What are your most useless, ridiculous, you'd never use in a million years, talents?


Mi parolas Esperanton. Ĝi estas tre senutila.





The same to your electroencephalograph…


I am an accomplished Timber Faller, limber and bucker, I will never need that skill again.
I am pretty skilled in operating a variety of different types off road, heavy equipment and repairing them as well, probably never need that skill again unless I leave California.
I can design, engineer and fabricate all sorts of industrial gear for logging, mining and farming operations, pretty worthless skill these days.

Thanks to the Extreme Left I have lots of skills that are now useless.


I have a certificate saying that I can help a pregnant woman give birth. Rots a ruck with that one! :slight_smile:


Anyone surprised that Trekky can speak the language of socialism.


I’d think that’d probably be Russian or Chinese. Not some dinky spare time language that only a couple thousand people at most speak.


Many socialist organizations in Europe use it because of its political/national neutrality and of course the most famous native speaker George Soros


Si shilta renthisj Darastrix. A skill I picked up from my D&D days as a child.


I’m sure all 32 of them that can make the meetings love talking to each other in probably Esperanto.

And I don’t know much about George Soros, but I find the association fallacy a little much to call a language a “language of socialism”. How a language can be socialist, I don’t know.


English is the language of Freedom!!! Except in the UK where it is a mix of freedom and socialism!!! :rofl:


If you can really call what they speak English


:rofl: Well seeing as their English was English before our bastardization of it, yes, I do consider it English.


Well I was making a joke. It is interesting that US English and UK English have held together so well, I think its mostly due to technology. Usually a language that was separated for 400 years would be extremely different.



Ah my mistake. lol It is remarkable that they didn’t change to much. But there are some major differences in terms of spelling and pronunciation.


Actually, in terms of pronunciation, American English is most similar to what was spoken in colonial times. The non-rhotic R in British English is a relatively new phenomenon. So all those colonial-era movies with British actors are often wrong.

So in some ways, American English is more in tune with the original than British English.

More information here: When Did Americans Lose Their British Accents? | Mental Floss


Have you ever tried to read Old English? It is almost impossible for an English speaking person (from either side of the pond) to decipher.


Try telling that to a Brit! :slight_smile: