What’s in the border wall bill? No wall, but plenty of landmines and deceptions!


No I’m not, and no I won’t. I have very little time for this right now, but I’m calling your b.s. what it is.


Yes you are. You can’t deny it.

My position, is of a worker who works shoulder to shoulder with illegal aliens.

You seem to forget that. Indeed, you seem to want to willfully put this detail out of mind, because it completely unravels your claim.

“I don’t care about workers”, yet I’m one of said workers?

It doesn’t add up qix. Get a new theory, this one sucks.


If you’re really “working shoulder to shoulder with illegal aliens” and don’t report them to ICE then you’re no better than those who want to offer criminals “sanctuary” from the results of their own criminal behavior.


He is one of them.


See qix, what is constructive about this?

At some point, you’re going to have to acknowledged either what I’m actually saying, or that you’re not even trying to have a discussion. Your words here convey “get even”, nothing more.