What is the secret of Hillary Clinton's strangely plumped-up-cheeks?

Folks … I really thought that this was from the onion or the Babylon Bee.
(It’s not!)

(It’s from the overly cluttered, video intrusive DailyMail)


I think she pulled a Marlon Brando and stuffed her cheeks with cotton.

I am reminded of the movie “Death Becomes Her”

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@silliessis, that hamster picture a perfect likeness. Very good!


It looks like she’s gearing up for another “run for the roses.”

The Clintons are a parasitic curse on this country. They will never go away because of their insatiable pursuit for money and power. Who could have guessed that when “the comeback kid” (Bill Clinton’s self description) rose from the political dead in the 1992 New Hampshire primary that the Clinton curse would still be around 28 years later?

As for Hillary, looking back in history, it’s hard for me to find a more repulsive, unattractive presidential candidate. Perhaps the 1848 Democratic presidential nominee, Lewis Cass, might qualify. Although he was a compelling figure when he was a leader in the establishment of the state of Michigan, he was well past his prime in 1848.

Here is a political token from the 1848 campaign. The “freedom of the seas” slogan on the reverse is about slavery. Cass was objecting to the fact that the British were interfering with American slave smugglers who were illegally bringing more captive African-Americans into the United States.

And this token gives a better view of how he looked in 1848. I think he needed something more than some botox.

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That might be an insult to hamsters. They can be rather cute. The same cannot be said for Hillary.

I had a hamster once and made the mistake of keeping it in a wooden cage. It chewed its way out and I never found it.

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When I was kid, we had one who figured out how to unlock the metal door of her cage. She got out, and we didn’t see her for a couple of days. Then one night we heard a commotion in the dinning room. The cat had caught it and was playing with it. We rescued it in time and put it back in the cage with a twist tie on the door.

She figured out how to untie that too. This one was obviously a genius among hamsters. It is remarkable about what they do with those little fingers on their front feet.


Believe it or not Hillary wasn’t bad looking in her early years!

Hillary Clinton during her Wellesley college years

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Perhaps Hillary could borrow some rouge from Adam Schiff. It would accent her new look.

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Oh, the EYES of my imagination! Yuk!

But what a poisonous mind lurked under those blond locks!


She has claimed to a “Goldwater girl” in her youth. That is probably a myth.

She was literally a campaign staffer for John Rockefeller.
She ended up switching teams because she met Bill in college.

yes she was a pretty young girl…and even an attractive woman…but she should NEVER have married bill. I believe that is what changed her. And early too. Of course, becoming democrat did not help. That only encourages wickedness under the assumed name of feminism and equality. She is that unloved woman that is talked about in the bible. It almost makes me pity her… well…I do to a degree…but I also recognize that she is not a good person. and bill…in spite of being a good time Charlie…is the biggest reason for that. so much disappointment and heartache he has caused her. LOADS of regret I believe she feels now.

I don’t agree. If anything at all, it just brought out what was under the surface.

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I’m sure she learned a lot from watching him except she couldn’t get that likeability thing. She just doesn’t have that in her.