What happened to Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin?

There are facts, and there are lies. Anyone can walk across the border from Mexico into Texas, and well over 98% of them get to stay. That is a fact. They not only get to stay, they are get free food, free housing and free transport all over the U.S.

If you only watch “fake news” you may not know that. If you listen to the liars in the Biden administration, which covers all of them, all the way up to the person who is “in charge” of the problem, Kamala Harris, you won’t know that. They don’t call their policy “open borders” because that has negative connotations, but that’s what it is.

Since you advocate for open borders for the United States because it will spread the socialist cause here, you will mouth the party line.

Good grief, even the leftist media (including MSNBC) is talking about this now (too big to cover up, I guess). Here are a couple links to show that they’re here in droves on our side:

And they’re on their way to two million for the year:

Note that I chose liberal “news” agencies for the links.


Just popping in here, but how does this prove an “open boarders advocacy champ”?

I mean, didn’t Biden just sign an executive order stripping immigrants of the ability to even be heard before sending them back? If Trump had done that the left would have freaked (their freaking on Biden too btw).

I mean the right should be cheering Biden…

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The Kool Aid drinkers are out in force today lying about the illegal immigration crisis. Their heads are so far up their butts that they can chew on their tonsils, if they still have them.

If you are going to spread lies, at least look for a topic where you have a chance of getting it stick to the wall. If you feel like lying about something, why don’t you tell us about the great job Biden did in withdrawing from Afghanistan or how there is no inflation? You’ll have more luck with that than spinning your lies about the border.

I understand there are people here that disagree with me, sometimes passionatly, Guts, FC, AS and that’s cool and we can have good conversations, even if we’ll never agree.

But the recent pandemic, and I’m not talking about COVID, I’m talking about TDS, has affected you…


Trump derangement syndrome. You need help my friend. You’ve lost the capacity to even communicate. Your responses are so loaded with assertions, emotion, innuendo and bazar claims that no one has made. When responding to people who disagree with you, you lash out like a child, you’ve completely lost the capacity to talk TO people, rather you talk AT them.

I hope you seek help, the hatred and distain will eat you up eventually. Not good for a man your age.

These pictures are for those who have a concern about this country. The rest, who hate this country for its values that made it great, can turn the page.

I know this will be hard for you, but there are people who can hold two things in their head at once.

Both, care about the future and well-being of their nation AND care about the suffering of non-Americans.

This is why, respectfully, I question the idea of “Christian Values”, because if these were a thing, we’d see a consistent response that balances the health and well-being of other humans (as Jesus preaches) with the protection of our nation.

You have treated me like crap in the past. I have no reason to debate you. Please leave me alone.

Freedom of speech and all that…


A few hundred a day being flown to Port-au-Prince, thousands being shipped inland to ICE facilities that are not swamped to be processed and flown to undisclosed locations … mostly red states … try to throw some gasoline on the covid numbers.

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Helping poor people is one thing. Giving them the keys to your house and your government is another. Their own countries are hell holes because they allowed bad people to take them over. Now they want to bring their politics here and hand the power over the political thugs, like Nancy Peloci.

Remember, these are the type of people who voted Hugo Chavez and Daniel Ortega into power. They are uneducated and easily manipulated.

Peloci has a net worth of $150 million, which is mostly in tech stocks. In her position as Speaker of the House, she has infinite access to insider information and excessive control over legislation. While the rest of us try to hold down jobs, if you are of working age, or hold on to what we have earned, if you are retired, she is out to take it all and redistribute it to keep herself in power.

She doesn’t care about the poor. They are the means to her ends. The rest of the Democrat leadership agrees with her.

Re-read what I posted. SendGop is convinced there are high ranking progressives who want to eliminate US sovereignty and implement an open borders policy… When pressed for proof of this conspiracy, none was provided. I’m not saying there isn’t a refugee problem, I’m saying this open borders BS is just that - BS.
And unless you are arguing Governor Abbott is pro-open borders because of the amount of migrants in Texas, your links aren’t proof either. All I’m asking for is the same level of proof you would ask if I asserted all Republicans are fascists who promote white supremacy. So I’ll ask again; who are these people who want open borders and where is your evidence?

It’s the truth, but there is no use trying get a far leftist, who supports the socialist movement in the United States, to acknowledge it.

Migrant encounters at U.S. - Mexican border at 21 year high.

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@Patooka, this is just funny and stupid. Go out to one of the anti-Covet demonstrations in your country and quit wasting our time. I’m not responding to you any more because your tactics are tiresome.

You don’t follow the news here except from far left sources.

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I kinda suspected you couldn’t. And that’s my point. Instead of getting offended because your arguments can’t withstand five seconds of scrutiny, try to argue better. If you want to spew rhetorical crap like, “leftists want open borders” or “you hate America” expect to be called out on it.

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I am shaking in my boots. Your posts are a joke.

I wish that there were an “LOL” button here so that we could use it when you go on another pro socialist tangent. You don’t even live in this country, yet you are determined to impose totalitarian rule on us. As the Irish say “You have a lot of crust.” But in your world, where national borders should not exist, it’s perfectly logical.

That’s on you babe. Personally, I don’t find it productive to be so emotional with regards to the internet.

So…let’s review. I point out your baseless accusation that some imaginary people want open borders is a pretty weak argument. Your reaction is not to provide facts, examples or anything remotely showing proof but to accuse me of wanting open borders and ruling the United States with an iron fist. Sure. You’ve got me good.

Or, as the Irish would say, “Cad ualach cac”

I challenge you to apply this logic to your vaccine