What I personally experience in University


I’m in the Addictions Counseling program at my school, I’m 45 and have prior military experience. I expect liberals to be crawling around like maggots on an old steak, and thanks to my mandatory discussion post, found one. The class is Cultural Barriers to Addiction Therapy, and so far the cultures we have dealt with have been racial and the physically handicapped. The last group was the LBGTQXYZ ‘culture’ and we had to watch a video about ‘how would it be if straights were as discriminated against as gays’. It opens with kids coming out to their parents about their homosexuality. Then on the screen is written; 1 in 9 people are gay. So, I knew it was not going to be enlightening. In the discussion I posted this:
*“Well, I don’t feel that anyone’s sexuality is any of my business. I believe in treating all people with the same human respect that everyone deserves. Although I think that same sex attraction may be influenced by genetics, living that lifestyle is a choice and not one that I personally approve of. Again though, it’s none of my business what someone does. I have family and friends that are gay, and I think of them as my family and friends, not their sexual orientation. I think that identifying yourself by your sexual orientation is devaluing yourself as a person. People are more than their sexual desires and activities. So, I’m not watching the video. Instead I’m using this post as a venting point. I accept people, I don’t have to accept their behaviors.”
*The responses I got back were:
*The video had absolutely NOTHING to do with sex my friend


Even though I do not agree with the collectiveness of this post, I do agree with you that people’s sexuality is none of your business. I have found that it is difficult to tell some of my more conservative or closed minded loved ones that I identify as queer because it almost feels like i’m telling them what I would enjoy in bed which is very private and useless information for them. Though, I do not think that by identifying your sexual orientation you are devaluing yourself because people identify as a lot of things, not just one. I am sure you belong to multiple groups in your life, including your gender, race, religious/spiritual affiliations, etc. For example, I am a Caucasian, female, who is queer, an AOII, an Eastern student, a liberal, and so so much more. Even if we have labels that does not mean we are reduced to just one of them. Also, I believe that you are doing yourself a disservice by not watching the video. You are choosing to let yourself be shut off to a world of education and understanding. You don’t need to agree to be educated and if you plan to work in the field you can not shut yourself off to opportunities like this. If you have a LGBTQA client you need to be aware of the discrimination they face.
You do not have to accept our behaviors, and we do not have to accept your bigotry.
*Mic drop

*This is the liberal mind. If you don’t agree with them, you have the problem of a closed mind. You are wrong. You are a bigot. Nowhere in my post did I disparage anyone. I did not insult, I wrote in a detached manner explaining why I prefer to see people as just that, nothing more or less. But, because I didn’t acknowledge ‘snowflake’ status, I’m a bigot.


In the main, I agree with your opinion on this issue. If a gay person “comes out” publically, they are proclaiming to the whole world HOW they prefer to obtain sexual gratification. I don’t WANT to know that about anyone…except my wife.


Edog…I’ve had similar experiences and when I’m informed of MY intolerance & bigotry, I throw it right back in THEIR face and inform them that they are being the bigot by not accepting ME and that the one thing I’ve observed over the past 15-20 years is that those preaching tolerance to “us bigots” are the most intolerant, close-minded, bigots on the planet.

The look on their faces is truly priceless.


This same person, when remarking on what they’ve learned in the class, stated her horror in finding that people still believe in reverse racism. I told her that it’s actually just ‘racism’, and everybody does it.


Did her head explode?