What would happen if liberals woke up and realized they hurt America?

How do you think liberals will feel if they somehow woke up one day and realized they killed America? What do you think will go through their head at that devastating realization?

It’s the Republicans’ fault.

[quote=“The_Wall, post:2, topic:49146”]
It’s the Republicans’ fault.
[/quote] Pretty much how I was going to respond. You can bet your bottom that they’ll claim that their plans would have worked were it not for the interference by conservatives. That’s the excuse they give NOW for LBJ’s “War on Poverty,” despite spending $5 TRILLION over 30 years, failing to reduce “poverty” by a single percentage point, even though Democrats had TOTAL control of the national purse strings (House of Representatives) for those entire 30 years…and then some.

It would vary person-to-person.

Many would cheer. They’ve been taught since HeadStart to HATE America. America is the font of all that’s evil.

Many more would blame others - that’s what feckless, weak, irresponsible people do when confronted with the result of their actions.

What you will NOT see is genuine guilt and regret. People who take responsibility for their actions…are not today’s illiberal Liberals.