What's everyone having for Christmas?

I think we topped out last year when we decided to be “exotic” and have oysters.:plain:

This year we’re looking to possibly do rib eye and potatoes.

What’s everyone else having?


In the past I’ve had everything from ham to hamburgers, but to me it’s not Christmas unless I’m having turkey.:biggrin:

We’re having turkey too!!

I agree with you, Colonial, I don’t feel like it is Christmas unless I have turkey either! haha.

We used to rotate between turkey, chicken, and ham every year, and that got old with the family.:angry26:

I think the oysters you said you had…was a neat dish to have for Christmas.
It is fun to change it up sometimes.

deep fried turkey - I don’t like oven baked.

honey glaized ham - one of my favorites.

black beans & picadio - hubs is Cuban.

taters & onions - I’m a redneck.

corn - just because.

pumpkin pie - it’s one of the unwritten rules.

And Key Lime pie - Cuban thang again.

Same as we had for Thanksgiving - turkey, mashed taters & gravy, dressing, cranberry relish & apple pie.

My parents used to like oyster stew for breakfast on Christmas day, the rare times they dared spend money on oysters. I told my ex about it, and since he loves oysters, he decided to make it a tradition. Our kids never liked them. I didn’t like them when I was a kid, either.

Yeah. We’ve done all sorts of seafood (which I love) and it’s certainly a good Christmas dinner!

Just a small bowl of fruits, nothing special

You’re haing fruit for Christmas?
Well how intersting. Enjoy it.:plain:

Poor fruit. Isn’t that wrong to eat fruit. What did the fruit ever do to deserve that?

“The dignity of wheat”?

I’m of Mexican descent so my menu is probably going to be entirely different from you guys’s. Haha. I believe I will be having Pozole, which is a stew that consists of pork, large kernals and a dark orange broth along with Tostadas and some other stuff. I’m not aware of.

Are they Repubs or Dems!!!

I can remember raising a couple of turkey’s and having to prepare them for a Thanksgiving meal (back in the 90’s). It didn’t seem as good as store bought. I chaulked it up as just psychological!! They were big boys!

I remember when my ex brought home several ducks - they had them at the golf course where he worked and there were getting to be too many, so he and one of the other employees got to get a bunch of them. I think we got three, and I had to clean 'em from scratch. Fortunately, I’d helped with cleaning chickens a few times when I was a kid, so I knew how to do it. We had duck for Thanksgiving that year.

I think we had 2 mallards and one white Pekin.

My brother inlaw does a prime rib roast…it’s gooooood…:grin:

I live by myself out here with no family around. I’m totally thinking taco bell.

Ditto here.

Dude, that’s sad. Sorry to hear that.

Go Chinese…

I will have Fessenjoon.