What Religion Are You?


I thought this might provoke interesting discussion, and I was curious as to the demographics of this site.

As for me, Christian (Protestant).

I thought this was interesting:


I am the 5.84%!


I am the 14.09%!


Wanna go Atheist? Just read the Bible.


I’m more spiritual than religious. I don’t believe in orthodox religions. I don’t believe in using fear and prayer and God to build Churches and to raise money. I also hate how religious doctrine forces people to do things that they might not even know they don’t want to do. I believe traditions are important but sometimes the churches need to grow up. That doesn’t happen as much as I would like. There a lot of things I do not like about the Church doctrine and I think it could be and should be done much more different than what it currently is all about. I know all churches are different and yada yada but I am talking in a general sense of the hierarchy. I do not believe Jesus would be thrilled with how his message is being brought out today.

That being said, I still go to church and I still pray. I just do it and interpret it in my own way.


I am of the Mahayana branch. Those in the Theravada branch are the closest thing you would get to “religious” in Buddhism.


Catholic, and I support the Crusades, and the Inquisition.


Religious genocide is nothing to be proud of JStang…:wink:


[quote=“JStang, post:7, topic:38104”]
Catholic, and I support the Crusades, and the Inquisition.
[/quote] Killing for Christianity, Praise Jesus. :beerchug:


Jewish, no denomination.


You need to stop dropping by like that. It is scaring me to no end.


Other way around for me. Now are you in this thread to contribute, or just to troll?


I figured Jazzhead was an “other”.


[quote=“Fantasy_Chaser, post:12, topic:38104”]
Other way around for me. Now are you in this thread to contribute, or just to troll?
[/quote] Yer entitled to your views the same as me.


I am claiming part of the 14.09% minority in the chart. Being said, I’m just as old school in certain social aspects as Judeo-Christians are.


Wanna read the bible and understand it in its true context means to be a Christian.
As for me I was baptized a melkite (Greek Catholic), and recieved communion into the Roman Catholic Church


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I am currently reading the Bible through at the rate of 3 times a year. It is strengthening my Christian faith. I have been a Christian for almost 66 years, and the more I read the Bible, the more it builds me up. I am still puzzled about some of the things I read in the Bible, but I can’t expect to know everything.


There is much wisdom in what you say, and I am similarly turned off by much of what man practices as organized religion (although don’t forget that the great tradition of organized service- to the poor, to educate the young, to comfort the sick - derives directly from the efforts of organized religion. )

What sucks about organized religion is the proselytizing, and the tendancy to want to force certain religious dogma as part of the secular law. But I can see the good in most all religions (or religiously minded people,even those who mock), even as I agree with you that spirituality is the key, and the goal is, as that old country song says, to have a satisfied mind. And as for me, if I am asked to name my faith, I am from a Christian tradition and I believe in Jesus Christ.


TBH I am surprised that I haven’t already been castrated for my comments by some of the more religious right on here. I mean every time I have ever participated on another religious thread, I am kicked off for being an “atheist.” I wonder where the religious right bible thumping people are. Why are they afraid of this thread?