What happened to Hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin?

Nobody mentions that TRUMP is actually the messiah who brought us the coof juice to begin with. And Kamala Harris famously once said she would NEVER take the vaccine (because Trump is the one who procured it).

Now that Trump is no longer in office, the origins of the vax have been conveniently forgotten. Nobody discusses the possibilities of negative side effects, or the fact that your vax is untested. It is not a vaccine. It does not confer immunity. So far it has managed to spawn new “vaccine”-resistant versions.

In all the times humanity as existed, they haven’t been able to create a vax for the common cold, which is another corona virus. Yet within 6 months you monkeys believe they created a workable “covid-19 super-cold” vax will save the world when at this moment in time the vaccinated are also becoming infected with new vaccine-resistant strains.

And yet you blame the unvaccinated. In your panic-fear-induced-delusional-rush to heal the world Trump gives us a cure-all that doesn’t cure sh-t. The “vaccinated” can still receive and distribute covid as easily as anyone else; your miracle only alleviates symptoms to make dealing with the virus more bearable. The vaccinated transmit covid more easily than the unvaccinated because they may not even know they have it.

And now your terrified pee-stained panics have done nothing but create stronger versions of what you were crying about to begin with.

I look forward, with no joy, to the upcoming Israeli variants. Israel is the most vaccinated country on the planet. I pray we don’t have to go to the Hebrew alphabet to list the newcomers.

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It’s all political and it makes me sick that the left has weaponized this virus.

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Is that a fact?

While it sounds like you couldn’t give a crap about people with underlying conditions as if, they dese5rve to die, let’s look at your claim…

16% of 630,000 is…100,800 that died of COVID without an underlying health issue.

See, you don’t take even a moment to Google this stuff. Why? You seem like a reasonable guy.

Where do you get this stuff? Health experts absolutely do suggest this.

Hard to cram so many falisities in such a short sentence.

  1. Vaccines are tested.

  2. mRNA vaccines do not alter your DNA

  3. There’s no mystery, mRNA has been around for about 2 decades

  4. With only 1% of people who are admitted to hospital with COVID seems to me to be more than “polical correctness”.

The Democrat playbook here is to push for another amnesty, and make other exceptions to the law. They don’t push for more enforcement.

This stoked the fire both for that perception of them, and the political overcorrection where a rabid plurality in border states want something akin to concrete walls. The political class left the tail end problems hanging about illegal immigration to dwell too long. It’s become sceptic.

Even when agencies are left to enforce the law, Democrats are not publicly carrying water for it, they try to hide it. Because for too many of their base enforcement is unpalatable.

Plenty of their leadership supports decriminalizing border crossings.

And giving illegal immigrants drivers licenses.

If respecting borders is on a spectrum, they’re getting pretty close to “open borders” even if they’re not calling it that.

Again, de facto, that matters as much as de jure.

The Right put together the amnesty of 1986, and the immigration bill that followed in 1996 that made this possible.

For that compromise, the right feels, honestly, betrayed. They didn’t get a better enforced border, the tail-end problems of a growing underclass who operates outside the law, and chaotic events on the border just got worse.

Illegal immigration didn’t fall until 2007, and not because of enforcement, but because the economy fell over, and the fertility rate in Mexico tanked. Only to be replaced a few years later by migrants from the Latin Triangle.

Visa violators also got worse, comprising around half of the illegal population.

They’re acting like righteous-minded people who feel like they were cheated and ignored.

The longer that goes on, the more easily you can suspect the worst of the people you’re compromising with.

Trump deserves credit for advocating and in some cases signing EO’s that helped push vaccines through. But when your a decisive demagogue who has public temper tatrums and actively tries to insult at least 1/2 the nation, it’s not a surprise that people bring up the bad stuff and leave out the good stuff.

See, when a person spends their life doing good things and then rape a child, then cry “no one says anything about all the good stuff I did!”. Well, that’s because people tend to look at the bad things you do long before the good. That’s a fact of human behavior.

Remeber all the cries of DEM HOAX!!! It will all go away as soon as a Dem is in office.

No one cares about Trumps small but significant contribution to the vaccine. I’ll give credit to the scientists that made it possible.

There have, and it is.

It doesn’t kill 630,000 people per year, or 100,800 otherwise perfectly healthy people.

Again, mRNA is a technology that’s been around for decades.

For using hospital resources to the point that hospitals have no critical care such that other people who have unrelated critical but treatable issues (like heart attack, or meningitis etc) that can’t get help, yes, I blame that on the culture that you are helping to promote, yes.

False, the viral load of vaccinated people is lower and therefore they spread it to fewer people.

And, in rare cases, a lot less likely to die.

Who’s panicking other than people worried about “possible side effects”? Sound like their the ones peeing their pants.

I’m sorry; I refuse to be inducted into your little world where gender doesn’t exist and if I believe I’m a girl I’m a girl. You people are totally insane.

Trump is, somewhat understandably, taking a middle ground on vaccines; he has taken it, encourages others to do so but opposes mandates and coercion. Without him, we wouldn’t have a vaccine to fight about. He had the best intentions for the nation … nobody’s perfect. I honestly don’t know if, in hindsight, he would have done anything different.

BOTTOM LINE: Does it really matter in our present situation?

No one was talking about this. This is not an answer. At best, you’re baiting a different topic to distract from the one you’re actually talking about.

And CS, all I see here is an excuse for why you didn’t realize Trump pushed the vaccines.

You should have looked it up before you accused him of doing otherwise. Your excuse, is just an excuse.

Why do you think I didn’t realize that?

Thalidomide, anyone?

CS Brown says:

" I know this will be hard for you, but there are people who can hold two things in their head at once.
Both, care about the future and well-being of their nation AND care about the suffering of non-Americans.
This is why, respectfully, I question the idea of “Christian Values”, because if these were a thing, we’d see a consistent response that balances the health and well-being of other humans (as Jesus preaches) with the protection of our nation."

As a general proposition, this is true. We must “balance” the welfare of non-Americans, with the welfare of our own nation. (Or, the “protection” of our nation, which raises the question: with respect to illegal immigration, what are we “protecting” ourselves from?)

It’s just an application of a more general reality: we are, by our biological natures, self-preserving. But by our (perhaps biologically-influenced) social natures, we are concerned for others as well – psycho/socio-paths excluded.

The devil, of couse, is in the details: just how much do we apportion to ourselves, and how much to others?

In the case of desperate immigrants, trying to escape their own hell-hole countries for the white racist capitalist paradise of the USA, what should we do? Complete altruism says, “Let them all in, and accept that a significant increase in our taxes or national debt will be required to care for them, at least for a while.”

When the issue is a passive one that we can avoid – should I spend a thousand dollars for a new flat-screen TV or make do with my old one and give the money to a family in Nigeria? – the answer is easy. We ignore the question altogether and buy that flatscreen. Maybe we’ll give $25 to Doctors Without Borders to salve our conscience, but most of our disposable income will be spent on ourselves.

But the thousands of Haitians trying to get into the US cannot be ignored. And… if we are totally altruistic and say, ‘Come on in, and sign up here for welfare until you find a job’… how many more will come? Realistically … a LOT more.

The hard-hearted conservative answer is: let no one in illegally at all.

The kind-hearted liberal answer, which ‘balances’ American interests and non-American interests, is … well?

Concretely, how many impoverished Haitians, on what criteria, would you like to see come in to the US? And remember: your criteria will have to apply to the tens, indeed hundreds, of millions of poor people in the Third World who will follow.

So what’s the liberal answer to this problem?

More vaccines. And more ice cream.

Here’s an excellent source:

Early COVID Care Experts

Complete CV of their ten contributors.
Will help locate a doctor who will treat with early therapeutics.
Links to studies documenting Covid treatments.
Links to dozens of articles.
PDF available with detailed treatment plans for low, medium and high risk patients.
Lengthy discussion of Standards of proof.

Interesting fact on the virus and immunity:

It’s very clear that the CDC has done surveys of antibodies to covid in the blood of people and what they found is that almost fivefold numbers of people have had covid, mostly asymptomatically, as the numbers of registered cases. So this means that approximately close to or over 70% across the country as a whole have had covid and have wide immunity to not just the Delta variant, but more or less any variant that comes along over the next six months to a year. They’re protected. Dr. Harvey Risch, professor of epidemiology at Yale.


This guy?


But either way, science is about consensus, or meta analisys.

Mr. Yale should put his reputation where his mouth is and get funding to do peer-reviewed work that offers evidence to his assertions.

It’s based on a CDC study!

Peer reviewed? In reality there is peer pressure to shut up and conform. This is NOT science, it is scientism . Science is based on open discussion and falsifying incorrect theories by real world FACTS not phony politicized consensus.

science can stand on its own feet and does not need any help from rationalists, secular humanists, Marxists and similar religious movements; and … non-scientific cultures, procedures and assumptions can also stand on their own feet and should be allowed to do so … Science must be protected from ideologies; and societies, especially democratic societies, must be protected from science … In a democracy scientific institutions, research programmes, and suggestions must therefore be subjected to public control, there must be a separation of state and science just as there is a separation between state and religious institutions, and science should be taught as one view among many and not as the one and only road to truth and reality.
Paul Feyerabend, Against Method

Because you said it:

Why are “Progressives” continuing to talk about Trump? He’s out of office. Could it be that they want to divert attention from Biden’s many failures?

It won’t work.

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