What’s in the border wall bill? No wall, but plenty of landmines and deceptions!


See Congress poised to vote on border measure without Trump border wall

”The House Appropriations Committee said the bill would set a path for reducing capacity at detention facilities for immigrants ahead of possible deportation. The panel said it would reduce the number of beds at the detention facilities to about 40,520 by the end of the fiscal year, down from a current count of approximately 49,060.”

Well, there you have it. The Bill is designed to codify catch and release, and fill our country with the poverty stricken, poorly educated, low skilled, disease carrying and criminal populations of Central America!

There is no surer way to weaken, subdue, demoralize and then conquer a prosperous and freedom loving people than by allowing and encouraging the poverty stricken, poorly educated, low-skilled, criminal and diseased populations of other countries to invade that country, and make the country’s existing citizens tax-slaves to support the economic needs of such invaders.


Reportedly, McConnell just announced Trump intends to sign the bill and then take Executive Action and declare an emergency at the border.

Personally, I do not think we know enough about the details of the bill to declare approval or no - yes, I know the talking heads have given their assessment, but they are wrong as often as not. I will happily trust Trump’s judgement on this.

That said, it is a compromise bill with a bunch of people - Democrats - who are flatly opposed to border security - so by definition the bill is caca. Democrat’s opposition to the wall is far more than simply not wanting to give Trump a victory. They are looking to flip states such as Arizona and Texas, etc., with a continued influx of illegals (citizens-in-waiting). Look at Cal less than 2 decades ago - Republican governor and a large number of Repubs in the legislature. Today, it is a rare day in hell that a Repub gets elected on any level of government in Cal. What’s changed? Wholesale demographic change.

Closing part of the Fed government will do Trump no good - in my opinion. We had an election 3 months ago - Dems were handed the House by the voters. As long as voters keep voting for Democrats and for the McCain’s and Ryan’s and, yes the McConnel’s Trump will be nearly a one man parade doing what he can do and what he has the huevos to do.

The majority of the people residing in border states - with the exception of Cal - want the wall/barrier. Most folks in many other parts of the country - specifically, the West coast, East coast and several other population centers, such as Pennsylvania, either oppose the wall or don’t give a crap. How do we know this - they voted heavily Democrat.

There is no moral victory to be had here. Sometimes you take what you can get. $1.375 billion is BS - taking nothing is even more BS. Let me repeat something I said 4 years ago on this site: In government, If you don’t have the votes, you haven’t got Shiite.

I have little doubt that Trump plans to attach money wherever he can find it - I think once he encumbers those additional funds - from Defense and Homeland Security, for example - he will declare a national emergency.

We shall see.


Pelosi already talking about having the next Democratic president declare a national emergency over gun violence. Good job, Trumpians. “Constitutional conservatives.” Right.


Doesn’t work that way!
A National emergency cannot over-ride the second amendment or the Constitution!

Border security by the President is a part of his Presidential Powers and fully constitutional!


Absolute CRAP!

If he signs this bill he has tied his own hands unless he intends to pick and choose what he wants from it.

An abreviated summary …

All 1,000+ pages …


BTW: According to this bill, any ILLEGAL accompanied by a minor (whether their own or not) Cannot be deported!
Welcoming all child traffickers!



President Trump, by the terms of our Constitution, is empowered “To provide for calling forth the Militia to execute the Laws of the Union, suppress Insurrections and repel Invasions”.


The Bill also codifies catch and release by setting a path to reduce holding capacity at detention centers.


The Democrat and Republican Leadership have conspired, for 35 years, to keep the border opened, and today’s Bill continues to allow and encourage illegal border crossings.


So let me get this straight. Being a “Constitutional Conservative” in 2019 means supporting a president in declaring a national emergency to force through a highly controversial partisan policy that he can’t get through congress, which involves seizing military funds and private property through one of the largest eminent domain land grabs in U.S. history. Got it.


You just don’t get it. Do you? We have domestic enemies, mostly socialists and communists, who are hard at work trying to destroy America and the flame of freedom it represents. They have realized they cannot overpower America by force and have resorted to other tactics to destroy us, one tactic is to flood our country with the poverty stricken, poorly educated, low-skilled, disease carrying and criminal populations of other countries.

Make no mistake. There is a very real war taking place on American soil and our President has emergency powers which can be lawfully used to repel the ongoing invasion of our border.

Why does using this power upset you so?


There is no surer way to weaken, subdue, demoralize and then conquer a prosperous and freedom loving people than by allowing and encouraging the poverty stricken, poorly educated, low-skilled, criminal and diseased populations of other countries to invade that country, and make the country’s existing citizens tax-slaves to support the economic needs of such invaders.


Because seizing power to force through a partisan campaign promise that’s despised by half the country, and which you can’t get through the representatives of the people, is not the actions of a legitimate president of a constitutional republic. It’s the actions of a shameless demagogue. It’s been a real eye-opener to see how quickly conservatives are willing to turn their backs on basic republican values to support their terrible and disgusting leader.


Your “opinion” is most assuredly NOT shared by the majority of American CITIZENS. they DON’T consider our President to be a “terrible and disgusting leader.” On the contrary. He may be the ONLY person in D.C. who gives a tinker’s dam about the American PEOPLE and America herself.



It’s time to reign in the executive branch. This is getting ridiculous. Every president is worse than the last. Have fun with President Ocasio-Cortez if we don’t.


These idiots FORGET (or willfully ignore) that the relevant law says “in the President’s judgement…” So far, THIS President’s judgement has been flawless, and I generally-speaking agree with him…particularly on THIS issue


Although most of us peons grasp the meaning of this phrase it is, apparently, too esoteric for Chuck, Nancy and J.


Talking isn’t planning. And you better believe they were ALREADY planning it if they felt they could get away with it. “Classical liberal.” Right…

Hogwash. A decided MAJORITY want the wall.

How can she walk into the White House when she has both feet so far in her mouth that she has a big toe stuck in her appendix and a Nike logo on her butt?


Obama ordered agencies to stop enforcing some federal laws and used executive orders to do precisely what Congress refused to do.

When Obama declared in a State of the Union address that he would circumvent Congress if it failed to approve his immigration reforms, Democrats cheered.

Democrats supported Obama when he ordered the payment of billions out of the Treasury into ObamaCare, after being denied the funds by Congress. These same Democrats were silent when Obama attacked Libya without a declaration of war or legislative authorization. Obama funded the Libyan war out of money slushing around in the Pentagon appropriation.

Under two laws in Title 10 and Title 33 of the United States Code, Trump could use unobligated funds originally set aside for military construction projects, or divert funds from Army civil works projects.

Courts have deferred to the judgments of presidents on the basis for such national emergencies, and dozens of such declarations have been made without serious judicial review.

Many politicians and pundits declared Trumps various travel ban orders to be facially unconstitutional, but the Supreme Court ultimately lifted the injunctions of lower courts.

One can oppose an emergency declaration without claiming that it is facially unconstitutional. It is not.

This from leftist, Democrat, Professor of Law …

Jonathan Turley



Republicans are now for asset forfeitures to fund eminent domain condemnation of private property by unilateral executive action.

— Scott Shapiro (@scottjshapiro) February 17, 2019


The President of the United States, the holder of the most powerful political position in human history, is spending his morning raging because some nobody comedian made fun of him on the TV. It would be funny if his lack of fitness for the office weren’t so deadly serious.

Nothing funny about tired Saturday Night Live on Fake News NBC! Question is, how do the Networks get away with these total Republican hit jobs without retribution? Likewise for many other shows? Very unfair and should be looked into. This is the real Collusion!

— Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) February 17, 2019

Also salient:

We’ve just gotten used to the guy who controls the nuclear arsenal shambling out of bed and randomly yelling stuff like this. Like, it doesn’t even make people mad. It doesn’t scare anyone. It’s just a show for a bunch of unhappy rubes who don’t care about their country. https://t.co/ZD6IGfx9mv

— Tom Nichols (@RadioFreeTom) February 17, 2019