What Happens When Conservatives Don't Receive Needed Medical Services


I’ll be very brief.

Nearly every facet of American life has become, or is rapidly becoming, politicized. The latest manifestation of this is the politicization of the IRS. It is painfully obvious that conservative groups were targeted - singled out - to be screwed with by political appointees or politicians themselves. Note: We were all wondering why the Tea Party was all but silent during the 2012 election cycle - well, now we know. The Tea Party groups were being denied tax free status and conservative donors were being audited. Coercion at its ugliest, most corrupt!!

To a significant extent, once fully implemented, Obamacare places politicians/political appointees in control of your healthcare. One is left to wonder how long it will take for members of groups not favored by the political leadership to be targeted when seeking medical care.

A government large enough/powerful enough to provide you everything, is big enough/powerful enough/ eventually corrupt enough to take everything away from you.


While it may be a law about to be enabled in 2014, and Roberts traitorously ruled in it’s favor, I’m not so sure the Obamacare saga is over. BHO may have bitten off more than he can chew.

Nevertheless, I DO agree with your warning. If the wheels don’t fall off of Obamacare (and I think it’s a good possibility they WILL), BHO will only be emboldened to go further.


I don’t understand your point, Mike. Groups don’t seek out health care, individuals do.

The question I would ask of anyone who is defiantly intending to go without health insurance - if and when you get really sick, will you then become a free rider and take advantage of ObamaCare to saddle an insurance company (and by extension, its customers) with your pre-existing condition?


That’s not what he’s asking.

He’s asking what will happen when the political appointees on the death panels decide to cross reference your political affiliations when deciding if you get treatment or not.


JStang - BINGO!!

Jazz - JStang stated the point much better than I. if you can target a group you can target individuals who support that group. This is true regardless of Party. In the instant matter, a number of Repub donors are stepping forward and stating that when their names surfaced as part of the information “coaxed” from the targeted conservative groups by the IRS they were audited - some more than once.

Now, let me be clear - I’m not predicting this “medical care targeting” will happen, but it could. Our government has lost trust with a good number of Americans - me included - and for VERY good reason.