What 3, 4, or 5 Word Sentence Do Liberals Hate most?

you are unamerican…

i truely belive this… for some reason libs dont touch it… probably because they all know they are sick in one way or another…

global warming is c***

Al Gore is Michael Moore.

I voted for Nixon.

Even more shocking than that is ‘I voted for W.’

GWB is probably the most despised president, as far as the left is concerned, since Nixon. They still like to spit and stomp on Nixon’s grave, however. GWB is just “dumb.”

Another one:

In God we trust.

Superior firepower brings peace.
Europe is not always right.
All dictators should be killed.
Mandatory gun-ownership is Win.
Hyphenated Americans do not exist.
You either are or you aren’t.
I’m American, not European.
Republican In Name Only

One word too many. :biggrin:

Perhaps “either you are or aren’t.”

Ok, so one word too many! XD

Peace through strength
Drill here drill now

Worth putting in even if it’s 3 phrases of 3 words each together which exceed 5 words:
of the people
by the people
for the people

We hold these truths self-evident

All men are created equal

Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. (again, worth it in spite being more than 5 words)

consent of the governed

We the people

Sarah Palin rules!!!

Have a lefty friend that just goes ape over her. The level of hate libs have for her is mindblowing. I reminded her that Palin had an 80% approval rating lol. That just irritated her more.

Try to get her to coherently state why she hates Palin and why she and her family deserved the treatment that they received from the Dems and their MSM allies. You will probably get a very predictable and irrational response. Then ask her what she thinks about Trig? I think that he’s the ultimate reason that Liberal women HATE Palin.

I learned some time ago that when somebody makes a claim like “Liberals have a mental disorder” or “Liberals are Un-American brain damaged psychopaths,” that it is honestly just not worth the time or effort to debate them on the topic. If they are so far gone as to really believe these things, no matter what I say won’t change your mind. Truthfully, I find when somebody on the right says these things that it just means they aren’t interested in working together and have a real “it’s my way or you be damned” attitude. Very frustrating people to work with…

I think the hate comes from a shock and jealousy factor. They are shocked that a woman that’s independent can do everything the feminists want for women and still be a conservative. It totally destroys their paradigm of the world. After all the only conservatives are old white men that are rich. The next thought is they feel that all their belief’s are trampled on because they cannot separate the two feminism that pro women and pro America and the other feminism that doesn’t like the way America is and wants it to be Europe 2.

I’ve seen posts like that, but I’ve assumed that they are mainly tongue-in-cheek… made as both a joke and as a put-down to the many “liberal” posters on this forum.

I’m sure deep down we all love each other really.

On topic -

Jesus is NOT a liberal.


Liberals (especially white ones) just can’t stand it when women and minorities can be successful without their “assistance.” In their own form of mysogeny and racism, they just don’t thinkthat they are capable of being successful on their own merit. When they are, they treat them like the worst traitor on the planet. If the the liberals can’t keep them down as victims hat they can continually “rescue” for generation and generation, they don’t like it at all.