What does it take to end a political career?


What does it take to end a political career?
Posted at 2:08 am on January 15, 2011 by Laura Curtis
Hot Air blog

You know what doesn’t end a political career?

* Being found guilty of 11 ethics violations.  (Charlie Rangel, D-NY)
* Stuffing your pants with classified documents, stealing and destroying them.  (Sandy Berger ...
* A prostitution scandal. (Democrat Elliot Spitzer, then Governor of NY ...  Barney Frank, D-MA, still in office ...)

It’s a relief, after all that, to learn there are some lines that just can’t be crossed. That line, according to the MSNBC brain trust, is speaking up after being widely – and utterly falsely – accused of being an accessory to murder. Now that Sarah Palin is vanquished and her political career has been declared over, we can all rest easy …

This is one of those lists - like Michelle Malkin’s catalog of D-Lib-Prog vileness - that should be kept as a reference!