Oops! That’s what it sounded like to ME, too.

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i’m trying to figure out if she was combining two words that just didn’t come out right. She’s in trouble…you heard another person respond to her faux pas.

nah…there’s no fixin this.

MSNBC will no doubt fire her and say that she is a “deplorable Trump supporter and a Republican.”

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can you believe how the media is handling this…and Hollywood and music industry?? The guy was a basketball player. Other people died…2 young girls!!

No one say anything about the potential lost forever with the deaths of millions and millions of unborn.

I hate anymore to give a liberal a break but I believe her.

Or it could have just been a Freudian slip. Remember that Democrats and Democrat sycophants tend to be the ACTUAL racists among us.

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well aware of THAT.

A lot of people are so sad with this news and i am one of them.

That MSNBC host said the word or that she flubbed her words?

That Bryant is dead in an accident??
How about the coach, his wife and daughter who perished…they’re mentioned as an afterthought.
Or the Newport news young female officer murdered in the line of duty yesterday.

Will there be two days of memorials for these people.

Don’t get me wrong please. It is a shame that he died young and with his daughter leaving a wife and 3 other children. but that is sometimes the way life goes. and it is not national news for maybe more than an hour unless you’re gonna spotlight the other tragedies too.

do I seem cold hearted?? maybe i’m just fed up with a media that determines what we think, on whom we think, and for how long.