Whatever happened to Republican Operative Forum?


Doesn’t appear to be a ‘proper’ category to place this?
Even other forums have noticed!
We need to get this place going again!


Hello folks; I am still around but things got so hectic I don’t have time to even look in once in a while. Right now I am in Tennessee hoping to get back to our home in coastal North Carolina by Tuesday. We were under forced evacuation right before the hurricane so we decided to make a vacation out of it. Stayed with a daughter in Tennessee and another week with a daughter in Kentucky. Hope roads are clear enough to get back home.

As for Republican Operative Forum, my guess is the new format doesn’t really excite people, and when debating the choir, not much can be said. It does get frustrating when as we note in the present day, really stupid things are happening and makes one want to take action not mewl and cry on ROF.


I’m confused, @silliessis. You posted a link for the Conservative Underground but you called it the “RepublicanOperative.”

This site that we’re on is the “RepublicanOperative.”


RO went down for about 9 months or so. It’s a discussion over there about it.


Rightwing_Nutjob is correct.


A lot of the people from RO moved over to