What is more important? Minimizing inflation or maximizing employment?


Without getting deep in the weeds, I just want peoples gut reactions to the question, try not to overthink it.

I know the two aren’t mutually exclusive, but assume for the sake of this poll they are.


How are you thinking either can be dealt with, with the economy as it is today? Both are equally important, but until it is figured out, what the base for the monetary value of currency is, you will never curb inflation. Right now it seems this administration feels that the currency value is what ever they want it to be. (And that is truth) As to the employment fiasco, until a nation decides that manufacturing jobs are just as good as white collar jobs, and America again values it’s manufacturing base, and people themselves get over the purported stigma of labor, we will NEVER have an employment recovery.As long as a government decides to tax the golden goose, said goose will just move to where it is no longer taxed and wages are lower. As long as a government continues to pile regulations after regulations upon the energy industry they will continue to be shut down.
I personally think you need to seriously reframe your question, because it should be a great one.


You forgot an option: Neither. Of course my answer suggests they’re not mutually exclusive either. But that makes it impossible to answer.


Curbing inflation would help with maximizing employment. But first of all, we need to get rid of all the government regs that cripple industry.