What are you conserving?


One of the questions that made me more of a libertarian in politics was the question of what I was supposed to be conserving.

Conserving for the sake of conserving is just supporting the status-quo, and I wanted no part of that. I realized that I wanted to to conserve liberty, eventually linking the economic and personal spheres together. It is important for the conservation of liberty, in my view, to make sure that the government is also conserved. It must be restrained.

Conserving certain aspects of culture is also important to me, such as religion, which cannot be improved upon. In other areas I am excited about new changes, such as technology. I guess you could say I am liberal in that area.

Both conservatives and liberals need to ask themselves what they are conserving and liberalizing. Otherwise, it is my observation that they will just accept what the leaders of their respective movements tell them. Often “conservatives” support liberalizing things. And “liberals” want to keep things conserved.

Our political terms are so confusing and bastardized its no wonder people don’t want to get involved with politics.


What I supporting Conserving:

  • The belief that every one, even unborn children, have a right to life.
  • The Principles of the Constitution.
  • The Free Market enterprise system and capitalism.
  • A strong, powerful and just U.S. Military.
  • Strong, close alliances with nations like the UK, Israel, Canada etc…
  • The Death Penalty and other Law and Order initiatives.
  • Drug Laws, the War on Drugs (though not completely)
  • Judeo-Christian values in society (not the same as government!)
  • The Ideals of Hayek, Sowell, Buckley, and other conservative economicist/fiscal hawk pundits.
  • The idea that being rich is a good thing and should be promoted not scoffed.
  • Liberty and Freedom.
  • Anti-Amnesty immigration laws.

What I support Liberalizing:

  • Marriage Laws.
  • Marijuana Laws (I STRONGLY OPPOSE mary jane legalization, however I think the penalties are way too harsh and that it shouldn’t be labeled as a category 1 drug).


*Earth, its resources and bio-diversity

*drug legalization
*a modified UN
*automated labor


Conserve life.
Conserve liberty.
Conserve the freedom to pursue happiness.


Something to make me thing, I like it.

What I support conserving:

  • The United States as a global superpower, militarily and (more importantly) economically.
  • Most American international alliances.
  • The environment, lest we destroy our own natural wealth and beauty.
  • The original intentions of our Founder’s, that laws and institutions must progress with the human mind.
  • The ideas of personal freedom, equality, and liberty.
  • The idea of religious freedom.
  • The idea that the United States is a single, united country.
  • The idea of a truly free market: one that is free to everyone and not a select few.
    What I support liberalizing:
  • Drug laws, though I personally despise most drugs this “War on Drugs” is costly and pointless; if someone is determined to destroy their own body I’d rather they do it in a way that is taxable.
  • Marriage laws, gay marriage isn’t hurting anyone
  • Economic inequality, being rich isn’t a bad thing but a large economic gap is unsustainable.
  • Democracy in America, especially in regards to the electoral college (which made sense in 1788, but doesn’t today)
  • Many of the economic ideals of John Maynard Keynes and a mixed economy
  • Immigration law, especially in regards to quotas and the nightmare of bureaucracy that is immigration…we will get fewer “illegals” if they have a viable alternative to come to the U.S. through legally.
  • Universal health care, doesn’t *necessarily *have to be public, but should be universal and affordable.
  • Our education system, because I die a little inside every time I look at the cost of tuition, and we can do better.
  • Our tax system, not really in concern to tax rates but to foolish loopholes that costs the nation hundreds of billions in revenue yearly, everyone should pay their fair share.


My sanity,


Truth by exposing the lies of Liberals
Jobs by consuming as much of everything as possible
The Constitution by highlighting the violations against it by the Statist’s.
The future by raising children that do not check their brains at the door every time they enter a government building.
Hope by keeping the solutions in public view.
Fun by polluting as much as possible at every opportunity and encouraging others to do the same and watch the brain dead react like only imbeciles can.
Individual Liberty by fighting the Racism and hate that dwells in the hearts of Liberals.
Justice by openly rejecting, violating and condemning the United States Judicial System from the Meter Maid to the Supreme Court.


Myself? I’m working on conserving my own energy…
…and getting better at it every day.