that it is not YOU who is taking as gospel the word of drug & gun runners, it is the government who is taking as gospel the word of drug & gun runners; YOUR faith is merely placed in the government that takes as gospel the word of drug & gun runners?

At this point I have to ask, did you think you were coming off better as you were writing that? Was that your attempt at a save?


I’m passing along what our own intelligence-gathering apparatus has reported. Most of the drugs come through legal ports of entry.

So says the DEA:

The majority of the [heroin] flow is through [private vehicles] entering the United States at legal ports of entry, followed by tractor-trailers, where the heroin is co-mingled with legal goods.

If you can’t trust them to know this, I don’t see how you’re trusting any agency to control the border.

It’s the same Gov’t doing both.


…except, “most” in YOUR world, means anything above 50.00001%.


The DEA and the Border Patrol.

Again Dave, if you can’t rely on these two to know where the drugs are coming, how can you count on them to enforce the border?

Answer the question instead of pretending I’m the only one saying anything.


So they “know” where the drugs and guns are passing through and where they are not (because the illegal drug and gun dealers told them) but they cannot stop them.

I guess your double down means that you do think this makes you look like an informed opinion on the matter?

It is only a matter of time I guess before the whole “secure the border” crowd abandons their opinion and joins you; with sound reasoning like that how could they refuse to see the sunlight of wisdom pouring through!


I don’t think anyone is of the mind that you’re the only saying these ridiculous things, we hear the whole Democrat party and the deep state Republicans saying this same ridiculous mantra all the time.


They’d have to strip down every truck that came through to find them all.

1,000s of trucks, everyday. It isn’t feasible unless you want to just shut down traffic altogether.


Have you ever been apart of border enforcement efforts? I have. CAP shares in Homeland Security missions, to include this.

No; just for you to actually make an effort, instead of this complacent argument you’re giving me.

I don’t have to make an effort to know anything, because I don’t trust the agencies.

How convenient.

And yet, you still trust them to enforce the border… when are you going to explain how you can trust them to do one but not the other RET?

Your complete avoidance of the question just tells me that you know this is contradictory.


Lololololololol, why haven’t I been getting notifications on these posts!


I want to know is, why do I have to deal with it?

I’m repeating, verbatim, what our own agencies have said.

The very agencies you want to defend the border.

If you can’t trust what they’re saying, or their intelligence gathering, how are you trusting them on the damn border?

You’re giving these people you don’t claim to trust money to do something.

Can I get a real answer?


I want the military defending the border, thanks.
It’s a proper job for them.


They’re not deciding where priority is to build or man it. That’s the agencies.

What I see here is convenient denial of a fact, because you want to believe a wall is more effective than the evidence shows.

It won’t stop the drug problem. It won’t stop gun running. It won’t stop illegals; half of whom come here on visas.

If you don’t solve the problem at the source, chasing after symptoms will not help.