What are the rules?

I feel it is worth mentioning because I have been a member for a very long time. I hope FantasyChaser is well. He and I have never agreed on anything and yet I can respect and admire his moral and ethical consistency. I mean that. I think he is a good guy who I can have a conversation with where “you’re wrong” isn’t fighting words. I will say again that I hope he is well. And yet this forum has no rules.

What are the rules now, mate?


My two cents: The rules are the same as before, although I have broken a few lately. The forum has been cooking along without any moderation. The owner and moderators left town long a ago and have never been back. Its running on the honor system now. But again, the rules have not changed.

Its sort of slow to compared to before too. Most people left, I think when there were technical issues, and never came back. Someone can correct me if I am wrong about that.

You are correct, except it wasn’t “technical issues” it was because the last two owners would be absent for long periods of time, thus the forum would eventually crash, which happened THREE times now.

Fantasy Chaser had mentioned heart problems, his mother being ill with cancer, getting chemotherapy, and moving.

Pete, gave up moderation, I have been in contact with him. He endured two forum crashes.

Rightwing Nutjob, has been too busy with his job to come here, I have been in contact with him too.

John Gault has deliberately ignored my PM.

Many members gave up when they realize they have lazy owners who don’t maintain the forum, and the crashes, it took a while for the owner to respond to frantic e-mails, it had been down for a long time.

Does anyone still think I have bad motive in my effort to get ownership of this place?

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I stand corrected.

The Original Owner was on the ball and a fine man, he eventually decided he wanted out as owner, offered it to me, I passed on it.

Looking back, I realize that I made a stupid decision, since then I have regretted my mistake.

Now I am trying hard to get the current owners attention, but he doesn’t respond, not even when I offered him $2500 to get the forum from him. He doesn’t respond to the Domain Agents e-mails either.

It is frustrating!!!

Thank you all for the quick replies.

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Just offline for a season; thanks for the compliment!

No worries, mate. You and I disagree on just about everything but I know you are consistent and honest. Good Luck Mate.

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