What is a Real American

So, for the record, you are banning me from speaking the truth about the close similarities of the Democrat Party and the Nazis?

EDIT: By the way I looked at the rules and there is nothing there about comparing parties with each other, Nazi and Democrat, or anything else. You just sort of make the rules up up as you go along.

War Hero agrees with me



A Real American

Do you believe criticism deserves to be censored? If not, sources deserve to stand or fall strictly on their merits/ You are quoting PragerU. Enough said.

No, but your side does, or haven’t you noticed that.

I am not going to argue about who is a real American with a foreigner.

I believe you. You are honest in that regard.

Everything I say is true. You would do well to remember that

Yeah losing edge on that issue. Pro tip real Americans have jobs and social security numbers and their traffic is routed throw Moscow to here.

A real American has no job, spams a website with posts, refuses to answer questions about their motives, fights with the mods, gets everyone’s goad. Can someone check the timestamps and see if they are 24-7 run on posts from multiples locations?

U.S. House candidate Madison Cawthorn spoke of the plight of immigrants and refugees during his Republican National Convention speech on Wednesday. Cawthorn, 25, is from North Carolina. He uses a wheelchair and stood at the end of his speech.

A Real American

Screw you Trumpgirl. Real american’s don’t like america because america SUCKS