What is a Real American

What is a Real American

And I don’t mean what is a “Legal” American, I mean what is a Real American? What is it in the heart of a person that makes them a Real American, a Patriot?

Well, a real American IS a patriot. He would gladly serve his country in time of war. He would come to the aid of a neighbor. He knows America is an exceptional nation. In his heart he loves Liberty, Freedom; he appreciates entrepreneurship, he has the drive to make his way in life without a net and rise or fall on your own efforts like the pioneers did, and he knows that God endowed him with the right to Life, Liberty, and to pursue happiness

That is a real American.

Would you call some America-hating socialist a real American? . . someone who does not want to work and wants to live off of welfare? . . someone who despises America and hates our history and our traditions and our values and embraces evil ideologies? Is that a “Real American” just because they were born here?

Some people say they are real American too because they were born here. I say those people are tools. Such sick anti-American haters may be legally American if they were born here but they are not REAL Americans in their hearts. They are not Patriots.

Is this all too hard for a person to understand? If it is them maybe that person not a real American.

Have you heard people talk about fake Christians? Sadly there are people who call themselves Christians, and maybe they even go to church once in a while, but they do not have Christ in their heart. The lie and hate and do bad things. We all know they are out there. We see them all the time. Simply calling yourself a Christian and going to church every Easter does not make you one. Most people understand that, right?

Why should it be any different for being an American? . . a Patriot? Any fool can be born here. But when you are an adult, do you realize what a wonderful exceptional country American is and are you a patriot? Or are you a blood-sucking socialist crapstain who enjoys the fruits of the land but hates the nation? If you are the latter then you are no American, born here or not.

Some people cannot grasp these concepts. Thats too bad for them,


To wit: On the left we have . . .

On the right we have . .

Nice picture for our socialist members.

Well ???

I don’t know . Biden says he’s a catholic and I believe everything he says. Especially when he talks about little kids rubbing his legs.

NOW I know you are kidding. LOL

Next time some Democrats talks about women, here is a real American woman! She served her country and lost a leg. No Leftist would do that.

What if Tammy Duckworth is the Democrat doing the talking?

Tammy Duckworth is one of the most disgusting, lying, sick Nazis there are. She is worse than the fungus under an outhouse. She is an Enemy of the State.

That’s not a very nice way to talk about a veteran who gave both her legs for our country…

That what she gets for turning into a filthy Nazi afterwards.

I remember you. You defend fascists and your defend murdering children. You are no American.

Well, I am just as much an American as you and there’s literally nothing you can do about it. That’s what makes America great in my opinion, the diversity we foster.


No you’re not. You are not an American at all. You may legally be a citizen, but in your dark evil heart you are the enemy of America, of Liberty and of Freedom.

Indeed, no true Scotsman would disagree with your argument either.

Whatever. You promote infanticide, socialism and sodomy. Don’t come here saying you’re an American. You are the enemy of al that is good.

Somehow I’m just not finding a frenzied appeal to purity all that convincing. Hmm. Guess we’ll just have to agree to disagree.

There is nothing frenzied about it. It is very simple, which is why your kind just does not get it.

Do you believe America is the greatest country ever to exist?
Do you believe that America is a beacon of Liberty for the world?
Do you believe that government should be as limited as possible to allow for the greatest freedom of the individual?
Do you believe in the sanctity of life and that innocent human beings should not be murdered?
Do you believe that America is an exceptional Nation?
Do you believe that America has mostly been a Force for good throughout history?
Are you a nationalist, or in other words, are you a patriot and you put your country first before all others?
Do you believe in America First?
Do you reject socialism?

I can answer yes to all of those questions and that makes me a real American.

I doubt that you could answer yes to half of them and that is why you’re not a real American.

Okay, let’s cool the “Nazi” cracks. When TheOperative first created RO, comparing anything and everything to Nazis was frowned upon at best and usually not tolerated; and that hasn’t changed with subsequent ownership. It’s also a cheap way of making the argument, even when there are valid similarities. Go into specifics instead of painting “Nazi” on everything.

Times have changed. The Democrat Party and the Nazi Party have the same tactics and the most of the same goals. They are the same. Different in name, the same in tactics and most goals. Are you now saying that I cannot make the same c0omparisons that professors and commentators have been making for several years now? I cannot speak the truth?
I understand your rule about name-calling, but are you now moving the goal posts and saying that I cannot speak the truth the the Democrat Party and the Nazi Party are far to similar in tactics and goals?

Are you going to ban all Dinesh D’ Souza videos too?
Are you going to ban all Prager U videos too?

RO’s rules have not.