WHAT happened?

Glad to see you’re getting back to normal!!

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Yes, I have missed this site for the time that it was down. I was concerned that it might be down permanently. I am glad to it’s back.

I posted on another site that what we are going through now with the economy is what it will be like if The Green New Deal were to be enacted. The socialist hippies over there are having a conniption fit.

It might be interesting to post over here. If you think things are bad now, wait until AOC and her minions get control of the economy. Poverty will become a way of life, except for high officials in the government. It would be just like it is in North Korea.


are they having a fit because it is closed down or that they don’t like your take on it?

I have posted the same message here under a new topic

things do not look the same here. Am I doing something wrong here…and where is your topic on what if the green new deal were enacted. can someone help me out with the way the site looks??

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We are back. Woohoo. I am leaving that new forum. I don’t like it either,

What “new forum?”

He just means a place we posted at till we saw if this was going to open again.

is there any place on here I can go to see who is on line?

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