What would media say about naked Hillary statues?


What would media say about naked Hillary statues?
By Kristin Tate, 8/19/2016

… media condemnation of the objectively vulgar statue suddenly proved non-existent. The mood in the national press was rather jubilant and lauding.

The tone of the media wouldn’t concern if bias in its coverage of the presidential election and cultural affairs in America was not already so out of control.

Picture, if you will, a naked statue representation of Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, erected (erm…) by cover of night in Times Square and on the boardwalks of Los Angeles, the sculptor’s artistic license given free reign. …

Personally, that’s a (very) mental picture I will not conjure. Nor do I find the idea/prospect of such statues amusing.


Almost nobody would know what the media would say except for Republicans, they seem to be the only Americans who still think the opinion of the media is relevant or worthy of paying attention to.


More to the point, Conservatives would never put up such a statue or drawing. It’s classless and contributes nothing to the public discussion.

Nor would Donnie Lord Trumpy. Because Donnie and Hill are BFF.

Never consummated, of course. Back in the 1960s, college girls wore girdles as a last-ditch chastity belt. Hill’s got them beat…soggy Depends. Tends to, uh, dampen things…


:beerchug: LOL


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I could have gong all week and not see that, what has been seen, cannot be UNSEEN



It can’t be unseen, but it can (and was) deleted. RO is a more or less family-friendly site, people. Let’s remember that and leave the crudity elsewhere.