What’s in the border wall bill? No wall, but plenty of landmines and deceptions!


True, but it’s an EXTRAPOLATION. The BP people themselves say that THEIR extrapolations say that they are apprehending roughly HALF of those who actually cross illegally. The fact is, we have NO CLEAR IDEA how many illegals are sneaking across the border OR how many are overstaying their student, tourist or work visas, though we SHOULD know precisely the latter. If MasterCard and Visa can tell you PRECISELY what you’ve bought, anywhere in the world, within minutes of making the purchase, we SHOULD be able to pinpoint who is here illegally and where they are.


Cool; still quite less than half of what we were getting just 10 years ago then.

Not what you said:

and it’s not what CBP said. Tom Homan said crossings are at a 46-year low.
He’s not calling it a measurement error. They’re catching less because there’s less to catch.


Mark my words on this: if Congress doesn’t shut this garbage down NOW, the next Democratic president is going to declare a national emergency over global warming. Pentagon is already calling it a national security threat. Have fun with President Kamala Harris in 2020 if these morons in the Senate are too scared of Trump to do their basic and obvious duty in defense of the constitution here. You all make me sick. All this talk about the constitution and separation of powers. You’re all sickening hypocrites.


The Wall, which you claim is bitterly opposed by half the country is enthusiastically supported by the other half … the half that won the electoral college. To quote Barack Obama: “Elections have consequences.” If the Congress decides that they made a mistake with the 1976 law they can amend it or repeal it, Until they decide to do that, the President is executing the lawful power which it gives him.

You have the gall to ask FC, and presumable me too, not to vote while you advocate for not stopping the invasion by unlimited numbers of aliens who will be gleefully registered to vote by the true partisan hacks, the democrats.

To top it all off, you make a personal attack on FC, questioning if he is “morally qualified to vote”.


Literally not the problem in voter fraud. Most fraud is done by natives, and most of it not by voters, but by the people who control the ballot boxes.

These are facts. Breaking the chain of confiscation & vote tampering is so much God ***** easier, than getting > a trivial amount of people from a foreign country to care about our elections.

Most of us don’t care about our elections; so thinking poor foreigners care enough to contribute any meaningful input, is absurd.

Real world time old dog; they don’t care.


Actually not true. If there are ACTUALLY 800,000 crossings annually, that’s getting fairly close to the maximum, but the POINT is we simply CANNOT continue to absorb nearly a million totally unskilled, unhealthy, uneducated people into the country annually NOT COUNTING the million or so LEGAL immigrants we let in annually…FAR more than any other country on the planet. That’s like growing the country with foreigners enough to populate the entire cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul EVERY YEAR. NO country can possibly sustain itself with that going on and it’s simply a recipe for the destruction of America as we know it.


And yet, this “shameless cretin” as you call him, beats the pants off of the idiots in the Democrats’ sphere every single day. What do you suppose that says about YOUR “heroes?”

And obviously YOU are too ignorant to be allowed the vote if you really believe this BS.


Are you REALLY so stupid as to not understand that the whole PURPOSE of allowing tens of millions of illegals into the country is so that the Democrats can increase the seats in Congress they control through the apportionment process? Illegals tend to settle into parts of the country where they’ve been told the “benefits” they can accrue are the highest…in a few words–DEMOCRAT-CONTROLLED cities and States. They are WHY Kalifornia has the highest percentage of residents on the dole of any State and New York isn’t terribly far behind. Without the Electoral College, THOSE TWO STATES ALONE could decide who our President becomes every 4 years.


It was 2019 when an ongoing invasion of America’s borders swelled to tens of thousands a month, not a shot was fired to defend the borders of the United States, and America’s domestic enemies, many in Congress, were successful in conquering a prosperous and freedom loving people.


There is no surer way to weaken, subdue, demoralize and then conquer a prosperous and freedom loving people than by allowing and encouraging the poverty stricken, poorly educated, low-skilled, criminal and diseased populations of other countries to invade that country, and make the country’s existing citizens tax-slaves to support the economic needs of such invaders.


How about burying bear traps randomly along the border? Better yet, let’s stock the Rio Grande with Nile Crocodiles…millions of 'em. Or, at least PUT THE WORD OUT IN SPANISH that we’re doing so.


It’s your word versus the agencies in question who track this.

Seems to me you’d have to lean on conspiracy logic to assert this in the first place.

Tom Homan credits the result to not having a President who ties their hands; a more nuanced read would
say sociological factors have created a downswing.

Yes we can. We did it as a smaller country, with a less educated work force a 100 years ago.

Your labor arguments don’t hold up Dave.

But not in terms of % of the population.

40% of Singapore, and 70-80% of the people who live in the UAE or Quatar, are foreign born, and most of them are poor.

Yet we don’t see what you predict. We see immigrant labor complimenting natives, and people there prospering.

This is the real world Dave. Time to own up to it.


You have no concept of what the “real world” actually is, AS. Certainly not if you insist on comparing what we’re seeing today to what happened 140 years ago when we had less than half our current population and NO welfare system in place.


I’m looking at Singapore and the Middle East gulf coast countries.

What’s happening Dave? Why aren’t they *****d up? Why are your theories on immigration not working there?


All those aliens in Singapore and the Middle East are SERVANTS to the ruling elites. It’s always been true of Kuwait where the elites think manual labor is beneath their dignity so they sent off to Korea for “workers” to do that stuff for them. They do NOT enjoy full citizenship in any of those countries, BTW. Yes, those countries ARE *****d up, though not for those in charge and those who make the rules. Sort of what the Democrats are aiming toward for us.


Usually they are Phillipino’s tricked into applying for a “job” somewhere in the ME. They are shipped over in basically cattle cart conditions, and giving their free housing which is little more than a sheetmetal slum that they are told then then have to pay for, and it will be automatically deducted from their pay.

They aren’t given days off. They aren’t allowed to leave whatever they wind up in, and seldom have enough money to buy a decent meal.

They are modern day slaves.


No we can’t. 100 years ago, and back under your beloved Bracero program, we didn’t have the welfare state that we’re in now.
We didn’t have free medical given to them, funded by the taxpayer.
We didn’t have them staying and putting 20 kids per household into the public school system, also funded by the taxpayer. Renters don’t pay that property tax.

We didn’t have the drug epidemics that we have today.
We didn’t have the gang activity that we have today.

So many things.

End result, we can’t keep paying for them just so democrats can get a few votes.


Yes. We. can.

Singapore, per person, has a larger, more integrated welfare state than we do. So does Australia. So does New Zealand.

The Welfare state, is no excuse, to block natural Socio-economic cycles.

You cause societal dysfunction by doing that, you don’t solve it. Because those Societal cycles are wider, more important, and more implicit, than anything the Government is doing.


Policy results in freer countries point the way. Whether it be drugs or violence or immigration.


How many illegal immigrants do we have?


~10-11 million by most estimates, why do you ask?