What’s in the border wall bill? No wall, but plenty of landmines and deceptions!


The latter comment isn’t “salient.” Anyone who claims to be “afraid” of this President is an utter moron. “Unhappy rubes?” That’s the sort of comment that PROVES his stupidity. President Trump’s supporters are ANYTHING but “unhappy” and are HARDLY “rubes.” They are “rubes” only to the elitists idiots who’ve held sway over the government for the last 60 or so years and their sycophants in the media. They are quite happy with the direction our government has been going under Trump’s leadership and are happily cheering him on.


Fitness for office @J.Anderson?

That is YOUR opinion based your 19th century liberal opinion, whatever that is.

Maybe this would me understand your political philosophy. What past U.S. president has pleased you? Has there ever been one whom you thought was good or even great?

Or are you like many 21st century “progressives” who say that the country has been rotten and evil from the beginning. They believe that the wealth has been generated by taking it from slaves, Native Americans and the working classes in general


I’ve always had some fondness for Grover Cleveland


Wow! Good choice! He was not the brightest president, but he was one of the most honest. He also married a very attractive woman who was 23 years younger than him while was in the White House. She was the daughter of one of his law partners who died. He had been her guardian when she was a child. Imagine how how the press would have had a field day with that today!

I have to post some Grover Cleveland campaign items for you. He ran three times.


Reminder that tweet was at 4.52 am

Twitter drama is the #2 reason I love Trump - and AOC.

With Trump following through on the Wall and AOC doubling down on the Green New Deal, you’re going to be in for a rough 14 more years of presidents.

The only objection the media might have is he waited until she was an adult to marry her. That may gross them out. They find large age gaps among adults to be off putting, but are quite fond of literal pedophiles.


By the way, Anderson, I just heard that presidents declaring national emergencies for who knows what has been going on since the Supreme Court allowed it in 1976. Since then (not counting Ford, who was in his last year in office, and Trump, who’s been in for only two), we’ve had six presidents- and FIFTY-THREE (I think that’s the number; it was fifty-something) declarations of emergency, about half of which are still in effect; including TEN by Barrack Hussein. What was that about what the Dems would do in response?


Declaring national emergencies for bi-partisan and uncontroversial national security policies is fundamentally different than declaring a national emergency to seize power and force through a policy that you couldn’t get through the Congress because it’s too partisan and controversial. This is easy stuff to understand. Having said that, the entire “national emergency” stuff is a sham and needs to be taken back from the executive by Congress. It’s obvious that this is far too easy to abuse.


There is nothing “partisan” about securing our southern border and the only thing “controversial” about it is that Democrats want an OPEN border to allow more Democrat voters to cross it and they want to keep President Trump from keeping yet another of his 2016 campaign promises and make THEM look like the liars and morons that they are.


There’s a legitimate republican way to solve this problem: beat the Democrats in elections and pass the policy through Congress as the constitution intended. Abusing some poorly worded resolution from 1976 just shows contempt for republican government.


That could happen if we have honest elections, but radical Democrats make no bones about the fact that they think illegal aliens are “citizens of the world” and therefore are entitled to vote in our elections. They have already made strides to allow them to vote in local elections. Do you think that those some Democrat leaders would make an effort to stop them from slipping in votes in the national elections?

That’s the main reason why the Democrats want open borders. They see that as the path to total Democrat domination at the polls.


There are arguments on both sides for why they and they alone are justified in abuses of power.

These arguments lead nowhere good .

At any rate, if illegals are the lazy drug-addled criminals Trumpians say they are, then I wouldn’t worry too much about them as a voting force.


Not possible any longer with the Democrats’ open borders flooding multiple States with illegals and then encouraging them to vote Democrat in our elections…which is the whole POINT of open borders policies. You care as much about “republican government” as do Pelosi, AOC and Chuckie Schumer. In a nutshell–NOTHING.


Assume for a second that illegals are, in the main, “lazy, drug-addled criminals.” Why would they NOT vote the way Democrats tell them to vote if it allows them to continue to be “lazy, drug-addled criminals” and get all the “free” goodies that the Democrat dim-wits promise them? As long as Democrats are in control of our elections, we can be CERTAIN that there will be massive fraud and that it will go un-investigated and un-punished.

Also, WHY do you suppose Democrats are so adamant about prohibiting that citizenship question on the next census? It’s because they won’t be allowed to COUNT non-citizens towards electoral apportionment, thus LOSING several guaranteed seats in Congress and State legislatures.


Most or all of Obama’s “national emergencies” had somewhere between little and nothing to do with our national security. The border has everything to do with it. In other words, your argument is hogwash.


I’d say you’re proving his point.

Raising the ante on what this executive power can be used to do, simply guarantees it’ll be used for more imbalanced ends in the future. Obama actions aren’t an excuse, they’re a cautionary tale.

There is no pressing need for Trump to do this; illegal immigration is low, and his own border chief is reporting that new technologies installed on the border are working.

The rush is simply political, not practical.


Illegal immigration is “LOW?” Are you simply NOT paying attention to the fact that we’re catching thousands of illegals every month. Just imagine how many we AREN’T catching.


Yup, so said Trump’s own CBP head, and Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen.


Since when are APPREHENSIONS a gauge of how many illegals are coming here? LAST year (2018) there were over 400,000 apprehensions and the BP will tell you that they didn’t catch HALF of those who actually breached the border.


Rush Limbaugh said today that the bill has a provision in for “reception centers” for unaccompanied minors. Now the coyotes can drop the children by the border and the government will give them milk and cookies until a “parent” or somebody drops buy to pick them up.

Of course, if they become exploited children, that is not the Democrats’ concern. Just as long as they survive until they are 18 and can vote Democrat is all that matters.

The Democrats don’t care about the kids; they only care about the votes. It’s that simple.


You explained it: