What was the last thing you did for your country?


So it would be immoral to give your life to save another since that would destroy your future life.

Just pointing out the complete absurdity of the definition of “moral” that is being offered.


Every moral-system has its dilemmas.

If you have to chose exclusively between A and B,
which behaviour is better regarding you moral system:
A) To save a 40 year old nun’s life
B) To save the life of a 35 year old plumber?

You can’t say a moral-system is absurd just because it doesn’t offer unambiguous recommendations regarding behavioural decisions. Social dilemmas are everywhere.
But since you do so: Make a proposal that’s free of room for interpretation.


I haven’t done anything for my country. I only served 26 years, am a member of the American Legion and help vets, and collect diapers, formula, baby food, canned goods,coupons, and money and household goods for wives of those serving overseas.

The new format is odd. Hope I did this right.



Saving either is moral, neither choice would be immoral.

There is no dilemma regarding whether either decision is moral.


It gets more intuitive as you use it.


I’m not real thrilled with the new format myself. Glad to see you around!


I say No! It is not immoral.
It’s not immoral because my full proposal was:

So there is no absurdity.


Your position is just a variation of “the ends justify the means”, which is the opposite of “Moral”.

Morals are absolute, they do not shift with circumstances and conditions; personal or societal “codes” do this and when they become detached from Morals they end in oppression and horror.

That is why your definition is absurd.


No, not in every case. If the means would lead to a decrease of quality of life for others they wouldn’t be justified.

I think this is not true.
If you kill someone, it depends on the circumstances and conditions if this is moral or immoral.

I define moral as behavioural guideline. Which behaviour is the best?
The answer is: that behaviour that leads to the highest quality of life in the longterm for you and/or other conscious beings. What behaviour else should be better?


Yes, but killing per se isn’t immoral; murder and manslaughter are; circumstances only determine if it’s murder or manslaughter or not. Murder or manslaughter are never moral.


But why? Why others?