What can I do now that liberals have destroyed America and it's electorate?


So I expect people to tell me to accept what is going on, but I honestly can’t even breathe anymore and I feel powerless. I feel excessive anger even at my fellow man. There is no way out. What can I do?


Just the best you can. Even if it isn’t much. Try to stop dwelling so much on yourself, and on the evil about you. I can’t give you any better advice, except to put your trust in the Lord Jesus. And remember that things aren’t necessarily supposed to be what you want them to be.


My suggestion would be to throw yourself into your local political party. Use your free time to promote them etc…


That’s a start, but don’t expect miricles. I went door to door in the Florida heat and worked the phones, but the results were disappointing. We lost our county to Obama and a lot of local races. We also lost the Senate race because we were up against an incumbent and we had a weak candidate. The best part is that you will meet some like mined people so that you know you are not alone.


I can’t just simply stop dwelling on things around me. How do people do it?



Push it out of your mind. You can’t control it; you can’t stop it; so quit worrying about it.

Yes, things are going to get horrible. We are likely going to be in nuclear war in a couple of years.

We’re all going to die, too…sooner or later we’re all going to die. But until it happens…there’s great meals, and there’s sunsets; and there’s walks with the dog; and there’s all kinds of satisfactions, pleasures and diversions.


Yes, justpassingthrough that’s all you can do to stay sane. It’s like what my mother told me as a child, “Learn to accept what you cannot change.”

In the mean you can’t give up trying to do something, but in the end it’s out of our hands.


The Serenity Prayer.

God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
The courage to change the things I can,
And the wisdom to know the difference.

To which I would add: And the wisdom to know what should be changed, and how.


What could you do before?

If Liberals have the power to make you impotent, short of breath, angry and powerless then you are either giving away way to much power or you never had any to begin with.

I live in a State that is run by the biggest Nazi’s in the United States and they command 70 percent of the vote in every election for statewide and national offices but I don’t let a single one have any power over my attitude, health, breathing or ability to ignore them and all of their rules.

Liberals are Racist cowards with stagnant minds and a desire to end the concept of Individual Liberty, they should inspire mocking, rebellion, laughter while pointing at them and blatant ignoring of their nanny rules but they should never be given the credibility needed to inspire what you describe.


The key to the Serenity Prayer is the final line "And the wisdom to know the difference"

No serenity has ever been found by those who pretend that things which can indeed be changed are out of their control, that is just denial and a convenient excuse for not engaging.

For all of human history men have proved more than capable of casting off governments and replacing them with different governments; we are no different and no less capable of doing the same.

The challenge is implementing something better, that is what takes vision and communication skills but there is absolutely NOTHING about our pathetic government that demands fatalistic acceptance; therefore zero serenity will ever be known by those who quit the fight under the false pretense of being “wise enough to know it is futile”.

I know of no place in scripture where I am given permission to quit fighting for the weak, the powerless and integrity in general; the fact that in the end a completely new reality will be established by God himself does not remove any value for aspiring to "Thy Kingdom come, Thy will be done; on earth as it is in Heaven"

God never instructed any of his servants to form a majority, in fact there are instances where he specifically REDUCED the size of the force he was assembling because He ONLY wanted the faithful; not big numbers. From Gideon’s crew to our Founders there has never been any handicap from being in the minority as long as that minority will do as God tells them to do.

If MY people, who are called by MY name, will turn from their sin and repent; then I will heal their land

The Church needs to give their damn 50 pieces of silver back and start teaching the Truth with boldness from our pulpits about what we are supposed to be doing between now and Eternity; we most certainly are NOT supposed to be waiting around to die for everything to improve and no sinners get saved by those who serve a God that inspires fatalistic acceptance of evil as the dominating force of their governance.

There is no shortage of examples in history of nations getting MUCH better and being much more blessed for those who dwell in them when the Church uses the sword of Truth we have been given in submission to our Gods instructions; the problem is finding those with enough Faith to understand and use that sword.


I’m so angry still, why can’t the nuclear war just happen when I’m old and ready to die? Why can’t God spare us all from nuclear war?? I’m serious. I can’t even talk to God anymore. He already has his mind and will made up. I cease to worship him because of his will to pre-emptively take my Earthly life away.

It sucks horribly. I want to be spared from it all. God made no promises, he gave me a miserable life!
I feel very adamant that I don’t want to die a virgin. But people would rather have me “suck it up”. I’m not convinced.

If millions of people believe in God, millions of people also adored Hitler, and you see how that turned out to be.


God holds all the cards. Assuming He cares what you believe, you only hurt yourself by denouncing God.

I would expect the Jews in Poland and Germany and France felt much the same as you feel, as they were led off to the death camps or to the open trenches. I expect Anne Frank and tens of thousands of other younger people felt exactly that way.

We had a choice. We chose horrifically foolishly. Part of it was our fault; for not making the case adequately. Part of it was our fault, partially, for permitting our neighborhood schools to become GOVERNMENT SCHOOLS and to teach ignorance, to REJECT critical thinking skills and INDOCTRINATE. To allow the most vile, perverse, perverted, self-loathing, sexually-obsessed garbage to staff those schools.

We did it. Not with one act but with millions of things overlooked and tolerated and not stamped out. The Enemy Within.

Who’s now armed the worshippers of Satan - who is masked to them under the name “Allah Snackbar.” It’s Satan - it is a movement that worships torture and death and brutal subjugation of women and children. A culture which enforces ignorance and demands death-sacrifices.

Here it comes. Payment for all our foolhardiness.


And in your anger and frustration, you’re ignoring some critical facts:

  • Hitler didn’t create anything; he used what was available.
  • God created EVERYTHING that was created.
  • Hitler (and Satan) perverted what was created.
  • This life isn’t the be-all and end-all of existence (Satan would like for you to believe it is).
  • God loves you.
  • Satan hates your guts.
  • Sex isn’t God. If sex isn’t in heaven, then better-than-sex is in heaven.
  • Sex isn’t the be-all and end-all even of this life. That’s the world telling you that, not God. I have sexual desire as much as the next guy; but I’ve more or less learned to accept what I’ve got.
  • The problem of made-up minds isn’t with God.

Chew on those for a while.


Well, believe me, you would feel a little frustration too if you never got to act on sexual desire and leave and die on that.

I don’t think anyone is convinced. I know it’s not be-all or end-all, but it frustrates me.


I am a subscriber to the Jeffersonian/Deist philosophy God created the world, wound it up like a big clock and has largely stepped back to let it run. God gave us intelligence which can be used for good and evil. We have a choice. The trouble is some people were given the gift of leadership and have, though out history, misused it. Currently the fools who run Iran and the psychopath who heads North Korea are two prime examples of misuses of a God given talent.

God also gave us intelligence adapt to things that might always go the way the way you think they should. You really do have to adjust, or you will go crazy.

You think that things are really bad now, but prior generations have faced crisises that were just as bad. In the 20th century alone we’ve had World Wars I and II, The Great Depression, the cold war which carried the threat of a nuclear war and now Radial Islamic terrorism and the sideshows like the nut in North Korea. I think such people are going to exist because there will always be greed and power hungry people, and there will people who think that they can take shortcuts to get to the places that others occupy which they envy. Those are defects in the clock that God created.

The answer is living by a code of ethics and morals. To some people it’s the Ten Commandments. To others it’s an intellectual philosophy rooted in the concept of “natural law.” For others its rooted in Judeo-Christian values. I’m not sufficiently familiar with eastern religion to comment on that, I believe that some of their values could land you in the same place.

In the end it’s really being able to determine what’s right and what’s wrong, and there are many differences on that on the micro level beyond the obviously immoral acts.


You my friend are well on your way to becoming a liberal and a subject as you spiral down believing that GOD has let you down, sold you out, but wait, the Dims have a better plan. They will give you _______, _______, etc FREE, you won’t need to endure the pain of working, finding food, getting sick they will take care of you from cradle to grave all you have to do is VOTE! And that mean ole GOD, he has EVERYTHING and he will give you nothing, instead you have to stand up on your own 2 feet, you often must walk thru the valley of the shadow of death, your life will be hard, the Dims will never ask that of you for they want you to be prostrate and their slave.

"Yea, though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil: for thou art with me; thy rod and thy staff they comfort me.

Thou preparest a table before me in the presence of mine enemies: thou anointest my head with oil; my cup runneth over.

Surely goodness and mercy shall follow me all the days of my life: and I will dwell in the house of the LORD for ever."

Our forefathers, gave us the 2nd Amendment…“thy rod and thy staff”. They knew and GOD knew that without a means to defend ourselves we are but subjects and slaves, exactly what the Dims want!

You are so right.

Any study of the sciences will show the natural order is one of balance and in order to achieve balance you must have a negative and a positive as we all saw in about the 6th grade when the teacher showed how a Lemon was a battery lit the ‘grain of wheat’ light bulb. Across the world we see both evil and good and we experience the battle between the two. Those who aid and abet evil are evil…Obama is evil as is ISIS. WWII was a war of good vs evil and today we are engaged in the same war. Who welcomes the radical Muslims to our shores and gives them protection…


The problem with today’s young…the UNIVERSAL problem, and to some extent it’s always there…is that they lack perspective. History and philosophy and religious instruction were to counter that; but today, in goobermint skeuls, the young learn the OPPOSITE.

Here’s a fact that may shock some people: EVERYONE READING THIS IS GOING TO DIE.

Soon; or a while from now. Slowly, of natural causes; or suddenly, in an accident or homicide; or struck down by a disease or cancer. WE’RE ALL GONNA DIE.

Why us? Why the Japanese in Hiroshima. Why the young American military enlistees and conscripts in Vietnam. Why the 2000 who died in the World Trade Center. WHY?!

Because that’s the way of life. Now, we’re coming to a REAL crisis. Our Elite Political Class is comprised of absolute, utter JACKASSES. They’ve armed religious crazies in that cult of Satan, Islam…with NUCLEAR ARMS. They’ve retreated in the face of bloodthirsty despots in China. And they’re actively working to build Russia back to its former strength.

It is almost supernatural, how deliberately they work to bring about cataclysm while blind to it; and while the masses smile and nod. But it will only lead to one thing: MASSIVE death in the United States and Europe.

Is it fair?

Was the Bubonic Plague fair? Are famines fair? Is death in childhood fair?

Two weeks ago I was photographing a Montana ghost town. On Boot Hill, the town cemetery…most of the grave markers were gone; they were wooden and put there over 140 years ago. Gone.

One stone marker stood. Next to about three no-longer-marked plots, was this one very-well-cut headstone.

It was of a young woman, identified as WIFE OF…and dead at age 22. Almost certainly in childbirth.



God has His plans. As for us…man plans, and God laughs.

Accept it. Because there is no other option.


Deal with it. Sexual outlet is not guaranteed to anyone.

Nor is it an overly important part of life…as you’ll see in thirty years or so. Put it in its proper perspective.

Where will you be when things stop working? And it happens. Sooner or later it does. The sun still comes up. Steak on the grille still smells good; but for whatever reason, that part of life is gone.

Just as playing with blocks, go from your life. Just as the extreme sports leave your life. Just as the cold bothers you as you get older…all the other changes.


If your highest priority is sexual activity then you should be quite pleased with the Democrat Party and the Republican Party both making great strides in normalizing and honoring decadence, entirely selfish pursuits with no lasting value are what is “In” today so why are you not celebrating?


I’m well aquainted with that frustration. Aside from some sexual abuse as a kid perpetrated by my father and a few instances of adultery when I was 15 (I’m nearly 52 now), my only sexual activity has been solo; and I gave that up two years ago and was surprised to find that I could stick with it. And I feel better about myself for it.

Another thing is that sex as an end unto itself won’t satisfy you. No worldly thing will. Because the novelty- even for sex- invariably wears off. That will leave you even more frustrated, because you’ll find that what you’re obsessing on didn’t give you what you hoped it would in the long term. To use one of my favorite analogies, it’s like sprinting at the beginning of a marathon. You’ll get temporarily ahead, but it won’t make up for the fact that you can’t keep up in the long term. To quote Christian apologist Dr. Ravi Zacharias: “God is the only perpetual novelty.” If you’re looking for fulfillment outside of Him, you will be disappointed.