What do you feel our rules should be?


I think the most important rule would be to limit “trolling” members. That is, to keep an eye on those members who constantly cause problems on any and all posts. It seems as though there are some members who purposely disrupt a discussion no matter what the topic might be. It gets old and it gets tired. I don’t participate in those topics because it is very frustrating and distracting. For me, that would be the most important rule.


Ah yes, trolling. Very good. I seem to remember flushing a few trolls over the years.


I think the only crucial rule is that no one break the law or encourage or enable others to break the law. This would include copyright infringements. I can’t imagine this would cause any inconvenience here, but it’s a very necessary rule to avoid legal problems for the administration of the site.

For the rest, Thoreau’s adage seems appropriate: “That government is best which governs least.”


Well, part of the existing rule structure here is keeping the site halfway civil, and keeping it semi-family-friendly. That unavoidably involves a measure of governance.


That was a different time. Politics isn’t family-friendly anymore, if it ever was. We have a president who makes Bill Clinton look like a gentleman.


:rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: I’m not a defender of Trump’s past character (and I still don’t quite trust it in the present), but no one makes the Bill of Wrongs look like a gentleman…


There are, what, a dozen people who post here now? Mostly people who have posted here for years. A lot of us have been posting here for a decade. The truth is, this site doesn’t need rules, doesn’t need moderators, and is already overmoderated as it is.


Really? I only moderate you, so how can that be over moderating?


The overall wiser option would be for the moderators to pool resources, start a new forum, and migrate the remaining members there. This site is dead. Why did the system account start spamming in Russian shortly after it was purchased, during the 2016 election?



Then why are you here and insist on staying?

Because of a secret plot by Putin in collusion with Trump to force Americans to eat borsch…


Just buy a new domain name and some space and own the forum yourselves. I post here because I’ve been on this forum for a decade. Perhaps it’s habit. It’s time to pack up house, people. Still haven’t heard a good answer to why the person(s) who purchased this website during the 2016 election started issuing spam posts in Russian.


I mean, if it’s innocent, just give me straight up answers. Who owns this website now? Why did the system account put out spam posts in Russian in 2016 during the election shortly after it was purchased?


Just “buy” this, that, and the other thing? Again, what are these “resources” you speak of? I sure don’t have the money, and I rather doubt that DN and 'Nutjob are prepared to pay for it, either; being mods doesn’t mean we have money to throw around

Even if we did and we did set up another site, if we were the ones setting it up, you likely wouldn’t like the rules there, either…

I don’t particulary recall these spam posts in Russian. There are a number of possible reasons why they might have appeared that have nothing to do conspiracy theories (especially since the site was just coming back up in a new format).


Just start a gofundme or ask for donations. I’ll chip in.

I wasn’t expecting to like the moderation or rules at another site any more than this one, and that’s not why I’m suggesting a move.

I’m suggesting a move because the site ownership is a disaster.

I’ll refresh your memory on the spam posts in Russian. What are some of the mentioned number of “possible reasons” why the system account would start posting in Russian shortly after it was purchased, aside from the obvious reason, that it was purchased by Russians? This isn’t a “conspiracy theory,” it’s a fact: the owner of the site started posting in Russian from the system account after it was purchased.


Can you give me just one of the “possible reasons” for the owner of the site posting in Russian, other than that the owner of the site is Russian?


Let me take a crack at this.
First, let’s copy the Russian text and paste it into google translate. It says:

Good afternoon friends
Our company has been engaged in over 12 years in the field of freight. We have the most favorable tariffs and rates for shipping to Moscow from Minsk and back. Warranty - CMR insurance. As well as REFRIGERATOR CARRIAGE MINSK-MOSCOW-MINSK, RB-RF-RB, according to RB WITH TEMPERATURE MODE +/- 25 with own transport up to 7 tons. Here are our main directions of our activity:

  1. Shipping Russia-Belarus Working

That’s not political. It’s an advertisement. SPAM. Every link in it is to a Belarus shipping company Винея.

So why was it posted here by user “system”? Maybe some Russian “hacked” system’s account. Russians have been known to do that.

Why didn’t user “system” delete it? Good question. Has anyone asked him?

If ‘system’ is the owner (is he?) and you think he posted that himself, I wonder why he would think he would get any Russian-speaking audience at all for that company here.

BTW, the .by top-level internet domain and the +375 telephone country code designate Belarus, which declared independence from the Soviet Union and Russia in 1991.


Who purchased the site from WhoIsJohnGalt? Did they introduce themselves? Even just to the moderator team?


Well, that sure sounds nice. Do you ever catch fish with that bait?
How about asking the admin yourself via PM?

You are way off topic. Stick to the topic as described.


Get over yourself man. You’re power tripping as a moderator on a board with 10 people on it, mostly people who have been posting here since the Bush years. Drop the extremely sad forum authority facade and have a conversation like a normal human being.


Can you give me one reason why a Russian owner would want to spam an ENGLISH SPEAKING forum with RUSSIAN spam?..

Get over your own self. We moderate as we see fit under the guidelines we have, not your “sensibilities” about the size and activity of the sites. Either live with it, be miserable with it, or find somewhere more to your liking.

We’re going to moderate. That isn’t up for negotiation.