WH Floated Dumping Migrants In Democratic Strongholds


While ignoring that consumption dropped before Prohibition? And was dropping in other places in the West?

20% drop, an increase in per capita spending on alcohol, and none of the social benefits the drys promised the policy would bring?

Homicides increased, death by alcohol increased, absenteeism increased. The number of people in prison exploded by over 500%.

According to Warburton, from 1921 to 1929 the apparent per capita consumption of beer increased 463 percent, that of wine increased 100 percent, and that of spirits increased 520 percent. While per capita beer consumption in 1929 was only one-third the 1909 level, per capita consumption of wine and spirits was above 1909 levels. If that trend had continued, total per capita consumption of alcohol would have surpassed pre-Prohibition levels during the mid-1930s. Warburton, p. 174.

Thus, long term, there is no drop in consumption, and there was no drop in spending. People were spending more of their income on alcohol during Prohibition than they were before Prohibition began.

Along with narcotics. Which 50 years later, would go through the same trend. An initial drop, followed by the black market completely routing its way around enforcement, dropping prices, and raising consumption.