What does this have to do with helping folks?

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This is one thing that really burns me about Congress. They throw all sorts of trash in the small print of bills that has nothing to do with the problem at hand. Then the Constitution or the courts deny the line item veto.

That sucks :selfie::face_vomiting:


Tom Cotton

Families and businesses need help now to survive the China virus pandemic.

But @SpeakerPelosi walked away from negotiations to write her own bill, full of absurd provisions completely unrelated to the crisis at hand.

Here’s what Speaker Pelosi is demanding while Americans suffer:

  1. Corporate pay statistics by race and race statistics for all corporate boards at companies receiving assistance

  2. Bailing out all current debt of postal service

  3. Required early voting

  4. Required same day voter registration

  5. 10k bailout for student loans

  6. For companies accepting assistance, 1/3 of board members must be chosen by workers

  7. Provisions on official time for union collective bargaining

  8. Full offset of airline emissions by 2025

  9. Greenhouse gas statistics for individual flights

  10. Retirement plans for community newspaper employees

  11. $15 minimum wage at companies receiving assistance

  12. Permanent paid leave at companies receiving assistance


Under the heading of “Union Giveaways”:

• Nullifies the White House executive orders on federal collective bargaining and codifies taxpayer-funded union official time.

• Requires a labor union representative on every airline’s board of directors.

• Multiemployer pension bailout lacking needed reforms.

• Permanently raises the minimum wage to $15 for any business that receives federal aid for COVID-19.

• Cancels all debt owed by the U.S. Postal Service to the Treasury.

Under the heading “Green New Deal priorities”:

• Requires all airlines that receive assistance to offset carbon emissions for domestic flights by 2025.

• Includes a $1 billion “cash for clunkers” airplane program where the Transportation Department buys fuel-inefficient planes from airlines in exchange for agreeing to buy new ones.

• Includes expansive new tax-credit for solar and wind energy.

Under “Student Loan Forgiveness”:

• $10,000 blanket loan forgiveness.

Under “Federalizing Elections”:

• Mandates how states must run elections, including the nationalization of ballot harvesting, requiring early voting, same day registration, and no-excuse vote by mail.

• Puts states at risk of costly litigation if they are unable to implement these stringent mandates ahead of the 2020 election.

Under “Immigration Provisions”:

• Requires the Homeland Security Department to automatically extend visas and work authorizations expiring within the next year, including those with Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals and Temporary Protected Status, for an amount of time equal to their prior visa, authorization or status.

• Limits Customs and Border Patrol’s ability to shutdown processing centers if there is a health crisis on the border and requires CBP to assure the timely adjudication of asylums applications.

• Would allow certain funding to go to sanctuary cities.

Under “Overreaching Mandates on Businesses”:

• Permanent changes to who can serve on corporate boards of directors for companies that receive assistance for payroll and operating costs.

• Mandatory disclosure on supply chain management.

• Requires board diversity disclosure for all publicly traded companies.

• Ban on all federal rulemaking including non-COVID 19 proposals (extends 30 days after emergency) “in an attempt to delay the current administration from promulgating actions House Democrats disagree with.”
Under “New Permanent Mandates”:

• Virtually rewrites the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program policy with no reference to COVID-19 and permanently disallows rulemaking pertaining to work requirements and eligibility.

• Permanent expansion of Obamacare entitlement, “putting the American taxpayer on the hook for endless and unchecked health insurance spending and would remove all incentives for insurers to reduce the cost of health insurance.”


What?? No $$ for abortion providers??

If our courageous 4th estate would do their damn job and report this the American people would light up and melt the switchboards of every democrat Senator and Representative. They have truly become the enemy of the people.


Yea, all they covered on the mid-day local news, they only mentioned Democrat concerns about more going to big companies with proper monitoring. There was not a peep about the issues Fox covered this morning.

  1. More funding for the Kennedy Center.
  2. Same day voting registration
  3. Tax credits for solar and wind

Seriously? Is THAT what FOX covered? In the scheme of things these are small potatoes. Did they ignore all of the outrageous demands outlined by Tom Cotton? I don’t watch FOX anymore but if this is true then they have truly gone over to the Dark Side.

Same day voter registration is a big deal. That just adds up to more voter fraud. The Democrats have made great use of that in close elections.

The Fox interview was with Texas Senator Jim Cornyn. Those were the issues that he mentioned.

One thing the Dimwits’ “wish list” included was DOUBLING the money going to the National Endowment for the Arts…the ubiquitous NEA.
Insisting on same-day voter registration is a recipe for vote fraud. It was used in the effort to recall Wisconsin Governor Walker to a fare-thee-well. Democrat unionists from Michigan crossed the lake, checked into Milwaukee motels, registered to vote as if they LIVED in those motels and voted in favor of the recall. Fortunately, there weren’t quite enough of them to do what they wanted done, but that was a prime example of how same-day registration can (and is) often abused. It’s practiced in New Hampshire, too. In one recent PRIMARY election, a voter observed there were more cars with Massachusetts license plates in the polling places parking lots than those from New Hampshire…by FAR.
Money for Planned Parenthood, more power to unions, prevention of border enforcement, etc. EVERY issue on their wish-list is designed to enhance the power of the Democrat Party and their ability to fund-raise every election.

What a waste of air time. It makes it seem as if her demands are either trivial in cost or effect. Texas has voter fraud under control.

Pelosi’s Coronavirus Plan: Up to $1,000,000,000 for Sanctuary Cities

Not sure of timestamp on this article.

If the GOP accepts ANY of these, they will DESERVE to lose their jobs in November.


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Checks for everyone, even if you’re still working? Bad idea.

Checks for folks who have to pay April bills in about seven days? Better idea.

Time till checks are delivered? In the next few weeks. After due dates for bills?

Conclusion: Congress still sucks.

Well, yeah. All government does. They just have to suck a little less than anarchy…

And apparently, more money to be unemployed than to work for many. I’m OK with helping people off work stay whole through this mess, but paying them extra to stay home, not cool.


Agreed. Well, wpnt be none at all for me i reckon, i stay employed. I’m “essential personnel” …

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Ditto for now – at least until the COVID economy itself kills my job.

Ditto for me. I’ll come into work until someone here gets a positive and our facility is shutdown, just as two facilities in the company have been already.

My work truly is essential; it’s a spaceplane for getting the politicians off world.

No, it doesn’t have life support, why do you ask?

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