What Did We Learn Last Night?


We learned that high unemployment, double gas prices, no energy policy, Benghazi/foreign policy failures/lies, dramatic increases in the number of people on food stamps/poverty level, uncontrolled spending/debt, etc. - in the end, simply didn’t matter.

It is clear to me we have finally passed the “tipping point” in America - that point where we have more than 1/2 the electorate who, on a behavioral level, do not share those values that made this country great - made it and its people exceptional.

So, what is it that most of the electorate does value? That’s easy - they value free “stuff” provided them by those who pay most of the freight in this country and who will now be forced to cough-up even more - Obama’s “their fair share”.

Under 4 more years of Obama we will witness the appointment of far left Sup Ct Justices and countless federal judges. They will serve to codify in the law left-wing policy positions. Illegal “immigration reform” will mean countless newly minted democrats. And, while it is true that policies that can’t work, won’t work over time and will, therefore eventually crumble under the weight of reality/market forces, it is the destruction that will occur during this period that is important - and I am not convinced the damage will be correctable.

I’m certain that some here will blame Romney for this defeat. I would disagree. The outcome of this election was predicated on a changing demographic and a shift in values the electorate brought to the table.

Oh, I almost forgot - there is something else we learned last night. Many of us, including me, have been touting America as a center-right nation politically. We can set that myth aside. With conditions on the ground being what they are under Obama there is no way he could have been re-elected if we were “center-right”.

There is no rational way that one can paint a happy face on the outcome of this election.


What we learned, hmmm…

  • We learned, actually some of already knew that if you run a far left Progressive Republican against a far left Progressive Dimmocrat the Dem will win. Every time.

  • We learned(again, some of us already knew) that a guy who had to rig primary elections in order to “win” the nomination had clearly no shot at the Presidency.

  • We learned that the era of awkward milquetoast nerds as the GOP guy are over as far as winning is concerned.

  • We learned that magic underwear? Not so magickal.

  • We learned(some of us already knew) that Pat Buchanan was right, the steady stream of 3rd World immigration being allowed into America isn’t creating the fantasy Capitalist, Conservative/Libertarian utopia so many deluded themselves into. It’s tilting the tide of this country towards 3rd world Communism. What did we learn last night? We are on the edge, the edge of losing it for good. We lost. Now it is only a matter of Obama granting more H1B style Visas, more amnesty and “immigration reform” to just a few hundred thousand more, bused into a few key states and we are done for. For good. Of course the number will actually be in the millions by the time his 2nd term is over with and it’ll be over with anyhow.

  • We now know the only way to stop it IS to impeach the head Kenyan. Think the GOP will grow a set and actually DO it? Yeah, me neither. Not even if Glenn Beck’s claim that Barry will release the Blind Shiek will they move to impeach.

  • We learned that we need to all relocate to FL and OH as it always, always comes down to hose two states. The left is smart enough to sign up their dregs on the Gov’t dole and move them there(In fact it was in the news a few years ago, California once going broke used their remaining funds to buy thousands upon thousands of those on welfare bus tickets to Ohio and paid them a one time payment of $1,000 to move there) and as we can see, it helped.


Mike…unfortunately I agree with you. Some additional data points:

  1. Both candidates held their bases strongly…duplicating the Dem +6 2008 result in the end. The election was won by Obama among INDEPEDENTS where he held Romney to +5 which was not enough to overcome the +6 Dem base advantage.
  2. If you gave Romney EVERY SINGLE VOTE given to both the left and right fringe candidates…not a single state outcome would have been changed.
  3. Progressive ballot initiatives MOSTLY succeeded…gay marriage initiatives win popular votes for the first time, pot legalized in 2 states, etc.
  4. Hispanic vote goes MORE for Obama this time than last.
  5. Youth vote grew to a 19% share of the vote and overwhelmingly liberal.
  6. Social Con Senate candidates who made social issues THE issue…Lost. Doing WORSE than Romney in each case.

So…the data support your contention that the VALUES and the ISSUES that formed the coalitions necessary to elect Bush and his Rep predecessors…is gone.
The changing demographics of the country insure it is not coming back. And the implementation of the liberal agenda in the next 4 years makes national health care and a liberal Supreme Court facts of life that will make it even MORE difficult to stop the Euro-progressivist decline of the country.

So what CAN Republicans do for the future…not talking short term politics here? The choices seem to be:

  1. Nothing…keep the same platforms and policies and continue to lose.
  2. Tilt MORE conservative and lose bigger.
  3. Make the party more appealing to independents and hispanics.
    The answer is obvious…but it is just as obvious to me that nothing will change as there is no appetite for it among the party base…and I find myself in that category on some of the issues as well.

Over the short term…we still have a Republican House but if Obama plays hard ball and so does the House…sequestration will take place and the economy will crash. Obama working with the media will place the blame squarely on Reps and use it to drive a HOUSE majority in 2014…and a free hand in 2014-16. So what are Republicans to do…cave on taxes? Raise the debt ceiling? Allow the military to be gutted and national security placed in jeopardy by sequestration? Or stand and take the heat and try to blame the Dems? Sheesh.

In the end Mike…I think it is over for our values as a winning formula. The best we can do is take action to protect our assets and our families and wait for the crash…which is the ONLY thing that has the possibility of curing the national myopia…and is the only thing we can say will happen for sure.


We learned that Ron Paul would have gotten his ass whipped.


Any of the Republican candidates would have gotten whipped. The Freeloaders out number the Working people.

  1. Social conservatism (more correctly known as social authoritarianism) is a rapidly dying demographic.
  2. The GOP is a hopelessly fractured political party.


I don’t know about last night, but in 2008, Obama carried a majority of voters making $200,000/year or more. He also carried a majority of those making less than $50,000. You can hold fast to the belief that this is about working people vs. nonworking people, but it’s not what it’s really about.


It’s about entitlement and lack of honesty wins the day.


Republican alternate reality politics failed them miserably. Claims that polls were skewed or biased turned out to be delusion. Nate Silver predicted all 50 states correctly. Bad night for Rasmussen.


Exactly NJC!


Yeah, the UnSkewed polls turned out to be… badly skewed.

And there was another failed prediction:

For my part, I admit my prediction for Florida was off. I thought Obama would win by a larger margin. It seems Romney will lose the state only marginally after all the ballots are counted.


“Obama showed strength among lower-income voters, winning three out of five voters with family incomes below $50,000. Among middle-income voters Romney led 52 percent to 46 percent, and he did a bit better than that among voters with family incomes of $100,000 over more.” Data support.


Having a below-average income does not make someone a freeloader. Obama won in 2008 even among people with incomes exceeding 200k. If Romney won those voters in 2012, great. But in a country where the adult unemployment rate is less than 50%, “freeloaders outnumber working people” cannot be a true statement.


As the Republicans were telling it, Virginia and Florida were locks, PA, WI, MI, and NH were all in play, and OH was a virtual dead heat. And Silver was an idiot for saying otherwise.


That’s got to be the worst political analysis you’ve ever produced.

As a Northeastern liberal Republican, Romney started out with an uphill battle to convince voters that there was a difference between he and a Democrat. The existence of Romneycare fairly screamed the point. Romney knew that he had to run to the right, even after winning the primaries, but he did a poor job of it, with the notable exception of picking Paul Ryan and his running mate, a choice which can be seen in retrospect as the high point of the entire candidacy. Paul Ryan filling the Sarah Palin role? In any event, a week after the Ryan selection, all talk of fiscal crisis and the burgeoning debt disappeared from the Romney camp, and it was back to relying on the passive campaign strategy based upon, nobody can get re-elected with an economy this bad. The only thing Romney was able to successfully communicate was that he was against the auto bailout, and that went over reeeeaaaaal big in the Midwest, where he ultimately lost the election.

The Republicans gained in the House, specifically by being viewed as more conservative. Despite some probably heartfelt changes, Romney never convinced anyone that he was a real conservative, while he did nothing to strike back, in the early spring, against Obama’s targeted attacks in the heartland of the country. Admittedly, he had a long row to hoe because, this just in, the country doesn’t like politicians from the northeast, even Republican politicians from the northeast. The country sees Massachusetts and New York, and suppresses a gag reflex. Romney had the perfect opportunity to make the campaign about the national debt. He could have made a compelling case that the economy stagnates, doom lurks, specifically because we have not addressed our entitlement spending. And, he might have lost bigger than he did in doing so, but he’d have started a conversation and, what’s more, he would have stood for something. Being not Obama was clearly not enough. He also needed to beat Obama over the head in the last debate over Libya and the dangers of the Obama foreign policy, because he needed to finish really strong in those debates in order to extend the momentum from debate number one. He didn’t.

Brown lost to the American Indian in Massachusetts because he went to Washington and immediately became a northeastern liberal Republican. Even northeasterners don’t like that in their Republicans, preferring a real Democrat over Democrat-lite.

The party does have to appeal to blacks and Hispanics more. (You’ll have to define independent before we can define what appeals to them. Independent doesn’t equal moderate.) For all the bogus claims made against so-cons, the last place they hold up is in the appeal to blacks and Hispanics which are some of the most socially conservative voting blocs in the country. Yeah, run that gay marriage crap by them and see what you get. Church attendance is declining among whites, not blacks and Hispanics. The youth vote, from what I heard, went mostly Obama, but significantly less so than in 2008. They’re out of work, big surprise. Those social conservative Hispanic votes are what elected Bush. The only way past them is for the Republican to pull around 78% of white male voters.

As for the future, the party has to continue to move to the right because there is no future to the left of it. The country is going to collapse and the only political question is as to where to position ones self for when it does. My personal theory is that Republican House members should abdicate their offices, saying they changed their minds about serving. Let the Democrats have the whole thing. If we have to reach a bottom before we can climb, lets get on with the business of finding bottom. I’m only half kidding.

A lot of this stuff is baked into the cake. The majority of American voters don’t have the slightest idea as to what is commonly discussed on forums such as this. They like the idea that they take their kid to school and it’s “free”. You tell the 47% that pay no federal income taxes that they do not, and they react the way any other taxpayer does in proclaiming they pay a lot of taxes. The reality is a lot like what Kevin Williamson, of NRO, wrote on Facebook this morning: “Snap analysis on my way out of Ohio: The fact that the voters have returned more or less the same cast of characters to Washington looks like a vote for the status quo – which is to say, for Democratic levels of spending with Republican levels of taxation, which is to say, for untenable stupidity.”

Romney was still the best candidate from a terrible field of primary candidates. The story of the election is more about who didn’t enter the primaries than who did. The strongest candidates, including the youth movement which we’ll see in '16, were at least as conservative, if not more so, than the field that entered, and certainly more so than the eventual nominee. Even so, I can only blame Romney for his campaign and not his beliefs. Unlike McCain, I think he had enough in the bank in the core belief department, he just failed in executing a proper game plan.

As for the nation and whence it goes, it’s obvious that things have not gotten bad enough as yet. They will. The political key will be in not finding ones fingerprints on it when it all collapses. It’d be nice if all this was happening in an vacuum of economic and fiscal policy, but there’s still Iran out there, and nothing muddies the waters quite so much as a war, at least of the size and scope that will be necessary to deal with Iran.


Really? How else then do you propose to appeal to black and Hispanic voters, who are more socially conservative than the population as a whole?


He didn’t just lose it in the Midwest. He lost Virginia and Florida for goodness’ sake. It was a rout.


Right, after messing around with the map, Obama could have lost the midwest (Ohio, Wisconsin, and Michigan) and still won the election. Landslide.


People fail to realize the important role race played in this election. Blacks made up 13% of his total and went lock step with him. That is unsustainable as they will continue to dwindle in numbers and will not show up in the same numbers for non-black candidates.


Blacks make up 13% of the US population. If they made up 13% of the voting electorate that year, you can expect that to be the case next time as well.