What are YOU doing to assure a Republican Victory???


Democrats are like Pharisees: they will cover land and sea to make one convert. If our cause is right, no matter WHO our candidate is, shouldn’t we be doing something at this late date?
But you are not likely to, are you?
1)Know any older voters who can use a lift to a polling place in November? NOW is the time to be "making your list, and checking it twice…) Democrats do this with VANLOADS and BUSES.
2)Anybody you know need to REGISTER FOR VOTING? Any first time voters, with a likely Trump lean???
3)I traveled the past weekend in southern Va and saw many TRUMP yard banners and one Bernie Banner…but no YOU-KNOW-WHO…



I’m doing nothing.

The Republicans have done nothing to encourage me to work for their victory.

This has been done to death in other threads. We have a crony-corporatist Statist who’s a lifelong grifter and bagman for Tammany interests; who made a fortune as a front-man for out-of-town developers coming against the NeYawk political machine; and whose present proposals have little in common with what conservatives want or what Americans traditionally have had.

Balance that against an incompetent WIFE of a crooked Arkansas pol who was in five levels over his head as President. Who has, he and she, taken money from powerful hostile foreign governments. Who has, herself, mishandled, accidentally or deliberately, the WHOLE of American State Department national-security information. Who is a lifelong student of Saul Alinsky.

Statist versus Statist. Incompetent-versus-grifter. Fascist-versus-Stalinist.

Why should I work for one or the other? Because of the letter on the party hats?


Great. Stay home then.

Go get a Ron Paul yard sign and show your disdain at least.

Do something. Do your best to convince people to write in someone better.


Before I get in the conga line, following the pom-pom girls…I have to be given a reason.

Marching lockstep is for Democrats and other brain-dead types.

I have no driving reason to interest myself here. NO, this is not Paulbot kook stuff. Look at what the REPUBLICAN leader is promising - Hoover-era tariffs, which deepened the Depression; which caused stagnation in pre-Victorian England and postwar India. MORE regulation - but, of course, “smarter” regulation. From a more-involved, muscular government.

Sounds like fascism to me.

I don’t dance and cheer because I’m ordered to. And I don’t follow blindly behind economic ignoramuses - who are ALSO, proud, happy, eager slanderers. The voters were offered three flavors of modern Reaganism - Cruz, Walker, Santorum. Two were rejected and Trump’s hired-gun slanderer dispatched the third.

So. You have an untrustworthy liar and economic illiterate, versus an untrustworthy liar and believer in Marx. Yin versus Yang? Hanging versus firing squad?

I don’t see the unreasonableness in not getting excited about this sorry choice.


I didn’t tell you to not get excited. I said do something to get excited about.

“Apathy is death,” to quote one of my favorite games.

I’ll vote for Trump, as I’ve said before. I like the third party choices even less. Austen Petersen would have been my vote if he gathered the L nomination. Gary Johnson can cram pineapples where they shouldn’t go.

While he’s not Ted Cruz, his positions on the issues are much more favorable than Hildabeast’s.
Whether he’s being truthful or not, only time will tell. Maybe he has changed his position on almost everything. Who knows?

I know Hildabeast has not. I know where she stands. I don’t like where she stands.


I did what I could for the person I supported.

That’s done. The Nixonian liar and his boss, the Greatest, won out.

Now there’s a choice. I can choose A or I can choose A-clone.

Without a significant difference.

That’s what’s known as Hobson’s Choice.

I can make a choice…one or the same one in a different package. There may be little differences around the edges.

But there’s nothing to get excited about. Nothing to work hard for. We’ll get A no matter what I choose, or if I don’t choose.

I will put my efforts into an Article V Convention; and exploration of State Secession initiatives.


That quote has stuck with me ever since I played that game years ago. One of the best lines in a video game.


Selective Apathy can be the beginning of life, the only thing keeping this house of cards standing is the final remnants of belief that the people can still find Justice and still generate changes through the “system”; the moment they become apathetic about those things will be the moment they start simply saying “NO” and the whole precariously balanced mess comes crashing down.



For me its all about the supreme court. Im counting on a good VP choice to balance out some of this rhetoric …


Fine…except that Trump has already said that his preferred choice for VP is–wait for it–OPRAH!


And the only thing dumber than that is thinking that ANY VP pick would have ANY effect on a Trump Administration.

But still, I would not want Oprah going to all those funerals as a Representative of the United States.


It will. Trump is age 70. He APPEARS in good health; but the job is strenuous even in the best of times. And whoever gets the office will have a real cluster-farkle on his hands.

The odds are not insignificant that he may die or be incapacitated during his term; in which case his pick of VP is of CRITICAL importance.


I talk it up with people I meet and encourage supporters to vote.

Last time I walked the neighborhoods for Romney, and but I’m afraid to do that this time. I’m an old guy, and they could beat me up pretty easily. I’m afraid to have a sticker on my car which is a five year old Cadillac. The Democrats have become violent fascists who now destroy property and threaten people because of their political views.

The Democrats don’t know how much they are starting to look like the brown shirts from Nazi Germany. I saw on the news the other day security camera footage of Democrat supporters vandalizing a man’s business because he had put up a Trump for President sign.



Trump/Gingrich 2016.

Carson VA head

Cruz AG or place on SCOTUS (give him his choice).

Christie can be appointed as the golf cart driver and be given beer run assignments.


The local liberal haven dwellers vandalize any car that has a Conservative sticker of any kind on it. They do the same to properties with yard signs too. Liberals are soooo tolerant.


I’m not doing anything for the Democrats either so…


[quote=“JustPassinThru, post:13, topic:48855”]
a real cluster-farkle

[quote=“MDMikeB, post:16, topic:48855”]

Christie can be appointed as the golf cart driver and be given beer run assignments.
[/quote] :coffee_spray:
Prolly cause a traffic jam.


While I agree with the premise behind an Article V Convention, it does have risk. It seems that this idea has for the most part been tossed aside. All eyes of course are on the Trump train and the Hillary camp.