What are we headed towards?

I’ve always made facebook an outlet for my originality, opinions, and personality. Nowadays I can’t post anything because my uncle works for the government and BITCHES at me for posting anything opinionated. My mother BITCHES at me for posting anything on facebook. I realize also now that they’re literally keeping a backup of every single thing you ever post on their site. Why? What’s the purpose of recording every inane thing you ever post?

I’m going to assume facebook is working hand in hand with the government. Spying of course. To what end? Are we officiallly a police state now? I know Obama has enacted all sorts of legislation behind our backs. But… why? Is this what the people of the US voted for? A country where everything they do is cased by the government? And is there any way out of this? Or is our course set?

I tend to be cautious with personal info on the internet in general. I try not to lose sleep over moral convictions and political beliefs. There’s one area that I try not to harp on so as to avoid misunderstandings with some of my FB friends, but otherwise, if I post it, I’m not likely to be ashamed of it (not true in my earlier days on RO). According to the instruction manual, God wins anyway.


Moving towards?
We’re already there.
When I was a very immature 18 year old going on 14, (I was a late bloomer), I applied for a secret clearance. It was required to become a Navy Radioman. I was told that the information I gave had better be true because it would be verified by the FBI, and that it would be on file in Washington forever and updated as required.
At the time, Nationalism, Patriotism, and Conservativism was the norm. When giving information for my dog tags, (ID tags) I had three choices, Catholic, Protestant, or Jew. I tried to claim ‘no religion’, and was assigned Protestant, (the info taker said I was protesting so that made me a Protestant, I laugh at the irony of it now, I do protest a lot).
As hard as liberal Democrats and RINO’s claim otherwise, we we’re a Judeo/Christian Nation until the ‘baby boomer’ generation took over. Before some of you unload on me, I’m not saying that all ‘baby boomers’ are at fault for the demise of America, but that the anti God, anti Consitution, anti America, anti Family, anti traditional marriage pro-communist, pro sodom and Gomorrah majority among the 'baby boomers are the authors of our demise.

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So. We’re going to be a combination of Big Brother and Soylent Green. And there’s no going back now is there. Freaking brainless democrats. Well, they’re all going to be dead too, while the rich folks head into their billion dollar underground bunkers to avoid any nuclear contamination.