What’s in the border wall bill? No wall, but plenty of landmines and deceptions!


Where is there a wall to prevent “gun running to Mexico”, AS? That’s simply STUPID. You have walls at your house…to protect your family and your property inside and keep unwanted intruders OUT. The elites have walls around their individual homes and/or their neighborhoods for the SAME reason. We have walls around prisons to keep prisoners INSIDE to protect those of us on the outside from predators. Zoos have fences, moats and walls to keep the animals IN as well as to keep the public from damaging the animals or the animals from damaging the public. Walls WORK every place they are tried.


You didn’t answer the question.

Does a wall, stop gunrunning to Mexico?

If we used it for that, would it stop?


AS is once again trying to switch the subject which involves protecting our borders from an ongoing invasion.


The Democrat and Republican Leadership have conspired, for 35 years, to keep the border opened, and today’s Bill continues to allow and encourage illegal border crossings.


That’s silly, AS. There IS NO SUCH WALL anywhere so how would anyone KNOW if it would work? It worked in Israel. If there WERE a wall erected to prevent gun-running into Mexico from the U.S. it WOULD probably work just fine. Stick to the subject, please.


Doesn’t look like it; the Palestinians are pretty well armed. Hezbollah feeds them arms and rockets with impunity.


Dramatic drop in illegal crossings after Gaza wall completed and suicide bombings after west Bank Wall:


After breaking ground in 2010, Israel completed the 242-km. (150-mile) fence in December 2013 at a cost of around $450 million. Whereas about 9,500 Africans crossed into Israel illegally in the first six months of 2012, less than three dozen did so in the first six months of 2013, at which time the major components of the barrier had been completed.

Illegal immigration through Sinai dropped to 11 cases in 2016 and 0 in 2017.

That structure is over 700 kilometers (435 miles) in total length and was built during the Second Intifada, a period from 2000-2003 characterized by major Palestinian terrorist attacks in Israeli public places. There were over 70 suicide bombings—killing nearly 300 Israelis—carried out from the West Bank over that time period, until the first significant contiguous section of the barrier was completed.

There were 12 such attacks between August 2003 and the end of 2006.


They are, when you consider that they are tightly controlled in a way a 2000 mile long could never be, yet drugs still get in.

  1. I was talking about weapons, but I’ll bite.

  2. Israelis aren’t visiting the Gaza Strip en mass, nor are they working with Palestinians to bring them over into Israel. There’s very little trade between the two. Same towards the Horn of Africa.

The dynamics at a populace level aren’t the same.

  1. This is a border a few miles across. Ours is 1,000s, with two large bodies of water whose coasts we do not fully patrol.

Ergo, the wall doesn’t work, because it doesn’t scale.

And in terms of weapons deterrent, the wall doesn’t work for the Israelis either, hence why they built Iron dome.


BUT HAMAS IS NOT GETTING WEAPONS THROUGH ISRAEL! Are you REALLY as ignorant as that post indicates?


They’re getting weapons past Israeli Guards & Fences both to the north, and through the sea.

Israel has the Gaza Strip on lockdown, yet weapons still get through.

People get in & out of Gaza, but not into Israel from Gaza, because there’s no mass traffic. There’s 1 road that connects the two, that’s it.

Israel, for geopolitical reasons, is basically an island. Most of its trade is done through its ports or by air.

If you want to imitate their experience, you’d have to cut all trade with Mexico, and ban Americans from traveling there.


BS. Hamas is NOT on the north side of Israel. Hezbollah is and Hezbollah is NOT arming Hamas in Gaza through Israel. Gaza is getting its arms through tunnels dug from Sinai into Gaza, supplied by Iran and radical Muslims in Egypt. They are NOT coming through the fence between Gaza and Israel.

BTW, I would be perfectly content to stop ALL trade with Mexico unless and until THEY take control of their own country, stop the cartels and put them out of business, and stop Central Americans from coming through their country intent on sneaking into OURS.


Hezbollah is. Hezbollah is in Lebanon. They creep in cargo shipments to Gaza both overland and by sea.

And stop all American traffic coming & going? That’s ripe for a backlash.

You’re growing state power, to solve an issue the state created.

It’s self-defeating Dave.


I don’t why you bother to debate the issues of illegal guns and drugs coming into the U.S., AlaskaSlim. You and I have had the debate about immigration, and you are a total open borders advocate who does not believe in any restrictions at all as to who and therefore what gets into our country.

Therefore the issue is settled for you. Anybody who wants to cross our borders, which really are borders in name only so far as you are concerned, can bring in anything they like. Case closed.

That brings up the issue as to why we prosecuted “El Chapo.” He’s just a businessman who’s been exercising his “natural rights,” importing his “products” to the U.S., right?

The libertarian doctrine and “natural rights” can only take you so far. Eventually “total freedom” leaves morality and public safety behind.


Which I ascribe in no small part to foxes guarding the henhouse. And yet, how many escapes occur?

As if the wall makes no difference in the numbers…


Look at the number of guards per foot of fence and the conditions and you realize that clearly the two are not the same.

Furthermore, we know that most illegals don’t cross the border.

In defiance of Congress?


No I’m not.

I avoid talking over things with you, because you keep moving goalposts. You keep feigning outrage instead of actually talking to me.

Unless you’re saying Barry Goldwater wanted open borders, you’re intentionally misrepresenting what my position is.

And I don’t appreciate that. It’s dishonest Send. You know doing that is wrong, so there’s no excuse here.


Sure they do, but The Gaza strip is a isolated population in a small area on lock down.

You can’t do that to Mexico.

Walls don’t scale, and we’re not politically/economically isolated the way Israel is in the ME.
We have millions of our own citizens crossing the border everyday. That doesn’t happen in Gaza.

There’s little to no legal traffic for the illegal kind to hide in. Here it’s the opposite.


Here we go again … Barry Goldwater. He died in in May 1998, almost 21 years ago, and you continue to put words in his mouth to support your open border positions. Can’t you do any better than that?

I also resent your comment that I am a liar. I don’t move goalposts. I beat you in the last debate because you refused to answer my question. I asked you as to whether or not you oppose allowing illegal alien criminals to come and stay in this country. Your answer was that you had covered that question earlier. I reviewed a good number of your posts and found no answer to that question.

What’s so hard about yes, no or maybe to a direct question? Man up and answer it. If you can’t answer it now, then you just lost the debate again.

Here’s my position plain and simple:

• We need to fence in the boarder and limit immigration to official check points. No more catch and release. No more three foot high fences or open spaces where anyone can cross with any contraband that they chose to bring into this country.
• We need to be able to deport illegal immigrants, who jump the line ahead of people who are doing things legally. No more catch and release where they are given court dates which the illegals ignore.
• Once the borders are secure, we need to talk about immigration reform where LEGAL immigration is made easier, cheaper and simpler.
• We need to police “guest worker” programs properly.
• We need to fix this situation where you are given citizenship just because you were born here. No more “anchor babies.” That amendment to the Constitution was passed for the freed shaves, not illegal immigrants.
• For the illegals that are here, we need to talk about paths to citizenship or paths out of the country. If you have a criminal record or you are a criminal, you are out of here. PERIOD. We are under no obligation to take criminals and terrorists.
• AND we are under no obligation to put illegals on welfare. If you can’t get a job and pull your weight you should be kicked out of the country.

That is my position, plain and simple. If that’s moving the goal posts, then you need an optometrist.


He didn’t support open borders, so quit suggesting otherwise.

Walls of text will not obscure what you’re doing here Send. Acknowledge the truth, and knock off the straw men.

We can’t have a honest discussion, until you stop doing this.


I have been 100% honest with you. I have laid out my case, and you treat me with total disrespect. You cannot answer a straight, honest question. You don’t care if illegal aliens hurt American citizens. I cannot abide that.

I am done with you and want nothing more to do with you. We can’t speak the same language. That is obvious. As I said before, you are amoral. You are nothing but a troll. Get lost.