What's Happening in Cuba? Is it finally going down?

“Going down” is a hip lefty phrase for an uprsing. (See the anarchist website https://itsgoingdown.org/ )

People in Cuba are coming out on the street to protest being starved. I doubt this will result in the removal of the regime … in totalitarian societies you have to have a split among the rulers for the regime to come down, except for extreme circumstances.

However, this is a good time to introduce everyone to The Havana Times … a courageous, pro-democracy online newsletter with lots of inside information from Cuba. Sign up for it, it’s free: https://HavanaTimes.org

What’s really nice about this newsletter is that it’s edited by, and some of the articles are written by, former supporters of the regime. They know what they’re talking about. It has a good comments, and you might recognize the name of an occasional commenter.

Pro-liberty people have had a lot of setbacks and bad news over the last few years. We’re due for some good news. Let’s keep our fingers crossed. (And pray that the stupid, blundering CIA doesn’t stick its nose in, which would be a huge plus for the Cuban government. Let it concentrate on persecuting patriots in the US. )

It would be nice if it did fall, but I’m more than half expecting Tiananmen Square Massacre II.

The Cuban regime is safe. After the protests the government will kill or imprison all of the leaders and put the fear of the communist god into all of the others. In the meantime, the people at the top will continue to live like kings while the rest of the population lives like pigs.

American leftists, especially the young, should look at the situation in Cuba and see what they are wishing upon themselves. They won’t. They will only blame The United States for the embargo which didn’t allow the vaccine to be imported to Cuba. As usual any problems there will be our fault in their brainwashed world.

“The people’s paradise” in Cuba is like virtually all Communist regimes. The people at the top live well and spend whatever they have left over on exporting their revolution while the people barely get by.

Whatever methods the Cuban Government uses to put down the rebellion, you can bet the American news media won’t report it if it makes the communist government look bad.

Everyone should sign up for The Havana Times – you will learn what you won’t learn in the mass media. And it’s a morale-booster for the people who put it out, to know that thousands of people all over the world are reading it.

The Cuban Regime will be very reluctant to shoot people down in the street – of course if they have to – as theysee it – they will. But they’ve prided themselves on running ‘socialism with a human face’ – to steal a phrase from the Czechs, fifty years ago.

It’s not a Caribbean North Korea. You can live, and work, in Cuba, and be openly critical of the regime, with your own blog. Youi can even go on work assignments abroad, to get trained on some sort of special equipment, and meet your (anti-regime) political co-thinkers while you’re there. Just don’t try to organze inside Cuba. You keep your opinions to yourself and a small circle of friends (one of whom will be reporting to the secret police. (Sort of what progressives would like to see in the US.)

A large section of the regime desperately wants to follow in the Chinese footsteps, and open the country’s economy up to the entrepreneural talents of the Cuban people. And theose talents are there: when I visited a few years ago, I was very impressed with what people could do, within the confines of the regime’s laws: little restaruants in their homes, casas familiares: – renting out a room to tourists. All heavily restricted by government rules and regulations and “we’ll-take-a-cut-of-that-thank-you-very-much.!”

And I didn’t meet one single person who was a supporter of the government. (I didn’t just stay in Havana, but went from one end of the island to the other.) Everyone knows that full-blooded socialism doesn’t work. The Economics Department at the U of Havana have a complete understanding of the ‘Socialist Calculation Question’, and the virtues of a free market.

However, we must not forget Cuban patriotism/nationalism. The last thing the opposition needs is to be identified with the Yankees.

Before COVID, in co operation with The Havana Times, I was involved in getting micro-computers to Cuba, for their ‘journalists’ there. People go and sit out side the tourist hotels and use their internet connection. (If anyone is interested in taking part, when the COVID stuff is passed, let me know: it just involves acquiring old laptaps, putting some software on them, and finding people who are going to Cuba, and giving them a contact’s phone number there. Not as hard as it sounds.)

There is a ‘weekly packet’ of downloaded/pirated TV programs that circulates among people who have micros but no internet connection, or not one they can afford to use much. Human ingenuity is limitless.

Sign up for The Havana Times! Strike a blow for freedom!

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All I know is the Biden administration will tell everyone that people are protesting because they don’t have enough vaccines.

I was talking to my republican friend from work today, and he says that the Cubans in Florida all side with the republican party. He told me that Antifa and BLM tried pulling their #@$% in Miami or something and the Cubans kicked them out. I take everything he says with a grain of salt.

Would anyone here be interested in taking part in an effort to get relief supplies to Cuba? The boats will probably be turned back by the government, but it’s worth a try. They’re organizing a flotilla in Miami now. Some of us (in the Civilian Defense Force) are talking about working with other patriots to start some caravans of relief supplies on their way to Miami … but it would take a united effort of many organizations and people.

Would there be support for this idea?

Yup, because the ideological core is Marxist – they make no bones about it.

They’re defending their own – the ‘BLM-in-power’ in Havana. Just as we should be defending our own, the patriots now facing prison for the Capitol incursion. (They got suckered, they were boneheads, they gave a huge boost to the Left … but they thought they were defending their country.)

Although – the embargo is another example of US foreign policy shooting itself in the foot.

We should lift the embargo, encourage trade and massive tourism to Cuba, offer 100 000 scholarships to Cuban kids to come to America to go to school and college, and flood the place with Yanqui tourists. The government wouldn’t last two years.

When I travelled in Cuba … staying in private homes (so-called ‘casa familiares’, one of the tiny forms of private enterprise allowed by the government), and talking to people on the street, etc … I didn’t meet one single supporter of the government. They weren’t raving counter-revolutionaries – they just put up with the government, the way you do a bad cold.

The government itself is not monolithic — in these countries, there are always factions, even if they are hidden. Hard-liners and soft-liners, people who want to implement the Chinese model, and those who don’t. The embargo and other acts of hostility help the hard-liners.

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You are right, @Doug1943. The U.S. Government embargo on Cuba is counterproductive. One way to cure corruption, be it an infection or a rotten system or government is to expose it to the light of day. Instead we are allowing China and Russia to fill the void and take the credit with their aid to Cuba.

I hope you … .and everyone else here … has subscribed (free!) to The Havana Times, at HavanaTimes.org -- inside news from Cuba ,and the more subscribers they get, the better.

What was that other deal that was supporting a Marxist ideology that was on a U.S. Government website that they pulled when they got called on it?

By the way, … not that it matters a lot … these people in BLM, etc are not ‘really’ Marxist. They have just appropriated the word because it now means ‘seriously against the existing social order’. Their analysis of society, such as it is, is very distant from that of Marxists.

Just one example: Marx was very strongly in favor of economic and social progress. In fact, if you read The Communist Manifesto, you will find that he and Engels praise the bourgeoisie … because capitalism set the human race on the road to economic growth. 'Who knew what productive forces slumbered in the bosom of …" And all the subsequent thinking and actions of Marxists – of every flavor – just took for granted that we wanted to see the backward peoples pulled into modernity.
Yes, ‘backward peoples’… an absolutely standard phrase used by all Marxists for a century and a half. In fact, Marx applauded the French in Algeria and the British in India, for bringing progress to these backward areas, while condemning imperialist brutality there.

Today, Marx would be ‘cancelled’, and driven off most American campuses. (And I’m not talking about his 19th Century prejudices re. women, or things like his calling his no-good son-in-law a “Jewish nigger”.)

While I was watching the Tampa Rays - Boston Red Sox game yesterday that was at the St. Petersburg stadium, I noticed that there is a home run ball catching net in centerfield. It is black with “Black Lives Matter” and the Major League Baseball logo on it. It made me want to puke.

When will these idiots get it through their heads that BLM is nothing but a divisive, racist political organization that has no interest in peace and harmony among the races? BLM really isn’t much different from a Black version of the KKK.

Who says they don’t already know? I imagine that MLB officers are either in on it or on the take from those who are.

Our enemies are not stupid. They know that you advance towards your goal by tacking. In politics, this means that you seize upon a cause that, abstractly, almost everyone supports. And then you link it to yourself. Almost all Americans are against police brutality against specific groups. No American would say that Black lives, as opposed to others, do not matter. So when George Floyd was killed, these people saw their opportunity. It was their ‘Bridge at Remagen’ moment … a way to win over the broad middle.

And our side? “Uhhhh … how about a tax cut?” That’s our politicians. And for our national champion we chose … Donald Trump. And our side’s most dramatic intervention into politics was to stage a riot at the Capitol.

Yes, the other side burns down police stations and the mainstream media cover for them. It’s not fair! But we’re in a war. They’re not going to play fair.

What drives me crazy – or crazier - is that we have thousands upon thousands of good, intelligent, aware people … just a step or two below our national syndicated pundits and authors in terms of their knowledge … I read the posts of dozens of them every week … this site is one example.

And that’s what they do … post things. We don’t organize. When we do … as in the Three Percenters or Oathkeepers… the national leaders are incapable of doing the right thing.

A Martian reading the newspapers, and not familiar with the intellectual quality of the American Right, would think it’s entirely made up of boneheads.

I guess the Christian Left are correct: Jesus was a socialist, and He’s punishing the American Right.