What’s in the border wall bill? No wall, but plenty of landmines and deceptions!


Goldwater didn’t support open borders, but YOU claim that you “emulate” what he proposed yet YOU seem to want open borders with NO controls on who comes into the country across our borders, so by implication, you’re saying that’s what Goldwater wanted. I can easily understand why Send believes that’s what you impute to Goldwater. Send’s proposal posted above is the CORRECT solution to our southern border issues.
(1) CLOSE THE BORDER with a wall, impassable barrier–whatever you wish to call it. It may not stop ALL illegal crossings, but it will certainly impede them and cut them down exponentially.
(2) End “catch and release” forever. It’s an utterly STUPID policy that only an idiot Democrat could conceive of.
(3) Quit giving “special, preferential treatment” to anyone showing up at the border with a kid in tow. That alone will cut back considerably on child trafficking and people “renting” their kids to any thug wanting to sneak into the country and get on the dole.
(4) End that “birthright citizenship” nonsense, Anyone who can read plain English knows that the 14th Amendment was NEVER intended to apply to illegals, but only to former slaves and their progeny.
(5) End that idiotic “visa lottery system.” Odds are, it’ll CONTINUE to allow into the country those coming here with evil intent towards America.
(6) Institute MANDATORY E-Verify immediately and fine those violating it and hiring illegals enough to put them out of business for good.
(7) Any alien who demonstrates or protests in ANY way against the U.S. Government should be AUTOMATICALLY deported back to where they came from. Any alien–legal OR illegal–who marches in demonstrations against the U.S. Government or any of it’s political subdivisions waving another country’s flag should be deported back to where they came from.
(8) Any alien who runs for public office and publicly declares that they intend to change our culture, laws or religion to conform with theirs should be declared ineligible to hold public office and be deported back to where they came from. Any alien who leaves the country to fight for any foreign entity inimical to the U.S. national interests should have their passport and visa permanently revoked and prohibited from EVER entering the United States again.
(9) End the nonsense of automatically granting immigration visas to relatives beyond a legal alien’s or naturalized citizen’s immediate family. “Immediate family” shall mean ones spouse, children, stepchildren, mother or father and NO ONE ELSE.


No you haven’t.

I’ve told you over a dozen times where my position on immigration comes from, you still try to play this “open borders” crap.

If you were honest, you would have knocked that off months ago.

It’s not an ailing memory, you’re doing this willfully.


Barry Goldwater supported monitoring the border to keep illegal immigration under control. I looked it up, and the answer did not surprise me. Do you?

I’ll bet you will not give a straight answer to that question. You are yet to enunciate one restriction when comes to immigration policy. You want to let everybody in who shows up at the border. If I’m wrong, then explain your position. And no more BS about how you have explained it in the past.


I’ve never once called for the dissolution of ICE or the the border patrol. They play a role, yes, to answer your question. I just don’t see growing them out as the solution for what’s going on.

Treating enforcement alone as being that, ignores the drivers of illegal immigration, which is not an open border. It’s a dysfunctional immigration system.

Except I quoted myself listing several, so you’re making this up. This also needs to stop.


I’ve heard that the majority overstay their visas, but it’s still a very large minority that cross illegally.

I haven’t researched it, but given a crapload of things that Obama and the Bill of Wrongs have done in defiance of Congress, I would be surprised if it didn’t include declarations of national emergency.

By the way, it isn’t Congress as a whole that Trump is defying; it’s the Pelosi-led House.


Don’t forget that Trump declared CANADA as a National Security Threat! Not North Korea, Russia, China, Iran, al-Qaeda or the Islamic State. Canada! I’m sure Trump was super afraid that hockey and Tim Hortins was going to displace US Football and Starbucks. :rofl:

I mean, lets not forget…

The obvious dangerous designs of the Canadian government were clear when, after the Sept. 11, 2001, attack on the World Trade Center, the Canadians provided jets to patrol and protect the American skies. Later, clear evidence of Canadian evil intentions was apparent when the Canadians sent troops to Iraq and Afghanistan to support American military initiatives in the Middle East. And most recently, the pure threat Canada poses to American interests was evident when the Canadians sent troops to support the United Nations and U.S. in training Ukrainian troops after the Russian invasion of that country.


I’m not trying to claim that Trump hasn’t put his foot in his mouth any number of times. But the national emergency declaration is about Mexico, not Canada; had the Dems funded the wall on the Mexican border, it wouldn’t have happened.


Cool; the Dems, when they take power again, will still use it as pretext to further their own agendas.

Hope it was worth it.


Accusing others of what one does is an old and tired stupid debating trick.



Illegal immigration is now costing American citizens over $18 billion a year in healthcare costs alone! Far more than the measly $5.7 billion asked for to build a wall! LINK


AS refuses to take note of the recent surge that is the new normal.

Border patrol agents apprehended more than 100,000 people trying to enter the country illegally in just October and November of last year. LINK

And as I write this, thousands upon thousands more are making their way up from Central America, looking to fill our nation which will inflict, still more, devastating social and economic consequences upon American Citizens and their communities.

Make no mistake, there is a very real invasion taking place at our border and if it is not repelled as required by our Constitution, the United States will slowly be transformed into the very type of countries from which these 'caravans" originated.


It was 2019 when an ongoing invasion of America’s borders swelled to tens of thousands a month, not a shot was fired to defend the borders of the United States, and America’s domestic enemies, many socialists and communists in Congress, pushed forward with their attempt in conquering a prosperous and freedom loving people.


Nothing I’ve seen or heard so far has changed my position.

Build the wall, build it tall. Build it deep. Build it Wide. Build it with smart tech to sense breaches underneath. Build it big enough for patrol traffic across the top. Build it with manned Guard Towers every mile. Use the military to man it, and guard our border.

Use Imminent domain to take the land needed when necessary.

Clean up the immigration process so it eliminates the market for coyotes. The clearing process should take no longer than seven days.

Eliminate all federal subsidies for non citizens.


You miss the point. Trump has shown just how easy it is to claim dumb dumb retarded stupid things as threats/emergencies. The Democrats have watched, and learned, and this WILL come back to bite the USA. Doesn’t matter when either the Republicans or Democrats do it, it’s wrong. But people are sheep, and they follow the ones they supported because to not do so would mean you have to admit being wrong. So people will support the worst things, until it lands us all in a gutter. Bravo.


Hey john, I went to your sources source from the CBP.

Guess what I found?:

We never broke FY 2016 or FY 2014 numbers, and FY 2019, that red line? Is going down. FY 2017 had bigger numbers in those two months, yet it was still a record low year.

Per usual, there’s a need to put numbers into context. This is cyclical behavior, not “new normal”. We get spikes in even years, then drops in the odd ones.



You’re arguing the cause of illegal immigration is primarily welfare, I’m arguing that it’s primarily a disruptive immigration system.

In either case we agree with what’s at the center; it’s big Government.

Adding more Government to a problem Government is causing, doesn’t sound like a solution.

It sounds like a cluster.

We’re expanding budgets and mandates for Government agencies, and were handing Democrats a tool they can use to demand more of their own agenda down the line.

Is this expansion really worth it? When the wall is only a symbol, and doesn’t disrupt organized black markets or criminals at all?


“Have watched and learned?” Why should I believe they haven’t already known it and done it? Obama and Clinton both executive-ordered about everything under the sun. I’ve seen no evidence that the Ds sportingly waited for the Rs to push any boundaries to do anything outrageous (or even unconstitutional; and I’m not convinced that the border issue is either). Just look at the stops they pulled out to Bork Brett Kavanaugh, or Andrew Cuomo’s overreach with abortion, gun control, recreational marijuana, etc. (all as a result of power plays rather than good governence; the only reason they aren’t doing it already at the national level is that they don’t have the power).


You act like we’ve never successfully countered power grabs; we did it all the damn time, What happened with guns under Obama is a perfect example of that. Twice he tried to limit the right, twice, both the Government and the wider culture slapped his hand away.

Now, you’re opening the door for the next guy to simply write on EO, and never having to bother with any resistance at all. Whatever the President thinks, can simply be enacted.


No. That is not the primary reason. The primary reason is that illegal immigration is illegal. Criminal activity is the main reason. It is only one of many though.


Any effort to confiscate, register, limit firearms by EO will simply be ignored by the VAST majority of gun owners. The ONLY way to legally do any of that stuff requires the elimination of the 2nd Amendment and that will NEVER pass muster in this country.


Hey AS,

Irellevant to the new normal surging trend. By your logic we should wait until the new surging trend numbers allow millions more to enter our country so the graph shows what is now predictable and self evident.



Illegal immigration is now costing American citizens over $18 billion a year in healthcare costs alone! Far more than the measly $5.7 billion asked for to build a wall! LINK


The most current data say that we are apprehending roughly 50% or so of those sneaking across our southern border. That means that we are MISSING 50% of them. We caught 600,000 last year so that means that 600,000 successfully made it into the country illegally. A few years of that (and we’ve seen at least similar figures for decades now) and there will be as many illegals in the country as there are LEGAL immigrants and illegals will usually almost ALWAYS support Democrats and Democrat “policies.” For every 700,000 illegal residents counted in a given census year, that state gets 1 more Congressional seat apportioned…and therefore one more electoral vote come the next Presidential election. That’s one reason why Democrats control Kalifornia, Washington, Oregon, Illinois, Massachusetts and New York and likely will CONTINUE to do so for the foreseeable future.