What Life Is Like When Children of Gay Couples Don't Matter

On March 27, 2015, five other children of gays (COGs) and I went to Washington, D.C. to deliver our amicus briefs to the Supreme Court of the United States. The biographies of Heather Barwick, Katy Faust, BN Klein, Robert Oscar Lopez, Denise Shick, and Dawn Stefanowicz have already been narrated, perhaps excessively, in conservative publications, so I will not waste the reader’s time by recounting the specifics of each confessional. What should have mattered – and what, as it turns out, didn’t matter – is our categorical identity. We are the real-life faces of people with serious standing in the question of gay marriage.

Here is an article written by one of the children of a gay person and high lights that the children are used mostly as pawns rather than children to be loved and nurtured. Children are a means to an end rather than a commitment to wholesome family life.


And the big question is, why do gays “have” children?

For decades, gays have shown disdain for us “breeders.” Now, all of a sudden, they WANT to be parents??? I seriously doubt it’s for altruistic reasons.

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I can remember something about one of them complaining about their “right” to have children - nothing about the rights of the children.

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[quote=“Susanna, post:4, topic:46862”]

  • nothing about the rights of the children.
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You guys just can’t get over the gays, huh?

I’m getting the impression that you can’t get over social conservatives.

What “right of Children” conflict with their being raised by either a biological or even adoptive Gay parent?

Even Catholic Adoption Services don’t object to giving gay people kids; they just put them on a lower priority than Straight couples (which admittedly was still enough to get them in trouble in Massachusetts, but that’s just ridiculous).

If gay “couples” want to complain about not being able to have kids, maybe it’s time they took a long look at WHY they can’t. Adoption by gays MAY be the stupidest thing we’ve agreed to as a culture. There are tens of thousands of hetero couples BEGGING to adopt children–even going as far away as CHINA to get one. What moron in an adoption agency would by-pass ANY hetero couple just to be “stylish?”

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That depends where in the country you’re at.

Some cities you have parents lining up, others they’re struggling to find foster homes.

The latter case has lead to people in the Netherlands adopting American Children.

What moron in an adoption agency would by-pass ANY hetero couple just to be “stylish?”

No Dave. There isn’t a single, homogenous orphan pool. That’s the mistake you’re making.

They used to refuse interracial adoptions by the “belief” that a black child was better off in the “system” than in a “white” home. Maybe they still do. The two interracial adoptions I know of have the exceptions that - in one case, the single mother already had a racially mixed biological child; in the other case, the couple had already adopted a child from India - although she was not dark-skinned, due to a congenital condition that caused albinism.