What an outrage!!!


BO just released hundreds of illegal immigrants loose on American streets, but has the umitigated audacity to consider deporting this couple and their children??? He and Holder are evil.

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How can you deport someone who comes legally?


If they are here on some kind of special visa–such as fleeing from an oppressive government (sort of like how the Cubans came over fleeing Castro’s revolution), they can be sent back if they’re seen as committing crimes or if they’ve done something wrong. In this case, they were allowed to come here because they were being harassed and threatened by the German government to have their children taken away. The Romeike were granted asylum in the United States in 2010, and they have peacefully lived in Tennessee and educated their outstanding children at home ever since. Uwe and Hannelor teach their children at home for religious reasons and by every standard their children are thriving.

But their German nightmare has begun all over again with Attorney General Eric Holder taking the position that German laws against home schooling did not violate the family’s “fundamental rights” to educate their children at home and therefore were not sufficient grounds for asylum.

The point being that BO just released hundreds of illegals into American streets, yet these folks who faced losing their children for homeschooling them are now being targeted for deportation back to Germany.


They are Conservative LEGAL immigrants. Of course, they are a threat and cannot be allowed to stay. [/sarcasm]


the immigrants from Germany are white?
The illegal aleins being released are, “people of color”?
I remember Holder making a statement about not being able to go back into his neighborhood if he prosecuted the New Black Panthers.
What I see is flagrant racism on Holders part.