What we are up against

It’s enjoyable for patriots to argue here on this forum.

But we had better understand something: what we’re doing here – arguing with some serious people who are able to give a good account of themselves, and also with an ignorant kid – is not real life.

In real life, the hard Left is almost certainly going to grow. Traditional liberalism is dying, and the Democrats in power will not be able to solve America’s problems.

The hard Left will be a pole of attraction. And these people are murderers and the supporters of murderers.

Here’s what we face: https://nypost.com/2021/01/30/how-a-portland-radical-murdered-a-trump-supporter/

So … the first step, get your AR15 while you can, plus a dozen magazines and 2000 rounds of ammunition, minimum. If you can afford to get multiple sets, do so, because when the time comes when you will need them, there will be more people available than weapons.

If you can’t afford an AR15, get something. Anything is better than nothing. A bolt-action single-shot .22 is infinitely superior to bare hands.

If you’re under 35 and have not yet done your military service, you should enlist in the National Guard.

Look around your area and see if there is a sensible militia group near you: Oathkeepers, Three Percenters, Civilian Defense Force, or a state militia group. MyMilitia.com has a state-by-state list, sorted into area codes, for most militia groups. Keep in mind that you should assume there is a police informer in each group, so watch what you say. Anyone who proposes commiting a felony is probably a cop. Remember that there are things which are said, and not done. And there are things which are done, and not said.

No one knows the future. But the hard cold reality is that America’s domination of the world is over. We are rapidly being pushed into second place by China. Nothing can stop this. Under the Democrats, American jobs will continue to go abroad, taxes will increase, the national debt will grow (as it has under every President for the last 40 years), social cohesion will continue to evaporate, illegal aliens will pour into the US. The police will continue to be targets of attack.

It’s natural to reason that since today was like yesterday, and tomorrow will probably be like today … therefore the comfortable status quo will just carry on. Unilinear projection, a fatal fallacy in engineering design.

The world is changing and we must prepare.

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what twaddle.

Your problem is that you have opinions, but have read little and know little.
You need to start reading, or having things read to you.
There are some intelligent leftist publications around: have a look at Counterpunch and Jacobin, for example.
But what you really need to do is to read some books.
History is good. Try Trotsky’s History of the Russian Revolution. Biassed, as all history books are, but brilliant. (If you want some balance, read the histories of the same event by Richard Pipes, Orlande Figges, or Sheila Fitzpatrick, but they’ll undermine your Leftism, so maybe not.)
Then go on to Orwell – his Homage to Catalonia is wonderful, especially his description of revolutionary Barcelona. You might try his 1984, but, given your political views, you’ll probably just wonder what’s wrong with the society he is describing.
That should give you some historical depth.

Then … try The Communist Manifesto Few people have read it, but it’s really very perceptive and applicable to the world today. You will be surprised by Marx and Engels’ praise for capitalism that you will find in it. But it may start you thinking. Then, if you come across their writings which support French imperialism in Algeria, or which refer to the positive effects of British imperialism in India, you won’t be surprised. Of course, today these men would be shouted down by Lefty cement-heads.
Reading about history and society is difficult at first … like learning any subject, when everything is new, you don’t have a framework to hang new knowledge on. But keep at it, and eventually, you’ll begin to have that framework. You’ll know who Cromwell was, what the Glorious Revolution was, who Robespierre was, what happened in 1848, in 1905, in 1936 in Spain.

Leave American history until last. But when you start on it, begin with the father of all historical revisionists, William Appleman Williams. (I assume you were indoctrinated with Zinn’s comic book history, but Williams is the real thing.) Move on to Eugene Genovese on slavery. He was a very serious Marxist, and a very good historian.

Learn something about the Deacons for Defense and Justice in the South in the 1960s – a Black armed self-defense group (which I raised money for, incidentally, but don’t let that stop you). Organized armed self defense is a good old American tradition, and when the officials of the government do not protect you – as they did not protect Black people in the South then – you have to do it yourself. As we have seen recently, Democrats don’t like to use the police to protect businesses from AntiFa/BLM rioters … so we have to emulate the Deacons.

So … go read a few dozen books, start following some of the serious Leftist publications, and then your comments won’t be an embarrassment to your own side, because you’ll actually have something to say.

And … what do you think about teaching Black children that they are the descendants of the ancient Egyptians, who had magical psionic powers, telepathy and psychokinetics and all that craziness. Isn’t that racist?

But maybe you’re a bit confused about white racism? Here’s a test: someone I know was walking down the street, heard footsteps behind him, turned around … and was relieved to see that the people following him were white, not Black. Would you say he was a racist?

I’ll keep asking you these two simple questions until you reply. After a while, everyone will be waiting to see your reply. So go on and get it over with … tell us what you think!

you’re so scared you’re going to join a militia just because Trump lost an election.

Gracious me, have you been asleep or something? Don’t you see where this country is heading?

But look … by all means, don’t have anything to do with those nasty old guns. My message is directed to patriots. (Plus, there are age restrictions, and … I suspect you might hurt yourself with a negligent discharge, and I’m not talking about the girlies.)

And stay away from these guys!

just another white supremist joining a militia, nothing to see here folks. Course when Walgreens closes and you can’t get your meds that’s what will really do ya in, pops.

Your main problem is lack of self-awareness. You don’t realize how you look to anyone on this board with a brain, Left or Right.

Now … my fellow conservatives: this poor kid is typical of many many young Lefties, which should cheer us up. But … they do have some smart ones, as well. So don’t get complacent. They’re not all dunderheads.

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says some little old white bigot hiding under his bed.

Jeez, guy. You’re degenerating.
And worse …you’re going to make me get lazy. It’s so easy knocking you around, that my reflexes will dull.
Where are those smart Lefties? C’mon, help this kid out.

I assume he thinks that it’s not okay to teach Black kids superstitous nonsense (I’m assuming he doesn’t believe in psionic powers, that veganism is his only eccentricity), and that he does think anyone who is relieved to see whites instead of Blacks walking behind him is a wicked racist … but he’s afraid to say so, because he senses that he might be walking into a trap.

Don’t let him struggle alone! Let’s have some Leftist solidarity here. I’m beginning to feel a little ashamed of myself, like someone whipping a defenseless child.

We teach kids all kinds of dumb stuff like creationism or Joseph Smith’s magic hat, or that the US has never done anything wrong. But you’re only worried about some obscure black school. poor lil guy hiding in your bunker.

The 1619 project that literally brings back Neo-Confederate narratives to sell the idea America was, and has always been based on slavery?

Can’t call that obscure, they’re teaching this at Columbia, as well as schools throughout New York and the West Coast.

No, Black children are being taught this crazy stuff all over the US. Didn’t you read the Wiki entry? It’s widespread, apparently. Black kids are being taught lies – things that intelligent white progressives must KNOW are lies, since few of them believe in psi powers.

Now, perhaps these kids pay no attention to it – as many children do, for most subjects.

My point is that if you deliberately teach truth to white children, and lies to Black children, that says something about you.

As opposed to creationism and the Mormon myths, which are taught in private schools by people who actually believe in them. But they are taught, in these schools, equally to Black and white.

Racist dual-teaching – truth for whites, lies for Blacks – is done only in public schools, run by Progressives like you.

It’s interesting to see you wriggle on the hook.

Let me be your lawyer. Why not man up, and just say, “Yes, this is wrong. My side is not perfect. It’s well-meant.”

Doug, the white southern militia bunker bigot is worried about black children and only black children.

The closest the left had to an intellectual on this board was csbrown.

Actually, the only Southern militia I have materially supported was the one run by Bob Hicks, whose HQ was in Bogalusa, Louisiana. Although my partner and I did carry a .22 rifle in our car for a while when doing voter registration work in Tennessee in 1964, after an unpleasant encounter with some of the locals.

C’mon, kid! You’re out of your league here! Start reading some of those books I suggested.

How adroit…

Many of the slaughters in history have been carried out by one religious group on another, or between two groups. But usually, they weren’t really fighting about theology. Their religions were just markers, a kind of uniform. The causes of the conflicts were elsewhere.

For instance, in Northern Ireland, the killing has been between two religious communities, Protestants and Catholics. But they’re not really fighting over the Real Presence during Communion or whatever. (At the moment, the killing is on hold, except for the random murder or bombing by the real hardline IRA leftovers. But it will resume when the Catholics there, whose birth rate is higher than that of the Protestants, get a majority, and vote to leave the UK and unite with the Republic. Never mind. Diversity is strength!)

This is illustrated by the following joke:

A fellow leaves a pub at closing time, and is walking home down a dark street in Belfast. A car pulls up alongside him, the window is wound down, and the barrel of a .38 pokes out. “Are ye Protestant, or Catholic?” a voice in a soft Northern Irish accent asks. The man, knowing the question could be coming from killers on either side, thinks quickly and answers, “I’m an atheist!” “Sure you are,” comes the reply, “but are you a Protestant atheist, or a Catholic atheist?”

In Sri Lanka, the Tamils are Hindus, mainly, and the dominant Sinhalese are Buddhists. Notionally, at least. But they’re not disputing theology.

When you try to work out the theological differences between Shia’s and Sunnis, you’re left bewildered …something about someone’s son-in-law and who gets to inherit the leadership of Muslims … what? No theological differences at all, at the time, just who gets the goodies. But it’s sufficient to create a deadly gulf between the two communities that has lasted a thousand years.

Roman Catholics and Orthodox Catholics and Uniate Catholics have butchered each other throughout the 20th Century in Eastern Europe and Yugoslavia. They’re not quarrelling about theology. It’s about which tribe will dominate which bit of land.

African tribes kill each other all the time. Most of them are primitive animists. Where there are religious differences, again, they are not the origins of the killing.

What can we learn from this melancholy reality? Diversity is Strength!

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Doug1943, I commend your participation in this thread. You have backed your points with facts. It was all to no avail because you are conversing with a communist that only seems interested in trolling you. I used to engage leftist on forums all of the time and in the same manner. After a while, it all seems like a waste of time and effort as they continue with impunity just daring someone to break the rules like a schoolyard bully that always gets away with their shenanigans.

Thank you for the kind compliment.

If you’re talking about that silly kid, ‘MrBlue’, that’s really just for entertainment – my own, and hopefully, others’.

Believe me, he’s no ‘communist’. He probably couldn’t even spell the word. Serious communists have to read a ton of books, and know a lot of things. Fortunately, they’re very rare in America now, although they wield outsized influence in the Left because they are serious and dedicated and above all, know how to organize.

So during the initial phases of the Iraq war, there were two main anti-war organizations on the American Left: ‘Not In Our Name’, and ‘A.N.S.W.E.R’. The first was a front group for the Revolutionary Communist Party, the second a front group for the Workers World Party. (They hate each other, by the way.)

The opposition to the war in Vietnam in the US was heavily influenced by the Socialist Workers Party – you can read about that here, in Out Now! by Fred Halstead. [ https://www.amazon.com/Out-Now-Participants-Account-Movement/dp/0913460478/ ]

That book is well worth reading, by the way, because it shows you how you build a mass movement. The Socialist Workers Party had the right formula for doing that, which they had to argue for against all sorts of people, from the ultra-left idiots of the type who became Weathermen, to the oh-so-cautious Communist Party, who were not distinguishable from liberals.

We need to learn from the enemy, who is far far better than our side at doing this.

It’s my personal aim to try to help this process along. We have no organization at the moment, and this is a huge weakness.

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If they aid or promote the communist ways of thinking, they are a communist.

In theory, I agree with everything that you have stated. But, we now have a new generation of dumbed down communists that cannot and will not defend their position via actually learning about it. They are the truly indoctrinated. This kid, is a prime example. They are now in the work force and know everything, just ask them. They get their feeling hurt and file complaints if you point out that they did something wrong.

And just think, these are the ones that will be our caretakers in our declining years. Scary, huh? We are just old and too dumb to know their new truth.