What was the last thing you did for your country?

What was the last thing you did for your country?
What was the last thing you did to support conservativism?

I went out and voted in November.

That’s a good start - was this the last thing you did?

Well, I paid taxes. I think that helped somewhere along the way. I am working to finish school so I can join the military, so I feel like I am doing what I can do with what I have right now, and I’m content in that fact.

what is the last thing YOU did? Since you’re asking everyone …

Other than voting and screaming at the radio whenever a politician I didn’t like was talking, I served in the Navy for six years; but that was a long time ago ('80s). I’ve prayed on occasion, although it seems to me that the country is going to have to get a lot worse before it starts getting seriously better again.

Hi again, RC!

I was more referring to something that has a more direct effect to the society itself.

We said in another thread, that we are impatient of the society’s current condition but we don’t know how to change it. I want to find out if and what someone could do to make the conditions better.

How would this worse conditions look like? And will it go up- or downward under Trump?
And if it will go down: Why will it go down? And how would an ideal America differ from it’s current condition?

I served 8 years in the Army, including two tours of duty in Vietnam, worked 7 years as a police officer–criminal investigator, paid my taxes and am currently volunteering at the Travelers’ Aid desk at the local airport, assisting and welcoming visitors to my city. I vote every election and contribute money to candidates that I think will benefit the country…not myself. I write letters to the editor of the local newspaper and to my Congressional representatives telling them what I believe needs to be done. Plus, I’m stocking up on firearms and ammunition–just in case.

I understand, but I am just giving you an idea of how daily contributions still happen.

Also - you didn’t answer my question, so I think it’s your turn.

Also hi, FC! :slight_smile:

There are many ways we can serve our country, and that is to serve our citizens. One of my pet peeves is how we have put so much responsibility on the Federal Government to “take care of us” instead of we taking care of our own selves. Through the democrat party we have allowed the government take the power from the people and decisions from the people. Now we MUST take back that responsibility and take it away from Federal Government greedy hands. We can help in food banks, senior centers, soup kitchens (wherever they are) we can help via hot-lines’ where available. Anything that will take responsibility that should rightfully be ours out of the Federal Government.

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What I “do” for my country are things I “do” in perpetuity, they are never “done”.

I respect my countries origins and teach others to do the same.

I help populate my country with hard working, honorable children (and now grandchildren) who exemplify the rugged individualism that makes my country unique.

I am a reliable citizen that my neighbors, family and church can count on in times of trouble and/or need.

I wholly condemn in no uncertain terms the Judicial Branch in my country for being corrupt from the Meter Maid to the Supreme Court, I never participate in the making of excuses for their actions which are heaping destruction upon our heads more every day.

I never encourage the false faith that my fellow citizens have in government, I let them know that they are worshiping a god which will fail them spectacularly.

I fight for what is right in spite of knowing that there are fewer people every day who even care about what is right and in full knowledge that my fight is in vain, the American Spirit has always persevered against the odds.

I know the difference between the things that I know and hearsay, I never let others do my thinking for me and I mock as a fool everyone who turns their own responsibility to think over to others.

I trust my God and I never trust government, I let my fellow citizens who observe compare the results.

I pay my taxes, but that is probably something that I “do” which harms my country, much like giving whiskey to an alcoholic.


Yes, I didn’t answer on purpose – but I will answer shortly. First I want to hear more statements from others.

Oh Great! These are many really great things!

If we want to change the country, we have to change the people. And if you are writing to newspaper and to congressional representatives this is a very valuable thing – because change in people’s mind needs communication. It’s very important to speak out what we think is wrong and what should be done - via the internet or newspapers but also through personal conversation one can reach many people. Something that is very valuable too is to accede if someone is speaking out uncomfortable truths, so that the person feels backing.
Also your airport assistance is a very cool thing! It helps to show travellers that America is a helpful, friendly country of happy freedom-loving people.

Yah, the USA is the country with the highest rate of volunteers in the world. And the more people are helping voluntarily the lesser social care offered by the state and paid by taxpayers is necessary.
Many non-Americans which have never been in the US think US-Americans are selfish egoists because they associate capitalism with egoism but what they do not understand is, that:
(1) there is a total difference between egoism and the aspiration for freedom and individualism
(2) and that the quest for self-responsibility and independence on the one side and helpfulness on the other do not rule each other out.

Can it be that the more governmental social care a country is offering the lesser helpful its citizens will be. And if yes, why?..

Jerry Seinfeld said “The best revenge is it, to have a good life” (or something like that). I don’t know if I am interpreting him right but I see one opportunity to support conservativism in creating a liberty-based society that has a high quality of life.

Like Dave’s airport assistance every helpful behaviour that leads to a better society and makes the United States more worth living likewise contributes US-American values like freedom, self-responsibility and individualism because then we demonstrate that a capitalistic environment let flourish societies and leads to good-tempered, happy people.

Could you be a bit more concrete – what concrete activities?

The “last” thing? Originally I EAS’d out of the Marine Corps in 1999. After Sept 11, 2001 I reenlisted and went back on active duty for another tour. But, I met my wife and got out to have a family. I don’t find enlisted life supportive of having a family. I know many people do it and it works. I know many more that do and it doesn’t.

Anyhow, I still support the war effort every day since taking the uniform off again at my job.

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“Worse” I think will be defined by the book of Revelation in the Bible. I’m not sure what will happen with Trump. He’s done some things that I approve of (and put his foot in his mouth enough to give one a facepalm headache), but I still don’t trust him.

It will go down because our society is in a tidal wave of decadence; embracing evil and calling it good, eschewing good and calling it evil. Not universally, but it’s growing, and it invariably does grow until the society hits rock bottom. I find my solace in the fact that this world is not my home (see below).

I don’t know if there is any such thing as an ideal America; I’m looking forward to Heaven (or the new Earth; I get the impression that the theological Heaven is simply where God is), where sin and evil and death and suffering are gone for good.

What is the evil?

Which form of decadence do you mean?
Are you talking about crime rates?

I’m talking moral decadance. People adopting the if-it-feels-good-do-it attitude, and rationalizing that it doesn’t hurt anyone.

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Ah o.k. For example if you have sex with someone who you are not married to?
Do you include decadance in a materialistic sense too?

If it really wouldn’t hurt anyone, would it be justified? Regarding this concern I am more thinking like a Libertarian.

I materialism I regard as a moral shortcoming, too (one with which I’ve been well aquainted; not so much now (partly per force)).

If it really didn’t hurt anyone (and I’m considering in a spiritual sense as well as secular ones), it wouldn’t be a problem. But I imagine I would disagree with a lot of libertarians on whether or not a thing does hurt someone. For a couple of examples, I don’t think weed is harmless, and porn is not victimless.

I would agree that weed is not harmless – or lets say heroine – because drug addicts probably have a higher crime-rate. But I do not worry about other peoples porn use. I think that is not my affair.

If you would say porn isn’t victimless because it increases some people’s readiness to use violence, I would counter if you argue that way you could see a potential danger in everything: alcohol, guns, cars …

The last thing I did – or more precisely the thing I am doing continuously – is to take conservative or freedom based positions when I am arguing with other people. For example if some liberals are trying to discredit capitalism or western values at my university I take up a counter position.
In general I think a lot about what it means to be conservative and how freedom, liberty and individualism could be protected or increased.