What the heck? What happened?

What has happened with the site? Everything is different! How am I supposed to handle this now?? I go to the hospital and come back and everything is changed!! Is there an Instruction Manual I can read?? :scream:

? What are you talking about? Nothing has “changed”; the site is the same as it always has been. Tailored for mobile use, and with no way to to add tags for letter size.

They changed to a new software in the interest of security and making it easier to maintain, the features are mostly all there and some new ones but the interface is not as natural to use as the former platform.

I am adjusting but I will probably always prefer the old interface, but if the new setup helps keep the site up and safe from the bad guys I can live with it :slight_smile:

Hi @ClassicalTeacher welcome back!
I’m taking care of the site, @RET423 covered the reason for the change. If you need any help figuring something out just ping me! I’ll watch this thread too to answer any questions.

It might feel like :vb-headbang: at first but I promise given some time it should be more like :vb-love: for this new software! At least for me it’s easy to maintain so me and @Zedd can get some :vb-:vb-sleeping:

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Thanks RET. I knew things looked different. I guess I’ll get used to it. Just a matter of using it enough to master it!

BTW, I was joking in my original post. Gosh…some people just don’t get it, eh?

Hey,AS! Well, it looks different to me. Just a case of getting used to it, I guess. BTW, my post was meant to be FUNNY.

And you have clearly gone mental. We have never had a blog function, or a like function that lists everyone’s names, or a straightforward way to nest quotes of other people.

These are all figments of your overactive imagination. You should consult the Ministry of Truth for brainscrubbing.