What do you feel our rules should be?


Can you give me one reason why a Russian owner would want to spam an ENGLISH SPEAKING forum with RUSSIAN spam?..

Get over your own self. We moderate as we see fit under the guidelines we have, not your “sensibilities” about the size and activity of the sites. Either live with it, be miserable with it, or find somewhere more to your liking.

We’re going to moderate. That isn’t up for negotiation.


Nah, you haven’t seen power tripping from me yet. Simple fact is I don’t want to ban anyone. Least of all people whom I belive might be misguided, or just plain wrong, but are capable of contributing to a discussion. Having said that, I absolutely will drop a hammer on someone when I feel it’s warranted.

See, the purpose of this thread is to discuss rules. Discuss, not necessarily implement, although I’m sure if some mindblowingly good suggestions are made we can certainly petition the site owner and see if he/she agrees. I do ask that posters be patient though, sometimes our English to Russian translators aren’t accurate and we have to reword our messages to fit the intent.

I’d like to know what rules our posters feel should be in place, what could be added, what might be removed.

The purpose certainly wasn’t for tearing down the site, the staff, the ownership, or other posters personally.

Since you are choosing to use this thread as an attack vector, I am telling you, @J.Anderson , that you are off topic. If you continue, I’ll just start deleting off topic posts.