What is WRONG with these people??


Police Probe Wild Melee Caught On Tape | The Smoking Gun

Ocala Florida:no:
No 911 call in to police
Police learn about this after YouTube posted.
animals, savages, uncivilized,


I blame the Right Wing Media, Happy Meals and George Bush. Couldn’t possibly be the lack of parental involvement and the instillation of decent moral values when they were growing up.


Yep, GWB and Rush Limbaugh, most certainly are to blame.


C’mon, JStang. It cannot be GWB or Rush’s fault. These were women. Had to be Sarah Palin’s fault.:wink:


Ah! That’s true. Good catch!


Glad to :smile:be of service.


Nice! :rofl: I like how the guys go scrambling around picking up their clothing like it’s money someone dropped.


Funny and sad at the same time!


This is in the US. It’s unbelievable that people can behave like this.


Sorry to be frank, but are white people generally scared of black people? I mean like if you see a drunk black guy yelling & you’re white would you be more scared than if he were also white?


Any drunk guy yelling is scary. O_O’ But if I was just passing them on a deserted street or something, for me, it would depend more on how the man was dressed than his skin color. =/ If it was a white guy with a shaved head and baggy gangster clothes, I’d be scared, and if it was a respectable-looking black guy with a mustache and a polo shirt and slacks, I wouldn’t be as much.


Hmm. I was asking because I’ve been admiting to myself lately that I, and ohter white people, are scared of aboriginal people. Though I should point out that when I and most others say ‘aboriginal people’ i dont mean of aboriginal descent & living ‘normally’ (theres no other way of putting it succinctly). We mean the ones in the parks that yell, constantly, are drunk a lot, are a bit dirty, abuse strangers on public transport, abuse street pedestrians etc.

I think they’re scary coz they’re really unpredictable & really loud with hell rough voices…but theres some kinda primal fear in there too im sure lol. Basically, you see a white bum you think ‘pfft pathetic’ but you see a dodgy looking aboriginal, male or female, and you suddenly go into flight or fight. Lol it’s true, can be funny to watch others do it sometimes. Does that happen between black/white people? Or Native Americans?


Not to me. The scourge of society where I am is illegal immigrants - Mexicans, mostly - but I can’t see feeling more threatened by a Hispanic drunkard than a white one. =/ That’s just me, though.


Hmm. Are mexicans drunk & rowdy in big groups and stuff? I’ve found some vids, you get to see how racist we are. Yay. The comments, the names of the vids etc…pretty embarrassing but it’s how it is

YouTube - Crazy Aboriginal vs Bogan.mp4
that’s why i guess…I don’t think that’s here but same thing on our trains…every day

YouTube - dumb ass abbo in wanneroo off chops nearly kills us in a car
YouTube - Noongah kid Part 2
Those were both from perth

that must be in the tropics

this may be why the maoris got a better deal lol I found this in the search. They were scarier without weapons. Plus they ate people :confused:
YouTube - Maori Haka V’s Aboriginal War Cry

but oh man that video of the brawl was nuts! I wandered off to flip a pancake & got back to see a chick with her pants off over a car…was a bit unexpected haha


This video is pretty tame compared to MaCarthur Blvd. in Oakland, CA most every day. Same fights break out but they transform into gunfights quickly.

I have a customer that I deliver to right in middle of the “war zone”, you don’t want to lose track of what is happening around you for even a second.

As far as the scary drunks are concerned, in Oakland there is not much difference in “danger” from the Whites, Blacks, Asians or Mexicans. They are all nuts, if one approaches you with crazy eyes you have to go after them like you intend to kill them. They will flee pretty fast if you are convincing but if they sense fear you will be in trouble, if you see one there are others watching trying to determine if you are an easy mark.

I have several friends who will not deliver to this customer because of bad experiences. I have tried to explain that losers are all lazy, as long as they think you are trouble they will leave you alone. I guess they have not been around lowlifes enough to understand.

Sad state of affairs to be certain, most California cities have these problems but in Oakland it is throughout most of the city. Whenever I hear someone say that Welfare is “compassionate” I know that they have never seen the creatures it has spawned in real life, there is nothing compassionate about it.


Wasn’t there some famous incident, like back in the 60s where some woman got murdered in front of a neighborhood and no one did anything?


I don’t think aboriginal is the correct term. Try savage or uncivilized or even criminal element.

Secondly…remember when Jesse Jackson admitted to fear when he would hear someone behind him on a dark street? And then when he turned around if it was a white guy he would breathe a sigh of relief? I don’t necessarily believe it is a ‘racial’ response to another race. But let’s face it. Haven’t US Blacks become more violent and aggressive as they’ve grown less interested in education and civilization and self sufficiency?


I mean like if you see a drunk black guy yelling & you’re white would you be more scared than if he were also white?

Nope. Idiocy has no skin color.


Kitty Genovese? I think that was in New York City.


LOOK AT THE POINT BEING MISSED!------- walking down a dark street— and BEING AFRAID! of anything!
How sad !!! we have come so far and yet not for the better. Whether big city or small village, the element of fear prevails, and why?
TIME to take back OUR personal lives, get RID of the things that MAKE us fear. If it’s street punks GET RID OF THEM!
I’m still trying to figure out how to get in touch with Snake Plifkin [for those of you who know who I mean] :stuck_out_tongue: