What is a Real American

So, for the record, you are banning me from speaking the truth about the close similarities of the Democrat Party and the Nazis?

EDIT: By the way I looked at the rules and there is nothing there about comparing parties with each other, Nazi and Democrat, or anything else. You just sort of make the rules up up as you go along.

War Hero agrees with me



A Real American

Do you believe criticism deserves to be censored? If not, sources deserve to stand or fall strictly on their merits/ You are quoting PragerU. Enough said.

No, but your side does, or haven’t you noticed that.

I am not going to argue about who is a real American with a foreigner.

I believe you. You are honest in that regard.

Everything I say is true. You would do well to remember that

Yeah losing edge on that issue. Pro tip real Americans have jobs and social security numbers and their traffic is routed throw Moscow to here.

A real American has no job, spams a website with posts, refuses to answer questions about their motives, fights with the mods, gets everyone’s goad. Can someone check the timestamps and see if they are 24-7 run on posts from multiples locations?

U.S. House candidate Madison Cawthorn spoke of the plight of immigrants and refugees during his Republican National Convention speech on Wednesday. Cawthorn, 25, is from North Carolina. He uses a wheelchair and stood at the end of his speech.

A Real American

Screw you Trumpgirl. Real american’s don’t like america because america SUCKS



Actually, among hard core Democrats, calling yourself “an American” is xenophobic. They are “citizens of the world” who look forward to a world socialist government which will control all human beings and imprison those who don’t knuckle under. Witness the current Governor of New York who ready to open concentration camps for those who are not vaccinated.

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Exactly. Calling yourself a democrat, man, that’s all inclusive

Socialists are Globalists
and Real Americans are Nationalists (ie Patriots)

Globalists = Jews/Jewish Sympathizers
Nationalists= Nazi’s

Most People are a mix of Globalist and Protectionist like myself. I’m for regulated fair trade not all over the world trade anything you want at any cost to the worker trade. I’m Globalist in media. I like media from all over the world. I have an affinity for Swedish Hard Rock.

I’m Anti Chinese Communist Party, I’m Anti-Putin Anti-Victor Orban Anti-North Korea. I happen to like Shinzo Abe, Angela Merkle, and Emanuel Macron. Boris Johnson is a bit of a dullard but he is genuinely elected by the people of England. Trudeau is a bit of a asshat but he is genuinely elected by the people of Canada. I don’t like anti-democratic societies or principles.

I’m Patriotic about our countries accomplishments, Moon Landing, Desegregation, Labor, Health, Muscle Cars, Levis, Football, Hard Rock, Rolling Stones Mag, New York City, San Fran Bay Area, The Pullman Strikes, The Union Culture of the Midwest, huge fan of GM and everything AC Delco. Ok with Ford, Kinda hate Dodge Chrysler Fiat it’s not American it’s Italian. I like Pizza, Fries, Cheeseburgers, A lot of our films are the worlds finest, our music is great. I love American Culture if that doesn’t make me a patriot in your eyes I don’t care I really don’t because the 1st Amendment exempts me from caring about your feelings. I love our constitution, our universities, our science.

You just keep proving you’re a bot.

And an anti-semitic one at that.

I love Israel, in fact I named my son off a verse in the old testament. I believe God choose those people to be leaders, some of them followed Christ like Paul. Some of them stuck to the old covenant I do believe a 1/3 of Israel will follow Christ in the end times. I am not anti-Semitic many of my favorite celebrities and intellectuals are Jewish by blood or faith.

‘I was just doing what was right’: U.S. Marine veteran and FedEx delivery driver folds fallen American flag he saw lying on the ground on his route

A U.S. Marine veteran who was driving for FedEx ended up going beyond the call of duty after noticing an American flag lying on the ground.

Home surveillance footage caught the extraordinary act of patriotism as the driver pulled over to a house where he wasn’t even making a delivery.

The FedEx driver got out of his truck and picked up the flag, carefully folding it and storing it away from the wind.

The flag pole had broken and fallen over in heavy winds on Gail Cook’s front yard.

Cook posted the video to Facebook: ‘Today our flag pole broke with the high winds. The FedEx driver saw this when he was driving by and stopped. He not only picked up the flag but folded it properly and put it away safely on our porch. Thanks!!! I hope he gets the recognition he deserves, I can’t thank him enough!’

Cook later managed to contact the driver, Mike King, who also happened to be a Marine veteran.

He said he was ‘just doing what was right. It’s the Marine way, would have done better justice for Lady glory if the wind wasn’t gusting at 50 lol … I couldn’t just drive by and do nothing.’