What Really Happened 1/6/21: video by Rudy Giuliani

Rudy explained what actually happened in Washington on the 6th including video clip evidence. He posted this on YouTube, where I watched it. But the hate-filled leftists at Alphabet deleted it. Fortunately, there’s a YouTube replacement now.

I demand trial by combat against this pathetic excuse of a lawyer…

Am I hearing a call for violence from a “peaceful” leftist?..

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You should definitely click the link in his post

Yep. Very much so. To spell out what FC missed, Donald Trump’s personal lawyer open called for trial by combat before these “protests” became domestic terrorism. Like, hours before.

You do realize that ‘trial by combat’ means single combat between the principles in a particular controversy (or between an accused party and the court’s designated champion in the case of criminal proceedings)? Or sometimes between the leaders or designated champions of opposing armies to “save the battalions” by avoiding a general conflict (but I don’t think it ever actually resulted in any battalions saved because the loser was never willing to abide by the results of the challenge unless they were going to get crushed, anyway, in which case the stronger side would have been foolish to accept the challenge). It’s an obvious throw away one liner, and obviously not meant to be taken seriously.

There is no more rule of law in this country. There is only the rule of men, and incredibly corrupt ones at that. And the Democrat party bears the lions share of the direct responsibility for breaking the rule of law beyond repair with this fraudulent election. Their GOP enablers (most if not all of the party) can go right to hell with them, though. PLENTY of blame to spread around. IDK how far or fast this will spiral out of control, but I expect anywhere from “very” to “extremely” or even “insanely”.

It doesn’t sound like you clicked it. If you can’t spare the 36 minutes to watch it (or less with sped up playback), I’ll give you something he said.

He pointed out that the videos prove the president did not inspire his peaceful supporters to violence. How? Because the violent ones came with tools to do violence, including ropes, glass breaking tools and milk (that he says experienced protesters use to relieve the effects of teargas). In short, the violence was planned before the rally.

Also, he showed a row of Trump supporters actually standing in front of police facing the thugs that were trying to assault the police. The Trump supporters were actually appealing to stop the violent attack. Also, other Trump supporters tried to stop a fascist Antifa guy from breaking a window.

@CSBrown28 says I’m in the Twilight Zone for believing fascist Antifa, not Trump supporters, did the violence, but Rudy makes the case with logic and evidence.

Cool answer, bro. I still choose swords and stuff.

What do you think the chances are that Trump or /Rudy have the spine to admit to such?

Trial by combat! Trial by combat! Trial by combat! Trial by combat! Trial by combat! Trial by combat! Trial by combat! Trial by combat! Trial by combat! Trial by combat! Trial by combat! Trial by combat! Trial by combat! Trial by combat! Trial by combat!

Let’s see Rudy or The Donald have some spine!

Also, is Trial by Combat a thing in US law? Is Rudy right that no matter what, if you win in combat that means f**k you democracy, combat wins?

Then you can’t read. The Ney York Post provided a 40 second blurb. That you feel is over 36 minutes is only an indication of your short attention span. Seriously, here is the address. Using the NY Post own sources.

I mean good grief! American Right Wingers now consider sources as “people who agree with me”. Reality has nothing to do with it. That’s a fact. No one has provided proof about a rigged election, just “What if”. No one has had the courage to provide “evidence” in court.

And everyone who was fine with the “Blue Lives Matters” rhetoric on this forum have been silent about the cop who was brutally killed by right-wing domestic terrorists in the most horrific way by being bashed to death with a fire extinguisher.

And yet nothing from the regular forum posters.

I guess Blue Lives Don’t Matter.


The “36 minutes” I referred to is the 36 minute video that this thread is a discussion about.

We already had the “trial by combat” that Rudy mentioned in your NYPost link. It turns out there were too many criminals in charge to expose the criminality he cited.

Just so we’re clear, you’re calling a fascist Antifa rioter a “right-wing domestic terrorist”, right?

Nope. I’m calling people who consider the Confederate Flag patriotic and those who storm the capital of what is supposedly the bastion of the free world fascists. Name one antifa protestor who got arrested for this failed coup.

Oh, right. You can’t.

Trust me, I have no interest in what a “lawyer” who leaks motor fluid and makes public announcements next to facilities that sell “marital aids” has to say upon reflection of his actions. All that means is that he shouldn’t have been near a microphone in the first place. The garbage you are trying to apologise for occurred AFTER his “trial by combat” declaration.

I vote Pedro Pascal as my champion, incidentally.

Those were fascist Antifa thugs.

Of course they weren’t arrested, they were there at the invitation of the Democrat leadership. Or at least that’s suspected since the police opened the barrier and the doors to let them enter before starting their attack.

I’ve seen bunches of videos in the past few days and can’t remember where I saw specific ones. The voiceover is “comedy” in this video, but watch the video. Why would the police let them in? I think they were ordered to by Democrat leadership.

The Confederate flag means many things to many people. To leftist Democrats, it’s a convenient tool to defame conservatives as racist. But nobody I’ve ever talked to or even heard of longs for the right to own slaves that Confederate Democrats fought to preserve.

No, it means something totally different. In my youth, growing up in the north, it was largely a vague symbol of rebellion against authority, or a romantic identification with those who rebel. There was zero racial component.

I’ve been told people in the south saw it as a symbol of the more gentle, polite society of the south before the war. Or pride in their ancestors that fought bravely. I don’t get the impression they thought much about race or slavery at all.

Does anyone actually consider it “patriotic” as you claim? I don’t think I’ve encountered that.


So people who support Trump are antifa thugs. Good to know.

You’ve said it. Now you have the chance to prove it.