What’s in the border wall bill? No wall, but plenty of landmines and deceptions!


For why it’s happening? Yes it is.

We have both our own prior experience, and the experience of other nations to go on.

When the legal immigration system works, and is not disruptive to labor flows, illegal immigration is low.
When it is disruptive, illegal immigration is high. It’s cause & effect.

Gun laws see the same trend.


There’s a trend, but it’s not surging. The CBP chart shows that. You can’t deny this John, it’s right there in the numbers.

We see a pattern in the numbers, of them spiking in even years, and dropping in the odd ones.

And right now, the numbers are dropping again.

You don’t seem to have an alternative explanation as to why.


You act like we always had the will to do so. The American public was the main reason gun legislation didn’t go through. The American public (at least the majority) wants the border secured. And Obama got away with plenty that his hand didn’t get slapped away for (Obamadon’tcare, anyone?).

So past Presidents didn’t write power-grabbing EOs without significant resistance? Hogwash alert. And who says future efforts won’t result in resistance? Our society is decadent, but it isn’t dead yet.


You are wrong.



Border patrol agents apprehended more than 100,000 people trying to enter the country illegally in just October and November of last year. LINK


Has it ever occurred to anyone else that the left’s eagerness to pass yet MORE gun control legislation is, in reality, an ADMISSION that the 20,000+ “gun laws” haven’t worked?


It’s right there in the chart from your source.

Since December it’s been going down John. Why is that?



The chart does not reflect the mass surge in border crossings from October of 2018 to the present.

From the article dated 2019:

Border Crossings Climbing

NPR’s “fact check” — like countless others — dismissed Trump’s claim as false because “illegal border crossings in the most recent fiscal year (ending in September 2018) were actually lower than in either 2016 or 2014.”

What they aren’t telling you is border patrol agents apprehended more than 100,000 people trying to enter the country illegally in just October and November of last year. Or that that number is way up from the same two months the year before.

Nor do they mention that last year, the border patrol apprehended more than half a million people trying to get into the country illegally. And that number, too, is up from the year before.

Reading comprehension does not seem to be your friend, in addition to your inability to read a chart.



Illegal immigration is now costing American citizens over $18 billion a year in healthcare costs alone! Far more than the measly $5.7 billion asked for to build a wall! LINK


It’s from your source!

Right there, they give the link to that Chart.

Time to explain John.


Trump never “declared” any such thing. Is this post REALLY stupid or is it some sort of an act?


You know I don’t declare things unless I can back them up Pappadave.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in an interview aired Sunday that the reasoning behind implementing new U.S. tariffs on Canada was “insulting and unacceptable.”

“One of the things that I have to admit I’m having a lot of trouble getting around is the idea that this entire thing is coming about because the president and the administration have decided that Canada and Canadian steel and aluminum is a national security threat to the United States,” Trudeau told NBC’s “Meet the Press.”

“The idea that we are somehow a national security threat to the United States is quite frankly insulting and unacceptable," he added.

President Trump announced Thursday that he would impose a 25 percent tariff on imported steel and a 10 percent tariff on imported aluminum from key U.S. allies, including Canada, Mexico and the European Union (EU).

The tariffs were initially announced in March, though the president granted the group a temporary reprieve from the stiff tariffs, which went into effect Friday.

To justify the action, Trump cited Section 232, a rarely invoked law that allows tariffs to be placed on a country in the interest of national security.

DEFINITION of Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act
Section 232 of the Trade Expansion Act of 1962, authorizes the President of the United States, through tariffs or other means, to adjust the imports of goods or materials from other countries if it deems the quantity or circumstances surrounding those imports to threaten national security. The Trade Expansion Act of 1962 was signed by President John F. Kennedy, who called it ,“…the most important piece of legislation, I think, affecting economies since the passage of the Marshall Plan.”

So absolutely yes, Trump and his administration officially declared Canada a National Security Threat. Plug your ears, cover your eyes all you want. It happened. You could have looked this up yourself, yet you didn’t and instead threw insults.


And that’s my point, Trump’s giving them the ability at doing it at a national level. Honestly it feels like everytime somebody points how a law could be used in a corrupt manner contrary to it’s intention, somebody down the line goes and does just that. I support the 2nd amendament, but I see the democrats trying to abolish it as a national emergency issue.


Again, it’s nonsense. President Trump didn’t say it. Trudeau said it…misinterpreting what President Trump said. Trudeau was/is an idiot.


Trump didn’t give them squat; they were already doing it, and weren’t about to be sporting enough to wait for the Rs to do it.

As to the 2nd Amendment, abolishing it by declaring a national emergency is unconstitutional; securing our border is not. I realize the Constitution hasn’t stopped many nefarious political acts, but that just proves my point that they aren’t waiting for someone to publicly show them how. You think the Dems (the party of lawyers) hasn’t thoroughly studied every conceivable demogoguery imaginable, and haven’t applied many of them?


Time for me to explain your reading comprehension problem? Ha ha ha! “Apprehended”, in context, means illegal border crossings.

The fact is, as established from the link, there is an huge surge in illegal border crossings from October of 2018 to the present as compared to the numbers before this time period.


Border patrol agents apprehended more than 100,000 people trying to enter the country illegally in just October and November of last year. LINK


But he has name recognition, nice hair and an engaging smile.


it must be your problem, the chart shows it spiking in October and November, then dropping since December.

Your source, does not say it’s been spiking till today, you made that part up John.

Since December, the numbers have been falling. Are you going to explain why or not?


The chart does not count entrants who eluded border patrol agents and got into the country.

And why do you ignore that last year, the border patrol apprehended more than half a million people trying to get into the country illegally? And that number, is up from the year before?

And aside from all the smoke you love to create, the irrefutable fact is, as the article indicates, our southern border is still being invaded by tens of thousands of foreigners every few months.


Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez claims to be an advocate of hard working people living in the Bronx. If that is so, why is she not advocating an end to the unconstitutional “Temporary Victory Tax” of 1943, which began federal confiscation of the bread which working people have earned from the sweat of their labor?


Hey, AS

See CBP Reports Over 76,000 Unauthorized Border Crossings in February

March 05, 2019

”More than 76,000 migrants crossed the U.S.-Mexico border without authorization in February, breaking records for the fourth time in five months. Border enforcement authorities warned Tuesday that the border is hitting a breaking point: Government facilities are full and agents are overwhelmed. The numbers from February are more than double than levels from the same period last year. “The system is well beyond capacity, and remains at the breaking point,” Kevin K. McAleenan, commissioner of Customs and Border Protection, told reporters.”

Is there or is there not an emergency at our southern border?

Time to explain AS


Do you really want single payer government operated health-care? Move into public housing [the projects in East Harlem or the South Bronx], live there for a year, and then make your decision about government run healthcare.


That’s every year, for every number on the chart, not just this past December or January.

But down from FY 2016, and down further from FY 2014.

The pattern is a spike in even years, and a fall in odd ones. This is cyclical, not linear.


I’ll admit fully to you John that this breaks with the pattern. This past February numbers are the highest on the chart for any that’s not a total for the year.