What is the difference between the Crazies on campus and some of us?


tiny and many other “conservatives” have stated their delicious hopes to destroy the GOP. How is that different than the left feeding on its own bones on our college campuses?


Let’s face reality - the GOP is a political party, the mission of which is to acquire and exercise political power. It is not to fight for the sake of fighting, to refuse to negotiate, compromise or cut deals, to fulminate and obstruct, to exploit fear and sow division, to demagogue, and generally to make an ass of itself.

If Trump’s nominee, then so be it. I will then step back, let the suicide take place, and hope from the ashes will come a new coalition, of economic conservatives and social moderates, united behind a belief in classical notions of liberty and autonomy, the law’s equal protection, and Reagan’s aspirations to American exceptionalism and fair play.


And the GOP has become just another, decadent Party of professional politicians interested ONLY in preserving their own positions of power and the perks that go with them. I don’t want a party that’ll “compromise” away my Constitution as the GOP has been doing for decades now. Neither do I want a political party that’ll simply bend over and take it when the Communists and Socialist want to give it to them the hard way. I want one that’ll FIGHT to preserve what’s good about this country and rid ourselves of what is EVIL. Abortion on demand is EVIL. The government taking by force HALF of everyone’s income to redistribute it to those some politician wants to curry favor with is EVIL. Allowing the literal INVASION of our country by those who want to get on the government’s gravy train, or who want to destroy our way of life and replace it with communism or some other “ism” that is anti-freedom and anti-responsibility, is EVIL. Wanting to disarm Americans so we’ll be more vulnerable to the world’s predators–including those in our own government–is EVIL. Sanctioning sodomy and allowing sodomites access to our children is EVIL.

It should be noted here that the venue in California yesterday was a “gun-free zone.” THAT worked!


Since you’re throwing the word around like popcorn, I’ll use it too. Donald Trump is EVIL. Congrats, Dave, you will get the “leader” you wish for.

Reagan must be spinning in his grave.


I’m not understanding what you’re implying, so I’ll reverse the question: How is it the same?


I’ll withdraw it. After thinking about it some more the ones I have read here and elsewhere who talk about destroying the GOP are more like the leftist and anarchists bomb-throwers in spirit than the pathetic campus snowflakes.


Only in YOUR opinion, Jazz. People who know him personally say that he’s a kind, gentleman and generous to a fault. He’s not my choice for the nomination, but I WILL vote for him if he gets it.


How so? The GOP is corrupt. What’s so worth saving about it?


Fine…destroy it. Enjoy yourself.


Actually, I was kind of hoping for an answer instead of a retort.


Ok…the US government has been corrupt for two hundred years to one extent or another but I would hope the aim would be reform not destruction. Same with the GOP.


Shooting at developmentally disabled is like shooting fish in a barrel they do not understand guns nor have the awareness to flee.


Don’t need to. The RNC is doing a fine job at just that.


Hardly. Everywhere but the presidency and large cities they are doing better than ever. Find a great presidential candidate and it’ll be locked up.


This isn’t about the government’s corruption; it’s the GOP. They lie conservative then do RINO.

It doesn’t matter how well the party is doing if it’s destructive; I don’t care about the (temporary) health of a malignant tumor (yes, the DNC is far worse). And from what I can tell, the GOP angles to lock out great presidential candidates. They fought the Tea Party movement (when they weren’t masquerading in it).


Whatever. Destroy them and have fun doing it.


I think a Kick Ass VP Candidate on the ticket will bring it home …


Whatever. Try to save the tumor (as if it can produce something good other than by accident) and have fun doing it.

Turnabout is fair play, and all that…


MOST of the positions where Republicans are doing better numerically are doing so because the voters had a Conservative Republican to choose. I won’t look them all up, but Sen. Tom Cotton and Sen. Cruz come to mind - and the RNC did NOT back them.

If that doesn’t tell you anything, I don’t know what will.


Even if you are right that the RNC “did NOT back them” they are doing better than ever across the board not only with the conservatives who after all are a small minority in the GOP.