What a Russian assault on Ukraine would look like

The CIA intercepted war plans from the Russians late last year. What they’ve publicly revealed, is that the invasion calls for three different routes into The Ukraine, starting primarily from the South and East, but also coming from the north across the Belarusian border. The Russian plan call for trying to force capitulation by The Ukrainians at two different stages before finally climaxing in a siege of Kyiv itself.

What is critical to the Russians, is time. At the moment, they overwhelmingly outgun the Ukrainians. But that is changing, by the year if not the day western-made arms are flooding into the country, and their forces grow better trained in their use.

The longer the Russians wait to invade, the more costly it will be for them to pull it of.

Not simply in how the Ukrainians erode their military advantage, but also how the Ukrainians will have missile systems that could strike deep into Russia’s heartland.

Russia is falling behind in technology, their population, which has depopulated for decades, will no longer be capable of fielding so many soldiers at once. For the Russians, it’s now or never.

If Putin invades the Ukraine, I hope that he gets a lot of his soldiers coming home in boxes or with their limbs shot off. Maybe then the Russian people will realize that extreme nationalism is garbage and that they have stinker of a leader.

Looking at Russian history, I used to feel sorry for the Russian people. No more. They have this nationalist crap in their psyche, and until they somehow see the light, there is no reason to feel sorry for them. They brought this on themselves.

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You’re totally avoiding the crux of the conversation which is… this is all Trump’s fault. Trust me, the steel dossier proves something here. I don’t know what it is, but it’s something.

The Steel Dossier proved that the main stream news medal is corrupt, Adam Schiff is a liar and should go to jail for perjury, and that the American people are fools if they believe any of it.

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I know many CNN watchers and Maddow fans who would argue that it actually contains proof of Trump colluding with aliens and Joe Rogan